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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Am I too old to join the Circus? :)

I am not going to show you the pic of me trying to do this sort of acrobatic stunts ….at least I am in the hands of  a professional teacher who has been doing this for years!

“Adult Aerial Course” lol. Indeed.

But it all looked like fun….so I’m giving it a go…You better all pray that I do not damage my painting hands! lol.

Hey Even the Cirque Du Soleil had to spend hours doing this before they get to put on the pretty costumes!

source: BBC Manchester

Okay this is pretty much how I spent the entire attempt, flat on my back and laughing while Debra goes,”Just swing your legs in a split from the outside into the top bar.”

Brilliant! I can’t even get on the bar! lol.

She looked so elegant going up and down. 🙂

lol. I didn’t even get one leg on the bar ! Flexible but no upper body strength apparently!

This was pretty much the view for me, flat on my back on the safety mat!

If you are up north  and want to try this email:

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