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Keep the Bruce Lee legacy authentic please!


This is one of my favorite song because I think it is a very good way to learn to ignore Media Gossips and focus on what a person’s work is.

duke ellington do nothing till you hear from me

Artists in all genre work very very hard to create wonderful things.

I don’t see it in anyway as a personal love song rather it is the way artists and those they care about have to learn to deal with the world.

Please don’t believe anything you read about famous people. Think of the good work they do and not gossips and speculations. Do not dishonour their hard work and pls respect their families right to live a decent life in peace.  Peace is a personal choice.

🙂 眾人惑惑,我獨不從。

4 comments on “Keep the Bruce Lee legacy authentic please!

  1. ********************
    November 25, 2013

    The next-generation of post production would have to cost less than $10 billion for the project to be politically plausible in the current climate. Most of it will go to paying franchise copyrights of his legacy. Is that the best way forward to keep his images circulating?


    • ceciliawyu
      November 27, 2013

      ******** Name withheld….I don’t know….but I am the type of person that does not need to digitally re-invent classics…I’ve never been into computer generated Humphrey Bogarts appearing in a new film..that sort of thing…..some things can exist in its time and still be timeless….I hope. However, this is an intelligent observation you made. Thank you.


  2. Jordans24
    November 14, 2013

    Sources sound like you are really familiar with the situation, definitely more than a third party can offer. So what is really happening?


    • ceciliawyu
      November 16, 2013

      Nothing is happening. Nothing has changed. Not sure why the endless request for new info. Isn’t it more important to value things he taught? Spiritual things.


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