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Mainland China protest style art intervention! lol. 行為藝術 Protesting poor education!

A poet protesting against the rape of children’s minds with a message on his rearend: “hey headmaster….let the little students go….if you need a prostitute…give me a call! “

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‘March Against Monsanto’ Protesters Rally Against U.S. Seed Giant And GMO Products

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The amazon Pink Dolphin’s Voice-27/05/2013 ‘March Against Monsanto’ Protesters Rally Against U.S. Seed Giant And GMO Products LOS ANGELES — Protesters rallied in…

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(28/5/13 Update) England: Woolwich killing does not give anyone the right to revert to British Xenophobia!

I dedicate this song to the black lady on the train victimised by a hardcore skanky tory hag’s hysteria about terrorism because of the London machete incident in Woolwich. She yelled at her for no apparent reason beyond that she moved too near to her!

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Moscow: RIP Pasha (Pavel) P183: Integrity is a choice. Especially Artistic Integrity.

Павел Пухов P183 “Integrity is a choice”…a tribute by 余(c) uk, 2013 because ♥ Pasha P183 “I wanted that work to carry the most important message … that a person mustn’t sell himself,” he said in a rare interview posted on last year.

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Mexico : El peso de la casa no recae sobre la tierra sino sobre una mujer?

El peso de la casa no recae sobre la tierra sino sobre una mujer…The house does not rest on the earth, but on a woman.

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Updated 17/5/13: Cecilia’s Note from IWS 2013: Inspiring Women Sumit : Free e-conference of Global Empowerment!

The 4th annual Inspiring Women Summit! You’ll be inspired by more than 40 women on the leading edge of this world shift. And you’ll be surrounded and supported by a global community of women ready to be the change! No matter where you live, you can plug-in to an international community of amazing sisters. And it’s all for FREE.

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Donating to Sustain-Able Social Enterprise via Paypal! :)

Finally I got a paypal donate button in my blog after a handful of people requested it! I think it is more an indicator of intent to take Sustain-Able to the next dimension in Social Enterprise Entreprenuership!

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Art Installation Waterfall, Venice, Italy

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photo via mymodern

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End Sex Tourism! A photo documentation of trafficking: “not Natasha!” by Dana Popa

Natasha is a nickname given to prostitutes with Eastern European Looks. This is a really heart wrenching photo documentation of Eastern European Sex Trafficking!

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SUPER Heroes // Super FASHION Hyper reality , Graphic stimulation and Super emotions from glamorous to outrageous . It is to see something visually so powerful that it takes away reality…

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