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Kel1st and Yu will Artistically Transform #FBMF ‘s Midnight Bus in #Brexit England!

What is From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation (FBMF) and what does the Midnight bus do?

FBMF-College-Logo-h80 FBMF believes that boys in trouble deserve a chance to turn their lives around before it becomes too late. It helps teachers deal with disruptive pupils to prevent exclusions. But for those who are excluded from school, it offers an alternative to dropping out of the system and hanging out on the streets. Boys are referred to FBMF by local education authorities, special needs departments, youth-offending teams and social services departments. FBMF helps them to get back on track through its day-programme of education and self-development. FBMF has been lauded by public figures, from Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Ian Blair to Labour peer Lord Hattersley, its directors have taken part in youth criminal consultations, and  it won a Music of Black Origin (Mobo) award for its work in providing positive role models to young black men, parents having been clamouring to get their children on to the scheme.

“Behind their tough street image, disaffected boys like these suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. All too often they do not have positive role models or stable adults in their lives to guide them through the transition from boyhood to manhood. Excluded from school, free falling through the criminal justice system, they are on course for short and violent lives.” Decima Francis (MBE)

How did this come about?

2016-06-17-23.54.17.jpg.jpgCecilia: I wished I had clever reasons for how this came about. The whole thing was pretty much decided after the Red Gallery Art Party in 2012 when Decima came to the big opening party! I wasn’t sure who I was going to do the bus with as I knew I would have to learn how a 3D art the size of a bus works. I talked to the guys at Team Robbo. We bounced a few ideas around but a lot of things were happening to them at the time and it was not aligning. A lot of things were happening for me, for Decima at FBMF, and probably for the world. At first I had a chat with Prime, Doze and PJ about it. Robert tried to do a rough photoshop.They were all getting ready to do the Google head-office pop-up art exhibition and that became what I talked with them about at that office space. We had some laughs but no serious theme emerged. Choci pointed out Kel1st was captain of his graffiti “love train”. I laughed. But I was too exhausted after trying to meet the deadline for my Cairo Christmas show at El Hanager,  the Opera house inside the National Culture Centre of Egypt. I talked with Decima about her work. The year FBMF won the BeMOBO award at the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards was the same year that Amy Winehouse won best female artist . I actually didn’t really notice that. Though in hindsight, I was wondering why people kept talking about Amy Winehouse’s death (which happened late 2011)  to me when they found out I might be doing some stuff with FBMF in the future! I am slow that way.Lol.

I was more interested in Decima’s brilliant Tirade against Misogynistic Lyrics in the Music scene especially written by some men-children in the Hip Hop scene!

When she said,”How dare you….call me…..Bitch! ….If you can’t find the words, BUY A DICTIONARY!” I thought it was Iconic! I loved it so much, I agreed to do whatever she wants me to try to do!

But I readily admitted to everyone that I don’t always know what I am doing and it might take us a few years to get to the right “mental creative space” to start the project! I was already booked for 2 yrs projects-wise, so that took us to 2014 and with my arm injury, it was not until 2015 that we got back on the “midnight bus” track again. It was going to be a journey towards creative artistic maturity, for sure!

Time passed a little, in late 2012 or early 2013, I forgot I left a message for Kel1st randomly months ago and he found the message 5 months later and we started chatting…so eventually I asked him if he wanted to  do the midnight bus since he knows how to do art on big trains.

But typical me, I asked him bluntly,”Are you sure you are bullet proof?” ( re: being able to do buses like transforming trains to modern art installations)

He laughed a lot and said (to his credit), ” No doubt. hahaha.”

So I decided it was best to let the Divine Art Force take care of the details and let it happen in its own way! 🙂


Kel1st (about his early new york city street life and our art project):

Sometimes in the moment, our reasons for doing things are rushed! Sometimes someone else need to justify their roles (in the scene) and by that person adding to the process, that is  what produces an “unadulterated” experience that we (as artists) will always feel may not be the best representation of ourselves or vision.

***But it might capture things that society don’t always want to see. In fact it gives insight to another layer of our subconscious mind we tend to overlook.

In graffiti I would try to “plan” as much as possible only to realize the nuances of reality seem to be a driving force in the end. I would lose a cap I need or a color refuses to work or worse the police showed up!


All this causing the final art work to be less than what was intended. But the experience or takeaway is approaching things with a refined understanding for life.

How much can we control? Really? There are always forces opposing the perfect plan or intended outcome. I have learned to shoot for outer space and grab as many clouds as I can as I land among the sky and stars.

There is always a spirit that superseded the final outcome, it shows the life and energy of what is present and none of us know what will arrive on the next train (as in life). Step Lively!



2007 MOBO Award: The only non-music prize, the BeMOBO Award went to FBMF which provide black children with role models


Invitation Letter from Decima Francis (MBE), From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation (FBMF), London.


Dear Cecilia and Randy


Invitation to create a Fine Art Project with the “Midnight Bus” owned by The From Boyhood to Manhood (FB2M) Foundation

As artists forming the creative fusion art entity “Kel1st and Yu”, based on your records of professional creative acumen and lifestyle embodiment of the values that are the key ingredients of FB2M’s track record of social reform and educational success in South London, you are cordially invited to lead our teams of youths and their teachers in creating a Fine Art Project using the “Midnight Bus” as a Medium of Creative Development.

There is no restriction on the scope or scale of this fine art project except for compliance to UK Health& Safety regulations and Ofsted Regulations. With this invitation, I enclose a copy of the independent Ofsted School Inspection Report 2011, carried out under section 162a of the Education Act 2002 to advise the Secretary of State for Education, Britain.


As a request from FB2M foundation, we would like to suggest the following possibilities because it will be beneficial to the core philanthropic mission of our Foundation:

1)      That Kel1st and Yu be willing to lead small workshops training our team to assist in the execution of the bus project. This can be in special art camps or on-site at a mutually agreed new-doc-24_2.jpg.jpg

2)      That Cecilia utilise her knowledge of Far Eastern Calligraphy Art tradition and use that to enhance our core mission of Character development of our students, in order to promote self-confidence through positive activities and the development of a peaceful inner life.

3)      That Randy utilise his status as Graffiti Style Master in the worldwide graffiti scene to advocate the importance of “supporting youths” in deprived communities to express their own dreams and access the opportunities to live that dream away from negative peer, in order to benefit disaffected and excluded young people and their families. This would include a willingness to mentor in face to face graffiti art based activities in the course of creating the fine art project with the Midnight bus.

4)      That Kel1st and Yu as an art entity will support the works of inspiring our Steering groups, which are peer mentors of young people who has a common purpose, which is to help other young people achieve their dreams and provide positive role models and excellent youth projects.

outside view of the bus

In turn, if Kel1st and Yu accepts our invitation, FB2M will utilise our resources to fundraise and contribute to help realise the creative vision that will transform the “Midnight Bus” into a Fine Art Project that is suitable for International Calibre Art and Cultural exhibition. FB2M will respect the artistic integrity of the artists involved. Details of the agreement will be worked out as the project evolves, once Kel1st and Yu accepts our invitation.


Decima Francis (MBE)


From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation




10 comments on “Kel1st and Yu will Artistically Transform #FBMF ‘s Midnight Bus in #Brexit England!

  1. Kambiz
    February 4, 2017

    This has happened too many times in history. Unfortunately it is happening again, in too many countries. I was just a child when it happened in my country of birth with disastrous consequences. Nobody really wants the Devil to come and help us get rid of our demons. Fear, ignorance, naivety, boredom, the search for a better life and greatness, and sometimes simply the excitement of change give evil men permission to manipulate our minds and make us commit atrocities that no amount of shame or regret can fix in the future. That shame will weigh heavily on our minds and hearts until future generations start to deny, forget, idealize and glorify our mistakes.
    In August 2016, Flynn tweeted: “Fear of Islam is RATIONAL: please forward this to others: the truth fears no questions…”

    Why Trump Is Interviewing Generals for His Cabinet
    The tweet included an embedded five-minute video that lists individual terrorist acts tied to radical terrorist groups with the label “Muslims” in a repetition loop, which clearly incites Islamophobia.

    The video was produced by Clean.Tv, an alt-right outlet publishing such works as “Hypocrite Megyn Kelly Sex Boasts on Stern, poses NUDE nearly yet knocks Trump!” and “Stronger TOGETHER = TO GET HER Locked up! (anagram).” Our future National Security Adviser links to fake racist sites, in seriousness.

    Jokes aside: I agree with you. Melania Trump is a Prostitute who could do better but she works hard for her money being pussygrope by tiny hands!


    • ceciliawyu
      February 4, 2017

      Thank you for speaking your truth. I appreciate it and I have nothing more to add to this situation except my support for the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr and the incredible thing Rosa Park did to stand up for what is true and right in your country!

      HTML5 Icon


  2. Osorio
    February 1, 2017

    Hi I am thrilled I stumbled upon your internet site when I saw your comments telling off American nazi collaborators! I seriously would like to identify these people in error, I will be following this closely now and I would like to express appreciation for the charity work you do. There are lots of these remarkable posts here and this is an over-all exciting website (I also enjoy the theme/design).

    Please do not stop because of certain kinds of Americans. They do not speak for America. Trump is not my President. People like this will never be part of my America!

    My partner and I read your work and wanted to leave a comment to make sure you carry out your ideas and we hope you will continue the wonderful job you do.

    Do not listen to the Deplorables. Please. For the sake of all of us in this country. Please don’t listen to them.

    Obama was born in Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America! He will always be OUR TRUE POTUS!


    • ceciliawyu
      February 4, 2017

      Thank you for taking the time to speak your truth. I appreciate it.

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  3. jeannette Harper
    January 30, 2017

    I want cicilia to apologize for the FALSE accusation she made against me. She must be an IDIOT as well as a blastoff dark jack ass. all I said was I am LOVE I BELIEVE IN TRUMP EVERYONE HAS AN ASS WHOLE> SOME ASWHOLE PUT OTHER PEOPLE DOWN THAT DOES NOT THINK LIKE THEY DO , SHE IS CLOSE MINDED


    • ceciliawyu
      February 4, 2017

      Yeah and I want you to apologise for your existence as a racist skank who says stupid things about black people online. It is people like you that makes me want to do the things I do to Eradicate RACISM and make sure people like you dive deeply into a poverty cycle for generations as a punishment for the kind of crap you put out each day. THE ONLY ASSHOLE here is the kind of system who allows a RACIST KKK White Supremist skank like you to prevail!

      I remember what you said, you bragged about how the KKK lynched black people. You are a disgusting piece of work and I hope Karma bites you so hard, you wouldn’t know where it was coming from!


  4. jeannette Harper
    January 29, 2017



    • ceciliawyu
      February 4, 2017

      Lol. Sorry, why are you here everyday screaming insane things? Do you need some mental healthcare?

      As for Melanoma ! Class? That is an Oxymoron right there to put the word Melanoma next to the word CLASSY! hahahahahhaha. She is classy because she has a Ph.d in legs spreading and minored in Gold digging? She is classy because she does lots for charities? She is classy because she is a good role model for young women by encouraging them to get to higher education? Get their own lives? Get their own career? Don’t just marry the nearest old rich guy 50 yrs older than you and sell yourself to be his breeding pot? She is classy because she allows her husband to speak disparaging of other women and then backed him in his “pussy groping” comment?

      Yes, I can see that! hahahhahhaha.

      You are so very uneducated and you know something, people like you are the first to be harmed by Trump and his KKK loving racists. It is your kids future that will be destroyed. AND YOU DESERVE this for your personal choices!

      Scream and scream in here all you like! All I see, is how much PAIN and Suffering Trump’s Nazi Regime has already tortured a person like you 20 days into his POTUS #Trumpland. So you only have 3 yrs and 345 days to go….

      I am sure you can keep coming over and screaming everyday!

      Do it, I would use you as an art installation as you unravel more each day in Trumpland!



  5. jeannette Harper
    January 28, 2017



    • ceciliawyu
      February 4, 2017

      OMG, are you still here?

      ZZZZ. Okay so you leave your insane rant and I will get back to your comments…but quite frankly I have 3000 0ther comments I don’t always have time to vet…..

      So this is all the airtime you are getting. I will check on your comments in 3 yrs and 345 days and see whether you are still alive!

      lol. But given Trump just cancelled “AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT”, I am guessing you will last maybe another 5 months without healthcare!

      So Dear Racist Jeannette Harper, know that there is a special wing in hell waiting for people like you and the reason why the Devil is taking so long to take Trump is hahahahhahaha. because the Trump wing of Hell is being built, all the toilets are molten gold so each time he sits on it for eternity…..hahahhahaha…it makes him POOP liquid 24K!

      Okay seriously, I have more important things to do ….you are no longer entertaining.



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