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Free Book: Tao Te Ching 道德經 (English + Chinese) by Lao Tzu 老子: Best translation found!

The Tao Te Ching, Daodejing, or Dao De Jing 道德經 

So Click on the Image to Get your Free PDF e-book of The Tao!

Click2Download Free Tao e-book!

I was asked by someone from my Goodread networks for the Best translation of Tao Te Ching book he could buy! I looked around and realise the best version is a Free PDF I found done by Lok San Ho in Hong Kong because it harnassed the fact that most Hong Kong Chinese are brought up Bilingual with English and Classical Chinese (Cantonese) as our mother tongues.

What is Tao Te Ching?

The text is fundamental to both philosophical and religious Taoism (Daojia, Chinese: 道家, Pinyin: Dàojiā; Daojiao, Chinese: 道教, Pinyin: Dàojiào) and strongly influenced other schools, such as Legalism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism, which when first introduced into China was largely interpreted through the use of Daoist words and concepts. Many Chinese artists, including poets, painters, calligraphers, and even gardeners have used the Daodejing as a source of inspiration. Its influence has also spread widely outside East Asia, and is amongst the most translated works in world literature.

The metaphysical nature of Tao Te Ching also influenced many Modernist Science into discovering what we would loosely describe as the beginning of Particle theories and a fore-runner to Einstein’s Thoeries of Quantum Mechanics.

Science-Philosophy-Faith to an Educated Ancient person were not different things…it is only in the less educated circles that see these things dualistically, mostly due to poor education systems that emphasized passing exams and rote-learning instead of True Knowledge and Wisdom.


12 comments on “Free Book: Tao Te Ching 道德經 (English + Chinese) by Lao Tzu 老子: Best translation found!

  1. 98Lamar
    March 2, 2017

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  2. Arash
    April 15, 2016

    Hi Cecilia,
    I’m teaching English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. I want to translate this book into Persian with your permission!
    Do I have permission?

    • ceciliawyu
      April 15, 2016

      Hello Arash.
      The Tao Te Ching (in chinese) belongs to all. I dont need to give you permission.

      But if you are talking about this current copy of the english translation…the copyright does not belong to me …it belongs to a translation scholar from Hong Kong University.

      If you download the pdf…there is a contact email for her! I am sure she will be thrilled if you juat make sure you say clearly the translation is based on her chinese translation if the original!!! You must ask her…not me!

      However I would love to see the finished translation in Persian. Can you send me your contact details and I will send you my private email.

      Let me add your Persian translation to spread in my network. I hope it will be very good.

      Goodluck. Best wishes.

    • Aphotic
      April 5, 2017

      Hello Arash i am Persian(living in Iran) too and i would love to read both english and persian translations!

      • ceciliawyu
        April 5, 2017

        That is wonderful but unfortunately the translator from hong kong only did a Classic Chinese to English translation. I hope you find a good translation. Please let me know if you do and I will post it here. 🙂 Cecilia

  3. dan swayne
    April 10, 2015

    yes Cecelia, twas i who asked you and have it bookmarked on my computer and have printed from the pdf and found it to be the most readable and useful version i have ever seen, thanks again, dan

    • ceciliawyu
      April 10, 2015

      No problem. I am very glad you found it useful! It is a very good one and I am glad you gave me a reason to locate the pdf version! This translation should be properly published so we can review how good it is in Goodreads! 🙂

  4. Melisa
    March 20, 2015

    Thank you so much, Cecilia, for sharing this with us. I already have a copy of an English translation, but now I am studying how to read and write Chinese characters and want to add this material to my self-study.

    • ceciliawyu
      March 20, 2015

      No Problem! I am glad you find this translation useful. It is one of the best english/ancient chinese translation I found. I wish you the best with your study of the Tao. Have a lovely weekend. Cecilia.

  5. Judy Prodano
    December 7, 2012

    I think this is among the most useful blog for me. And i am glad to read your articles and ebooks. excellent : D. Good job, cheers

  6. Yu Jason
    November 6, 2012
    • ceciliawyu
      November 6, 2012

      台湾蔡志忠漫画之老子道德经 embedd properly only using this link: www. Anyway, thanks Jason!

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