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Cool kickstarter project of the day: Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

Cecilia’s note: This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen in my life!
It is some contrived crap designed to take $300 out of you!

Here’s why:
1) If you want a polaroid, go and buy an old polaroid machine and then just use polaroid, its called carrying an old camera.

2) If you have an iphone then it is also easy to order a freaking print of it online and they will send it to you in any format you want.

3) If you want to print from your computer, you can also just get a damn printer! None of which will cost you an extra $299!

Oh God, Please get a life and stop worshipping useless Junk! This is not an invention…this is a waste of space for the shopaholic without enough imagination to just trawl through old shops or online to look for an old polaroid camera! Please I beg you Gen Zzzz….GET A LIFE!

Useless junk like this is exactly what this video from The Onion make fun of! Watch here:

I am still laughing about this now. There’s actually a Japanese book specialising in junk like this…I can’t remember what it is called but it is made up of useless gadgets exactly like this one! Please Get a life! lol.

Here’s other equally useless junk!

If you want to waste your money, also consider this:

A Bra Warmer:

A cat’s mood detector based on the facial expressions of your cat! Let me tell you this, if you have a REAL CAT, your cat will let you know…if it hates you, your stuff will be shredded and left in little pieces all over your house! lol.

A milk Pampering that allegedly Lowers the Calorie! hahahaha. Hmm…buy Skim Milk or just don’t drink Milk!

Gross! A high-tech toilet that you can used to analyse your…hmm…poop…..after you lower all the calories in your milk! Yuck!

Even worse, a wearable Toilet that lets you poop like an Astronaut…allegedly! Er….NO!

This Junk is so wrong it defies description! OMG! 

I’m not sure why anyone would buy any of these useless and extremely overpriced Junk, but I can safely say that this may be the Main Reason for it! Please Reclaim your own Sanity! Buy a New Brain! Lol.

If you really want to cure yourselves of this “Voluntary disease”…try to listen to the Advise Bruce Lee gave:

Melt those iPhone Pixels into a True Analog Photograph.


The Impossible Instant Lab is designed to transform any digital image via your iPhone into an instant photo that is exposed using only the light from the display, then processed and developed by chemicals. A photo that exists physically – IRL. A photo that is a one-of-a-kind original that can be shared, exhibited and preserved. A photo that no longer needs an electronic device to be seen.


The Specs

Cradle compatible with iPhone4/4s AND iPhone 5 included -have an Android device? Click here

Dimensions (metric): collapsed 148mm long x 111mm wide x 62mm tall; expanded 176mm tall

Dimensions (english): collapsed 5.8″ long x 4.3″ wide x 2.4″ tall; expanded 6.9″ tall

Micro-processor-controlled film development unit with Smart Charger

Li-Ion rechargable battery – 150(!) development cycles with one charge

Compatible with instant film for Polaroid 600 and SX 70 cameras

International Patent…

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3 comments on “Cool kickstarter project of the day: Impossible Instant Lab: Turn iPhone Images into Real Photos

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    November 25, 2012

    Hey Cecilia …uless an alternate back-up to skype is set up, u will find me on skype and if I follow you on twitter….that is the right choice. My company makes one for about four hours a day, so it can get congested during business hrs.

    When I tried to post about Hotel in Lapland I get these advert spam attached to it about unrelated stuff like tailors in bangkok! So I don’t want to inflict that on your site.

    Take good care. Steven


    • ceciliawyu
      December 1, 2012

      Thanks for not bringing your advert spammers to me. Haha. You did not put in your company site….can u fill it in so I know which is what? 🙂


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