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I really enjoyed this blog and I wanted to add: “Hyper-reality” is ALSO the process by which society appropriates what is essentially counter-culture and markets it to the Main-stream in the hope of encouraging our “Faith in Fakes”….a beautiful semiotic analysis written by Umberto Eco.

For a free PDF of the book : Free e-book “Faith in Fakes” by Umberto Eco from


I encourage anyone interested in this phenomena of the Accelerated consumption of Culture by reading the book : “Faith in Fakes” by Umberto Eco.

I love fashion but fashion is ALWAYS my slave and NEVER my Master!

Enjoy the Creativity…but Mr.Eco, thank you for saying that “Art and Artists” are conveniently categorised into a box called “Priceless” so that society do not feel the need to deal with us in hyper-reality since Art is the antithesis of the “Faith in Fakes” culture. That was very insightful and as an artist, I thank you for your academic depth.


P.S Fashion is Fickle and Style is Forever….remember that….the Superheroes of today can at a whim be the Super-villain of tomorrow and then back again……..but the Style of John Galliano is Forever…..because he was born a talented artist.

manish02 john galliano

2004 Haute-Couture fashion show: Christian Dior - Paris

0023ae9885da0cc5e00114 John Galliano

A model presents a creation by British d

British fashion designer John Galliano, part of his men's Fall Winter 2010-2011 fashion collection, Paris, 1



Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture S/S 2010 - Christian Dior


John galliano (c) 4



Thirstycrow Magazine


Hyper reality , Graphic stimulation and Super emotions from glamorous to outrageous . It is to see something visually so powerful that it takes away reality from us ,and  playing an extreme  metaphor for fashion because it shares an obsession with the body, its identity and transformation “The concept of dual identity”. Its  desire , emotion and  attaining those super powers to make the impossible, possible.

We can augment reality and see the depth of the same very thought to build a new Idea. Super Heroes such as Iron Man , Super man although take place in an alternate history of Edwardian earth, the moment of the “break” for which their existence is necessary, it is an alternate history to be different from ours. Here is a research on visual power of forming super fashion looks. It is more of  a Symbolic and metaphorical association with superheroes , that escape into your fantasy. Not just superman or…

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    • ceciliawyu
      March 6, 2014

      I don’t know if I can help… is for rental…the dress here….why don’t you find a sesmstress who can make one for you? Locally? 🙂


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