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Its Okay to say “Thank you”! Gratitude Meditation! by Leo Babauta

I really like the idea of having Gratitude meditation, because there’s a lot of frustration in the world. ♥  I know it sounds all “space unit” but if it works to rise above any negativity, why not?

Leo Babauta’s article just hit me at exactly the right time today when I was moaning about the boring follow-up I need to do from my August Monthly x2 Art exhibitions and events with Team Robbo, annoyed that the universe was telling me I have to move to a different studio space by Jan 2013 (old church will renovate and turn my art studio to a residential to help people ), worried about mild stomach flu, annoyed with the Kitty cat for tipping over all my things when I’m tried to paint, frustrated by Art process, concerned about friends in Spain and Greece due to violent protests….

It just really spoke to me at the right moment, so read his full article but the excerpt is here:

Why should that be? Why should the simple act of thinking about who and what I’m grateful for make such a big difference in my life?
Just a few reasons:

  • Because it reminds you of the positive things in your life. It makes you happy about the people in your life, whether they’re loved ones or just a stranger you met who was kind to you in some ways.
  • Because it turns bad things into good things. Having problems at work? Be grateful you have work. Be grateful you have challenges, and that life isn’t boring.Be grateful that you can learn from these challenges. Be thankful they make you a stronger person.
  • Because it reminds you of what’s important. It’s hard to complain about the little things when you give thanks that your children are alive and healthy. It’s hard to get stressed out over paying bills when you are grateful there is a roof over your head.
  • Because it reminds you to thank others. I’ll talk about this more below, but the simple act of saying “thank you” to someone can make a big difference in that person’s life. Calling them, emailing them, stopping by to say thank you … just taking that minute out of your life to tell them why you are grateful toward them is important to them. People like being appreciated for who they are and what they do. It costs you little, but makes someone else happy. And making someone else happy will make you happy.

So Let me start this with a thank you Leo for sending this out in cyberspace for me to find. 🙂 The rest I will meditate privately I think…

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