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Apple Daily translated:China Diaoyu island-Japanese Senkaku island Riots

I’m just going to translate this excerpt from Hong kong’s apple daily news:

“Rioters and Looters came out to protest against Japan over the issue of Diayu (Senkaku) islands. But is this really what they are doing? The event has turned into an opportunity to loot and destroy anything to do with Japanese products and the property of others. Security guards who are all chinese and privately hired are being attacked just for doing their jobs without any official police or army in sight. Then midway through the days of riot, the incident back-fired and there are just as many protestors, protesting against Communist Chinese Government. When the rioters turned this way, suddenly there were police and army stepping in to stop the rioters. This is so senseless because all they are doing is harming other chinese people and chinese business inside CCP-owned territory. Is this CCP’s idea of “being patriotic”? Is this how you love your country ?”

Translator’s note: Interesting that in all of this, no one talked about America and Japan’s intention to increase military in the region as part of arms deal allegedly against North Korea. Nor has CCP-run Mainland China discussed the many rioters inside China against its own governmental policies, including Hunger Strikes in Hong kong against Communist Patriotic Lessons, Monk setting themselves on fire in Tibet to protest harsh and inhumane treatements, Peasant workers protesting because their attempt to create unions were crushed violently often with disappearances/murders of any leaders. Japan has also not discussed its plan to mine the area with an agreement with Taiwan for oil and natural resources (further plundering the natural resources of the south china sea and potentially creating more ecological disasters). Furthermore in the American domestic election, this issue has appeared as a timely distraction for Republicans and Democrats alike to focus its citizens on any “softening ” of its  military expansion policies. 

I think when all the smokes fade away, the thinking reader may have to ask whether this riot is a bit of Circus to distract the whole world from the shortage of Bread, perhaps?

*** As for Taiwan’s role in all this, may I personally  ask (as a Tang dynasty chinese) how going against the wishes of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in terms of exacerbating situation improves the lives of all chinese people? A little message in Cantonese from all of us in the Southern Kingdom, ALL of US for 5000 years  and especially from another chinese island culture like Hong kong and Macau: 簡簡單單, 救國=愛民, 廢話不談!

If you are in any doubt about where Dr Sun stood on this issue , perhaps again, listen to this recording he made in Cantonese all those years ago and then please consider why you are taking the position that you are right now.

Yes the legal territorial problems were created because Chiang Kai-shek forgot about it, that is not the fault of the Southern Kingdom, please do not make the Natural resources under Heaven and Earth  pay for your General’s oversight in international negotiations.  

As for the Rest of the world: This situation can escalate into a Falkland Islands situation, you can decide for yourselves whose side do you want to take, but one thing is sure, western intervention would not be welcomed in this domestic fued which began about 800 years ago and never stopped.

Russia is doing a good job of explaining the situation:


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