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Congratulations Miss World 2012 于文霞, but Why do Haters target Pageant Queens?

So Finally there’s another Chinese Miss World to go along with other Chinese Miss Universes and so on through the decades!

Miss. Yu (Wenxia ), no relations to me, won Miss World 2012. That is hardly shocking. The usual round of discussions about who deserved it and who didn’t were bantered about by the world media along with the usual pro-pageant and anti-pageant feminist debate!

This is hardly interesting, dear readers for yours truly to blog this event. There are Hundreds of thousands of beautiful, intelligent and accomplished young women all over the world using their looks and brains to promote charities by entering beauty pageants! Some of them even get a scholarship for themselves in America and go on to become the next generation of actress, doctors, lawyers, scientists etc. I don’t even want to give any credence to the stupid and jealous rants of unaccomplished women who want to Bash them; any more than I would give the time of the day to any male lecher who oggle them all their lives!

So why am I writing this, you may ask? Because I am sick of the racism disguised as “criticism” in the beauty pageant game! No, not from the judges or organisors but from the stupid people that feel the need to nit-pick at other people’s lives incessantly because they do not have lives of their own!

Let me break it down for you in an open Letter to “angry, nasty and jealous”  women who want to attack and criticise many of these beautiful women (some of whom have been my friends for over x2 decades!). Yes, I speak also from the point of view of a former Miss Chinese International Pageant finalist (yes, I got down to the final 12 and then went on in the Australia Pageant to the final 5!). In the same year my dear friend Nicole entered the Miss Australia Beauty Pageant. By the way, Congratulations to Miss Australia Jessica Kahawaty who is the 3rd runner-up! I know how much charitable work you had to do to win Miss Australia! You are all winners!

Dear Stupid Haters who criticised Miss World 2012 for not being able to speak English,

Why don’t you get a life and notice that you only have white friends and that your culture is disrespectful to billions on the planet because you do not speak any of the other UN languages? How come? 

Why do you feel the need to defend the objectification of men against women by personalising your distaste of this towards other women, is it because you lack the courage of conviction to confront men in the system so it is easier for you to scapegoat other women…especially women who don’t speak english?

Been there done that and well done to everyone at Miss Chinese International

The next time you want to mouth off about Beautiful women getting a break in life and being lucky, out of personal spite and jealousy while pretending that it is because you are out to “enlighten them and get them to see the error of their ways” (by agreeing with you only and making your ugly, spiteful and jealous thoughts the center of their attention instead of empowering themselves and thinking whatever thought they like!)…why don’t you look in the Mirror and see just how your nastiness make you even more ugly than you already are ! Try holding a picture of Yu WenXia next to your own face and realise that it is not because she is pretty that you feel ugly…it is because you treat your own personal journey with fear, loathing and disrespect by victimising other women while screaming that you are a victim! The truth is, you want what she has and you are just very upset and angry that you were not born beautiful and you need to be a hater of other women who are born beautiful (inside and out)!

My Friend Nicole looks a lot like Jessica “Miss Australia 2012” and she had a decade of modelling career ahead of her!

Your inability to see that these women have a life and are not just commodified as you put it shows how shallow and lacking in intelligence you are and perhaps that is ALSO the reason why you are not going to succeed in a Pageant!

Maggie Cheung got her big break entering Miss Hong kong pageant!

I say this because my personal experience has come from journey of self-discovery and yes, it also involved being a beauty queen. My friends who worked hard at what they do to be models , spokesmodels and beauty queen do not need your hatred because they have personal life experience of their own and they like who they are as people! They are not stupid as you wish them to be because of your personal hatred for your own physical appearance so you have to project something negative onto these women into order to make your inner ugliness feel better!

All the women that I competed with were all on their way to completing some kind of University degree. Miss Chinese International who won and talked to us all about her experience at Miss World was doing her Doctorate in Physics! At the time I was competing I was doing a double degree in Human rights law AND Comparative Media and Fine Arts. My fellow competitors were enroled in Economics, Medicine, Nursing, Engineering and Tourism courses. They also spoke multiple languages (not all of them necessarily english!), engaged in sports, dance, music, art and loads of other activities. They have boyfriends and some of them had difficulties in relationships and others had incredibly supportive partners!

What exactly is it that you find degrading about a beautiful woman in a bikini who owns a billion $$ business empire using her brains and her looks? Ask Elle Macpherson?

They liked a variety of music. They are women. My friend who competed in Miss Australia survived seeing her friend shot at gun point in South Africa. We , Beauty queens have a variety of world experience; positive and negative!

So like me, Miss Australia has studied Law and Business and you are trying to convince yourselves she is dum, how stupid are you?

Maggie Cheung, the Palm d’Or actress considered one of the best of Hong kong cinema was a Miss Hong Kong contestant who did not make the final 15, but somewhere in there her personality shone through and Jackie Chan invited her to appear in his next comedy movie! That was how she got her break in her acting career!

Because of our Beauty pageant exposure, we learnt how to handle the press and give interviews at a much earlier age than most people! This has helped me a great deal in being filmed for the Team Robbo Movie and giving Interviews about Human Rights issues on Radio!

Does her fall from grace make you feel smarter or prettier?

As for your allegations about all of us being bulimic or anorexic or having some other kinds of illness as a result of being beautiful, I would like to say that: If it makes you feel better to wish bad things to happen to others, go right on ahead. Most of the  men and women I know  in modelling are naturally shaped a certain way and they do a number of things to consider what they put in their mouths because they care about themselves as healthy people and try their best to maintain  balanced lives.

The biggest % eating disorders I’ve seen are actually amongst young women in law school because of the stress but how come people like you do not blame the legal system and start saying that Judges and the Supreme court are responsible for this? Is it because beautiful women seemed nice and are easier to blame than Judges who can whack you with a contempt of court?

No ! None of us look like this because we’d never win a pageant that way!

It seems to me, it is not the Beauty Queen that are the victims of patriarchy, your personal fears and inability to speak up for yourselves are! I have never been more vocal in my life than when stood up and talked about my wish for Democracy and peace for China. My friend who was runner-up, basically talked about her faith in Christianity and how that helped her deal with her parent’s difficult divorce. One of my fellow contestant talked about the experience of living in a Refugee camp and how she feared for her life!

Some beauty queens have to battle life-long disability but it does not stop them from being Beautiful, Intelligent, Outspoken, Charitable and Brave!

I am always amazed by how happy people are when a beauty queen mess up her response under the strain of being on National TV and under competitive pressure. They all enjoyed seeing her falter because she dared to show herself at her best. This is interesting for me as the same is done to Female Leaders in the World’s Political forum.

Can I ask those haters something? When was the last time YOU got up on National TV and talked about something you believe in in life? If you are angry about not being listened to,well you are also not someone who step forward and became a “woman who dared” to speak her mind in whatever forum or arena she sees fit. So who is the better feminist here? Miss World who talked about wanting more children to be “lucky” (in chinese this meant prosperous and with opportunities in life to have a useful and fulfilling life ) or you who spent your time slagging off a model on the cover of a magazine that you paid for with your own money in order to fill the empty hole in your life where you are unable to speak up for yourself?

Because most of the Pageant contestants I know are not shallow people, we care about the planet and the charities welcome us as their spokesperson! You do not have to like what we stand for but if you are just sitting around being dour, sour and nasty, it is because it is you who is narcissistically looking at yourself and comparing yourself to others, not us! We do not think of you because we do not know you exist except in the negative hints of the hatred you send out to us! But then we are too busy doing good in the world and caring for others who need it to really notice your hatred in anyway beyond being abused by your spite, shocked by how pathetic you are, amused by your low-IQ and lack of life experience and  possibly at times scared by your self-hatred projected onto us!

Perhaps it is time for those who need to be so nasty towards others to learn something about Eastern Philosophy because quite frankly : Karma probably bite your nastiness in the bum and that is why everytime you look in the mirror you do not like yourself very much!

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