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The Tragedy of Alexandria’s Book Market

This is truly atrocious and reminds me of the book-burning and the horror inflicted on those in China which resulted in 5 generations of chinese turning illiterate! In 2012,China has not really recovered from the lack of coherent sustainable culture and education! It makes me think of Hitler, Mao and Stalin. I feel sad, seeing as there was so much hope in the Jasmine revolution 1 year ago:

I was in talk to do a very exciting art exhibition with the women in their Art Guild in Cairo and I hope for a day when this will be possible ; where creative free speech is restored to everyone in Egypt!


For the second time in the same week, I am addressing the subject of Nabi Daniel Street in Alexandria, first discussed its famous synagogue, and now I wish to write about its book market. As part of the cultural heritage of Egypt’s second largest city, this street was the subject of a vicious—and frankly barbaric—assault from the new Islamist governor. The Alexandria security service chose the early hours of Friday morning to carry out its assault on the old book market. The attackers did it in style, too; they destroyed the kiosks and threw the books savagely into piles of rubble in the street and then left without even providing an explanation to the distraught owners who depend solely on these kiosks to earn a living.

Incidents such as this remind me of several encounters during my childhood, one with the bearded man who advised my mother not to…

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One comment on “The Tragedy of Alexandria’s Book Market

  1. Clezero
    October 23, 2012

    thanks for the post…it is impossible to comprehend book-burning…and it is always nazies, communist and fanatics who do it….awful and so sad.

    from Cecilia: Well technically they did not burn the book…they destroyed the used book market so old editions can’t be found…that is why I am 100% for free e-books! No one can BURN the internet, they can try to censor it but the books don’t disappear. Don’t be sad, support things like the Project Gutenberg ! I even think we should close the dated libraries which are just wasting resources in paying bureacrats and just give people Free e-book readers but keep the ones that provide cultural sustainability services !


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