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Updated 11/6/13: England: “Mad, mad Art world” insider Jokes: I said a Kitty..not a Bear! haha!

11 june 2013

Honestly? No comment….Winnie the Pooh…?? But I like Hello Kitty! :/

Oh , Art and Artists are all soooo misunderstood…kkkkk. (just kidding) 

Winnie the pooh Team robbo


8 June 2013: I’m misbehaving…lol…in Australia we don’t call these flip-flops we call them Thongs…hey look…x2 Banksy Thongs for £10.99…Cheap, mate, cheap! 🙂 I was told by some people that some  Graffiti art designs on shoes sell for $1,256.12 US….I guess, Graffiti designs are just not as egalitarian to the lowest common denominator as Groupon Thongs! X…but I guess we must all cater for All Market Demographics….

cheap banksy

hmmm….I hope “people” eventually realise I am joking….but then again…since I was not sued for the last Skinny Dolce & Gabana bum uplifting “he needed all the help he can get” jeans comment…

graffiti shoes

To which the response from the Graffiti Crew-side was: “I am too fat to fit into Skinny jeans, so I am going to stick with my ASDA tracky pants…”

…I guess they know! If they didn’t, they will all figure it out eventually…..

Thanks for being such good sports about it….I am a fine artist…I don’t get much excitment….there are just not that many interesting fights since the Tempura v. Acrylic academic debate in the Leap year of 1872  which caused the death of Charles XV of Sweden! l But seriously who cares about the American Indian Wars  when we all know there never was and never will be a more brutal and poignant thing as a Fine Art Fisty-cuff? lol.?!?!?! 🙂


1/4/ …It is very nice that somebody took down the silly picture. I REPEAT, the Silly Picture is Gone with the Window …..yes, in B’s official website…so there is no need for the Kitty to say Hello to anybody’s “la” Rat…Thank goodness!

I doubt very much B. That Team R told you to do it, because all of you have a mind of your own (sometimes we’d rather you didn’t…but you all do! So Well done for thinking!) and besides, you can all agree on the impeccable taste of Mon Signor Blek….so…Art must go on for Art’s sake, no?

Yes, Mon Signor Le Rat....put the blame on Mame! :) I could not find your Caravaggio piece to put here...such is life!

Yes, Mon Signor Le Rat….put the blame on Mame! 🙂 I could not find your Caravaggio piece to put here…such is life! Image is the intellectual copyright of (c) Blek le Rat so do not plagiarise without using Creative Commons 3.0 to attribute….that applies to EVERYONE, except B! (kidding….it applies to B…B….B…Banksy…. too! )

 P.S  I no longer keep up with the loops of all the jabs and sparring done over the years…..back and forth……my personal conclusion is that Men NEED Fightclubs…Women NEED Retail Therapy…even World Grand Mistress of Chess like Susan Polger!  Why they can’t take her to a Better shoe store…I do not know!?!?!? 

Why don’t you All learn to “play Chess” and see if you can Battle Ms. Polger….except so far….the only one who can beat her is some Chinese Commie Chick (straight from a Commie Chess Sweatcamp where they make little kids from age 6 play Chess for 16 hrs a day until they get x1 Grandmistress…and exterminated the rest of them and harvested their organs! lol.)….in the grand scheme of things…Art and Chess may be very trivial but it is NOT trivial to be at the top of any game… I guess there will be a lot more Graffiti v. Street Art intellectual debate and over-sensitivity over the differences in genre? Hmmm….

3D Chinese Chess Set

I would say one thing! Well done for not slapping one another like a different set of “elite” artists I know……it looks very stupid for Artists who are qualified to be some of the world’s top Art Academy professors to decide to bitch-slap one another…or for x2 of the top Extreme Asian cinema directors to show up at an elite event, one with a black eye on the left eye and the other with one over the right eye! 🙂 

11/3/13….I did not think it was serious when Team R told me about the syncophants trying to elbow their way UP the B’s wannabe lists….snapping at the heels with any hint of B’s every sneeze, gurgling and hiccups….but Wow, it is true..since pointing this out a few days ago….every Wannabe B contenders tried to list out all the lameness of their CVs …WTF for?

In a way I feel a bit sorry for B. the poor thing goes and gets his mugs and stuff sold on Groupon for £9 and he has all these wannabes trying to go,”Oh, if he did it…I must show I did it too…cos that must be how it is roooolly  done… like….” LMFAO.

Oh B. here’s the thing…….look at who is claiming they co-exhibited with you because they bought 3 of your prints via groupon and hung it on a wall then nailed their art next to it ….I am not FEELING too much R.E.S.P.E.C.T coming out of that situation….

🙂 Just a little bit….personally…I’d object to anyone who did that to anyone I truly R.E.S.P.E.C.T …

We all have personal struggles as artists…..we all earnt it our own way….RESPECT & CREDIBILITY = PRICELESS!


R.E.S.P.E.C.T…some people just “got it”, darling!


6/3/13 Okay this is so childish that B. puts this pic. up on his official website as if that is somehow something Team R should feel guilty about (????)…tut..tut….and quite frankly that is just weird for no apparent reason…so I played with it a little on “Paint” for fun for about 5mins while I waited for my toenails polish to dry (color is taupe if anyone is curious 🙂 …hope no one minds…


So Sweety, “Don’t worry B. Hello Kitty still loves you! Lol.” and no, I am speaking only for me…I really think Hello Kitty loves you and you should move your shop from Groupon to their Toy gun marketing department (the thing shoots out Saccharine chocolate bullets! 🙂

hello kitty gun

…AND they cover Asia more and I personally love the Hello Kitty Toaster (same one as Reece Witherspoon got!) XXOO.

hello kitty toaster

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