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Free Book: Tao Te Ching 道德經 (English + Chinese) by Lao Tzu 老子: Best translation found!

I was asked by someone from my Goodread networks for the Best translation of Tao Te Ching book he could buy! I looked around and realise the best version is a Free PDF I found done by Lok San Ho in Hong Kong!

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Its Okay to say “Thank you”! Gratitude Meditation! by Leo Babauta

Why Gratitude? Because it reminds you to thank others. I’ll talk about this more below, but the simple act of saying “thank you” to someone can make a big difference in that person’s life. Calling them, emailing them, stopping by to say thank you …

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San Giovanni Basilica, Vatican 3D Visual Art tour link

Well I’m so sorry philistines hate religious art based on their disagreement with whatever religion…but as Real Artists none of us really care what cretins think! ….this is an amazing ceiling…This link takes you on a 360 3D visual tour…wonderful use of technology, I think! 🙂 You don’t have to like religion to appreciate art!

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I am missing the greek islands!

Really missing greek island right now!

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Hong Kong 香港大游行: What the education protest is about from a parent’s perspective!

May I say as a Hong kong Chinese with 5 generations of families in Hong kong and being a part of Hong kong since its early development, I would like to express that I am extremely disappointed in hearing what this clearly intelligent, articulate but working class, hard working Parent had to say about her treatment at the hands of one of Po Leung Kuk’s schools, funded by the Community Chest and many of Hong Kong’s current member of the Hong Kong Jockey Clubs as well as the generations of support many Hong kong Movie stars and Entertainers had provided to the foundation.

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Apple Daily translated:China Diaoyu island-Japanese Senkaku island Riots

Interesting that in all of this, no one talked about America and Japan’s intention to increase military in the region as part of arms deal allegedly against North Korea. Nor has CCP-run Mainland China discussed the many rioters inside China against its own governmental policies, including Hunger Strikes in Hong kong against Communist Patriotic Lessons, Monk setting themselves on fire in Tibet to protest harsh and inhumane treatements, Peasant workers protesting because their attempt to create unions were crushed violently often with disappearances/murders of any leaders.

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Am I too old to join the Circus? :)

I am not going to show you the pic of me trying to do this sort of acrobatic stunts ….at least I am in the hands of a professional teacher who has been doing this for years! lol. I didn’t even get one leg on the bar ! Flexible but no upper body strength apparently! This was pretty much the view for me, flat on my back on the safety mat!

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The Tragedy of Alexandria’s Book Market

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For the second time in the same week, I am addressing the subject of Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria, first discussed its famous synagogue, and now…

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Congratulations Miss World 2012 于文霞, but Why do Haters target Pageant Queens?

Dear Haters, Try holding a picture of Yu WenXia next to your own face and realise that it is not because she is pretty that you feel ugly…it is because you treat your own personal journey with fear, loathing and disrespect by victimising other women while screaming that you are a victim of patriarchy! Your jealousy and nastiness make you more ugly!

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Cool kickstarter project of the day: Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

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Melt those iPhone Pixels into a True Analog Photograph. The Impossible Instant Lab is designed to transform any digital image via your iPhone into an…

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