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(28/5/13 Update) England: Woolwich killing does not give anyone the right to revert to British Xenophobia!

rosa parks2

From the Islamic Society of Britain, following a huge uprise in hate crimes against British Muslims in the last week:

Islamic Society of Britain

I dedicate this song to the black lady on the train victimised by a hardcore skanky tory hag’s hysteria about terrorism because of the London machete incident in Woolwich ( links from BBC news) . She yelled at her for no apparent reason beyond that she moved too near to her! That is British Apartheid Generation Racism at its worst! Thank u sister Rosa!

The only people who should be forced to sit away from others are haters! P.S Unfortunatley I am a loud-mouth and can’t just shut up, so I told hag,”That was incredibly rude for you to do that. There is no open policy on Arseholes in this train carriage.” I know…I’m a total bitch too! But you just don’t do things like that in 2013…! ♥ to everyone who tries to Fight Hate!

Rosa PArks

I know she is old, but the cow was young once and probably did the same thing to others at a time when being white in England gave her a right to be a racist skankhoe!

I don’t care. She is old. Other black lady is black. I am yellow and therefore a bigger xenophobe than the british against Cretins!

There you go. We all got problems, what is not okay is to inflict her freaking problems on an innocent person who did nothing to her beyond asking if she could step into the seat next to her to let someone else past.

Stupid skanky cow…some people are just born voluntarily stupid, stays that way their whole lives and then die stupid….so luckily she will contribute to humanity by being fertilisers for flowers once she is dead….hahaha.

Well, I am glad the Tories are NOT being socially divisive…! (sic. ) NOT! Oh gosh, double-negatives!

btw: My sincere condolescences to the Woolwich Soldier’s family! It is violence and bigotry we must all fight, no matter what color anyone is! It is certainly not an excuse to scapegoat random people and engage in a Racism-Hate-Intolerance-fest!

I know it is possible that this is a case of x2 old ladies having a stressed out bicker fights from travelling.

But the point is this, if the race was swapped and it was a black lady yelling at a white one that way….I would still make the same comment I did!

Besides, racism is not about color, it is the exact assumption that the behavior of one group has the right to claim “normality” over another’s diversity and takes precedence over their right to peaceful expressions of their social, cultural or lifestyle diversity! ”

(yeah quote me if you want! lol. (c) Cecilia Yu)

Have fun, Cow girls! I will ! xxoo.

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