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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Updated 17/5/13: Cecilia’s Note from IWS 2013: Inspiring Women Sumit : Free e-conference of Global Empowerment!

May 10, 1:00am Rikka Zimmerman
May 15, 1:00am Sonia Ricotti
May 17, 1:00am Jennifer McLean

Being present, being there for your body part…you notice there are not too many thoughts going on….getting to the place where there are no thoughts and be present with a particular emotion and body part.

We are going into an emotion and remember when was the first time you felt that level of frustration?

Emotions usually triggered by a situation? An incident that happened that likely triggered it?

Is it an emotion that is pre-verbal?

Devaa: Experiencing frustration and constrained…e.g. being free when young but suddenly having to do lots of homework.

A: Just bring your attention to that point of view. Remember how you were present for that frustration aspects and then try to be there, also present as an adult and be super-supportive. Some of you may be tapping into a specific incident when constrictions happen where e.g. I went from being divine light, expansive, to a body and then from that body to homework (for example).

Devaa: yes, moments where just being my light bright self is not enough and there are other things that has to be done in the world.

A: Established conclusions and thoughts become a pattern that we have to deal with in life.  There is a moment of freedom. Go back to that moment. That aspects of your being showed you how old you were when that happened. You just acknowledge that. YOu may have made conclusions that became a pattern.

If you had to say what it was, then what would your conclusion be?

Devaa: e.g. LIke you have to work very hard to make it in the world..

A: The pattern is your soul thread. Sometimes it creates compression and density and pluck the strings and let some of it unravel a bit? Just feel that unravelling. That was a conclusion….

Ask “the little one” and the “2nd chakra” what do I need now? Now that I have a conscious  awakening about what I need? What does your own body tell you?

Devaa: I got spaciousness…..

A: A lot of people are getting that word…some might be “protection”, “Love”, acknowledgement etc…what would it feel like if you allow the body aspects to feel that? Allow that to show you what that feels like? What is the sensation of space?

Devaa: My body wants to just lay down on a couch and exhale. I don’ t have to keep going. I can just exhale and release…

A: So allow your body to do  that….allow your body to go into that Yoga (a position that is natural)…allow yourself to feel the full expression of that, in your body…feel the full expression of a god quality as expanding throughout your being.

If you are paying attention, you may feel the new sense of lightness in your soul thread. Do you get a sense of that?

Devaaa: I do feel some lightness.

A: What does it feel like in your body around that incident?

Devaa: I feel less attached to the story.

A: Feel the expression of space. What does that feel like?

Devaa: I feel like I am able to go with the flow more and what is happening to the outside world does not frustrate me as much.

A: This frustration has shifted to space. We are creating a different pattern. This allows us  to move into the opposite. The opposite of frustration is space. If we feel the expression of space, then you are growing the muscle of that energy signature. Do that every single day and moments of frustration can change. It may not go away completely but it may move to  more place of ease and grace.

So many times when I reach in the energetic frequency of that emotion, it is not even there anymore and we can just be acting out of the habit. As we play with that everyday, when it shows up, it may have a very different form.

Ironically the trigger is what keeps us remembering…..that is a pattern of frustration..and then you can remember to give it to yourself…give yourself that experience of what you need.

Devaa: Then there is less of a need to get the outside world to give it to me. I have less of a need to control my environment.

A: Yes, and suddenly from control you are instead in command.

Then I started doing sound vibrations….soul songs….they are based on current energetic themes. Whatever god quality showed up, we will have an energetic signature and we practice to increase the vibration. The more we do that, the stronger the energetic signature will be in your body.

As I play the flute and sing a little song, allow yourself to feel that expression….just know that we have co-created these notes…it is not pre-planned…composed for you and for this audience….so….(plays song)…..

The key to manifestation is Love and gratitude and instead of doing a “should” on yourself….then just move into your own sacred chamber, your deepest connection with the divine….there are many variations of it…it can be a place, a sound…etc…..just hold that intention of being there….

or if you move to the Penial Gland (behind your 3rd eye) …you press the elevator button and you go into your sacred chamber, straight there…….or imagine there is an arch of light, and just slide on that energy of light and go straight there….

In that sacred chamber there is a site of manifestation….ask for assistance to find it and you find yourself deep within it…..many people have different forms….

For me it has a door….whatever that works for you…hold that intention…and now as you sit in that room….just breathe in here…this is a powerful place where you can actually create…..and if you look outside you can see the stars….

When you “Out picture” into the world…then you are sending out what it feels like to be emotionally and in all the bodies to fully experience the full expression of what it feels like to be fully you. It is already real, it is already a part of you. When you “outpicture” from this space, suddenly everyone is served for you to get what you want. When you manifest from the mind usually there is also a kick in the butt with it. But when you “outpicture” from your heart, it creates an open flow….just go there and breathe….before starting the out-picture process….

May 22, 1:00am Gabrielle Bernstein
May 24, 1:00am Ali Brown
May 29, 1:00am Amy Ahlers, Christine Arylo
May 31, 1:00am Marianne Williamson

Breakthrough Sessions throughout May 2013

May 8, 1:00am Anodea Judith

The wheels of life as a map for personal transformation.


A lot of organisations are serving what they love.

There is a symbolic shift to the heart chakra. We needed to go through the power chakra in order to do that. I have the time to volunteer to do what I love because nobody owns me. I am not a slave. I have a choice. We earned our power and economy to go to a higher organising system.

Q:What can slow down the transition?

Being entrenched in the old system. We tend to give our power away to authority. As in many cases authority can become corrupt and we need to take our power back and use that to make change. It can render people passive and it stifles their creativity.


Q: Is there an organisation that embodies that “love of power” mode?

Yes, stock market, certain types of government and how certain kinds of corporations organise itself…etc….

The risk is that we give them our power instead of using that power in collaboration to empower our own systems.

Q: How many of you feel overwhelmed by details …different banking system, different skype systems, emails etc…and then I start looking at how I can delegate the complexity of life and still make the decision that empowers our community at large?

WE are working all the time with complex pieces. Educated and awared people, being more so, means there’s more complex situation. The old power paradigm, it is like the dinosaur, we have to evolve, it is outdated. What is the thing that has the most value for me? That serves the larger purpose of what we are doing and where we are going with it?

Q: How do we make this accesible?

The practical application, to understand and over-arching purpose….in your personal life…how can you make every aspects of your life more heavenly? Does bringing flowers to your office make your environment more heavenly? Your family, your neighborhood etc? How can we transform that part of our life that we have influence?

How do we come into our heart chakra and be in our power? How do we open our heart into compassion and connection and sympathy? How do we come into a ying presence instead of a yang doing?

How do we come into a more heart-centered way of living? How do we collaborate instead of compete? How do we make beauty? These are all aspects of how we can come into the heart.

It is about coming into the temple of our own body to embody the divine principles through us. Bringing into our ground and get in touch with our own body. We want to eat better food. As we come into our survival chakra, we need to survive on a healthy planet. We respect the sanctity of the earth.

As we go into the sacral chakra, our sexuality and our need to feel. We can feel how many things we do in our culture, we do not feel integral or healthy to us. When you stop tolerating that….when we are not allowed to touch each other, to be out of our body and with each other…our ability to have pleasure etc…

We haven’t had much fun lately.

3rd chakra, we needed to find our own power, be in soverignty over our own lives etc…be what we truly meant to be….when we have that autonomy and freedom we become free to have that unique gift to come into our heart. 5th chakra.

We try to find like-minded people that give us joy and we have something with value. We have our social networking system etc…we have the 6th chakra that brings us the vision…see what we are creating, get out of the center of our own drama etc…

Finally in the 7th chakra to create with the divine.

Many of the blocks came from cultural programming. We have to go back and do that healing and find our own core and connection and do the healing that allow those block to dissolve and bring that consciousness into the body. For the same intelligence that co-ordinate a larger world, is also that which operates in our cell and our internal cosmos.

The first thing I teach people is to come into the center of their own alignment. I come into your vertical spine and hook your root into the earth and your consciousness to the sky. Come into our sacred center. It goes to the center of our core. The first step is to come into that alignment. Start to energise that column of energy. We energise our body by plugging into the ground. A simple process whether you are sitting or standing is just to put down into the core of your legs and ground the body and open up to the higher energies.


To open the heart is to come into the breathe and begin to soften and let go and let go of the urge to move, dominate or even to speak. Just come into a respiration, in every layer of your skin and feel the air is enveloping us and feel the universal love. The air I can’t see but it comes in with every breathe. Forgiving ourselves and forgiving others etc..

Q: Can the heart chakra be too open?

A: Yes, you can be too trusting, too open, we are giving our energy away all the time and we are not taking care of ourselves. The point is to be in our power. To be in our center so that you are not over-extended and overwhelmed.

Q: There is great resistence to the global heart? How do we work with the friction in our collective lives? How do we create heaven on earth when there is so much racism etc.?

Racism is what I call love of power.  It is a system that keeps people oppressed. These are the things that goes away when we come into more heart chakra. Rather than fighting the resistence, you create more of it….by creating a better idea, we awaken our corroborative ability…we find more people that strengthen what our visions look like.

When a better idea comes along, people say they want what that person has. That’s how someone get interested into a better idea. So people will see what is possible!

The more we create what is possible in our own pockets of energy. I am going to go where it feels good away from the corporations way of doing things ….

Gradually these power structures will wither and die from lack of contribution and support….the more we can actually move towards an inspiring system, the more people will want to climb onboard.


Communicating the opportunities that exist.

Q: There’s a part of me that wants to withdraw from negative things. How do we lift each other up in the possibility instead of choosing to disconnect?

Yes, the news is a shock to our system. It is pretty sick. The more we share stories of what we are energize by, what is positive, gather together to places to have an ecstatic experience…the TED Talks for example….things that are working, farming …inspiring things that are working!

Violence is actually in an exponential decline in our world but news is reporting it as increasing. The number of people killed in wars are down to a fraction of what it used to be but it is reported as escalating increase.

WE have a lot more access to see what is really going. What is being portrayed is much more shocking, so it feels worse but there is something positive about not being disassociated…but when we see the impact on violence to family/victims, it makes me more sensitive to the statistics that just seems like mere numbers.

The more we can get those human stories, the more compassion arises….don’t just get connected to the pain, but also to the positive too!

I remember “The power of One” the movie and it really lifted me up and “We are powerful beyond measure!”

We have to do our inner work to be the change internally.


1st May Lisa Nichols is CEO of Motivating the Masses, one of the top training and development companies in the world, a best-selling author of 6 books and one of the most sought-after transformational speakers whose global platform has reached and served millions. Her featured teacher role in the self-development movie and phenomenon, The Secret catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extra,” “Larry King Live” and starred on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show, “Starting Over.”

IWS 2013e

Notes from Cecilia:

Ready for a breakthrough:

A breakthrough can be needed by very productive people. This is an action based coaching. I am a transformational coach.

You can be completely effective in one area of your life and a hot mess in another part.

Sit down with a piece of paper and list 7 areas:

Relationship ( a) Love, b) Family)


Connection to Nature

Professional Network

Physical Environment. Condition of your Home/Car etc.



In these area, what would you rate yourself from 1-5? 

5=I love it. 3=Toleration. 1=Intolerable.

IWS 2013d

Is there something that you are not speaking out loud but you still need cange?

Rate these areas of your life, all the 3,2,1 …you need a Breakthrough!

Spend a moment you look at what are the places you need a breakthrough? Don’t be overwhelmed. This is your life, take it at the pace you need.

When I have grace and ease and compassion for me, the world follows suit.

I was giving the world a poor example of how to treat me.  I was giving the world the impression that I did not need help. I acted like I didn’t need rest. I allowed people to mistake my kindness for weakness. I take my emotional pulse. I talk to myself like I am my best friend. I would show myself how beautiful I am when I can’t see it.

***Before anyone shows up for me, I have to show up for me.

IWS 2013f

1st Step: The first Step: Get reconnected with myself.

Go narrow and Deep instead of go wide. Laser on problem areas and don’t try to do everything. Get long lasting impacts.

e.g. Area: Forgive yourself for whatever it is you need to forgive yourself for.

I had so much energy was tied up that I was out of integrity with myself. Everytime you do something that does not celebrate who you are, it compromises the integrity you have with yourself. A piece of you, your fortitude, your confidence, your light is compromised.

I get in front of the mirror and I re-align with myself.

**I am proud of you…

** I forgive you for…

**I commit to…

Devaa: Some of clients said this is really cheesy and I said, yes it is but we try it…one of my client came back and she said I couldn’t believe how much I had going on internally.

LIsa: It could be cheesy but I am going to to take my power back and keep a pack of cracker beside me…but if it works…

Devaa: How do you encourage people to return to their power..e.g if you are in an abusive relationship or something?

Lisa: Get mentors. You don’t have to know them. People think you have to know them. But I studied Nelson Mandala, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandi’s life in depth and I learned something. Hold onto someone that can pull you taller than what you can stand for yourself

***In every area of your life you are either running towards abundance and joy or you are trying to out-run failure. 

Are you running towards something you re trying to create or from something?

e.g. When you are working, are you working towards something or just running not to be broke?

Tell me what you are trying to create? What masterpiece are you putting together? What masterpiece are we putting together?

It is important for you to make your already done lists. Your “to do” lists is long but your “done” list is often x3 longer!

1st part: everything done 20 yrs again.

2nd part: 19-10 yrs ago.

3rd part: 9-now

Your already done list is your fuel, you shows you your possibility. We forget our triumph so fast but we hold onto our failure. Why is it so easy for you to minimise your achievements but why is it so easy to share your misery or tragedy? When did you get so comfortable in the misery and so uncomfortable in the possibility.

Your breakthrough requires you to dismantle some old belief. In order to have a breakthrough, you have to identify what can be in breakdown.

You are giving the world permission on how to treat you if you are treating yourself badly. The first law of self-preservation is self-love.

Your life is not a race, your life is a marathon. You want to live in a 5+ and let to spend your life living at a 3. There is no question marks or apologies. STop keeping score. I did what I did based on what I do. Full stop. Then begin to see what future you want to create?

Devaa: How do you encourage people to get beyond their fears and work with it?

Answer: You cannot out-run your fear. If you turn around and face your fears. The thing about being knocked down is you always have the opportunity to get back up. In order to Soar, you have to give yourself the permission to knock down.

Unpacking the fear: Ask questions after questions, ask all the what ifs….until the fears disipate into the nothingness that it always was…

If you are hurting, get through your hurt/heal faster, is to serve others….

**Until you give yourself permission to  fall, you give yourself permission to fly!

Where is your market? Who are they? What is their demographics and what is their psychographics?


Most people think that their Calling has to be revenue generating!

Walk towards the thing that feels good.

My calling is to transform Teen lives. To teach teens how to be emotionally healthy. That is why I am here and everything else that I do is because I am here…but my calling is to teach Teen life. That is what makes me Alive! The way I feel, I am clear. That is not what is making my money. I have been sponsoring these workshops and it costs me $17000 to do it. I am paying because it makes my toes curls.  Every 3 months I do that and I pay. That is my Calling and that is what feels good.

From now on instead of writing JOB, call it your Investor.

If you don’t have a job, you are in a relationship with an Investor!

May 3, 1:00am Jennifer Longmore

Inspiring Women Sumit 2013

We are all looking forward to the teleconferences!

2013 Summit Program Schedule

April 20, 6:00pm Devaa Haley Mitchell, Elayne Dought…
April 20, 7:00pm Seane Corn, Hala Khouri
April 20, 8:00pm Staci Haines
April 20, 8:30pm Catherine Allen, Jaye Smith, Nancy …
April 20, 10:00pm Rachel Bagby
April 20, 10:30pm Tia Ross, Kim Grimes
April 20, 11:00pm Sylvia Boorstein
April 21, 6:00pm Donna De Lory
April 21, 7:00pm Angela C. Wu, L.Ac, O.M.D.
April 21, 7:30pm Ashley Ryan, Laurel Wilson
April 21, 8:00pm Barbara Marx Hubbard
April 21, 10:00pm Sai Maa
April 21, 11:00pm Kim Carpenter, Elisa Parker, Linda …

Cecilia’s Notes of IWS 2013

Sun., Apr. 21 from 10:00am to 1:00pm US Pacific

Donna De Lory Official website


…there’s different part of me that want to be a global world player in music and there’s another part that wants to just be a stay at home Mom….

…I worked with Madonna so she was empowering for me as an example of a successful working mom…I only saw her when we were touring and it was intense work time…but there is a part of me that don’t want my kids to be brought up by nannies…

—it is my divine nature purpose to be an artist and to be out there….I’ve taken time out to just be in touch with the earth and growing my own food…and now I feel like it is time to get back out in the world again..

… my 4 and 10 yrs olds have one another and I have a great partner who is there and who honours the artists in me…

My friend and I (both very successful artists) asked,”Can we have it all?”

The answer is, “Yes we can.” That is the TRUTH and I want to hold this conscious vision for my daughters!

Yesterday I consciously chose to have my musician meeting in the middle of my lounge room so that my daughters can be immersed in this environment …

IWS 2013

Sometimes it was not appropriate in parts of the Madonna tour but for conscious music Yoga-Shakti festival…it is a gift to be able to have my family involved. Different artists have different presentations…..

I started singing very young and I had a good soul connection with my father because he was a musician, so it went through me and it came out with my voice…

AS soon as I could hear myself sing, 7 or 8 yrs old… was on pop radio…and I was singing along, I heard my own voice and the way it resonated in my body, I knew I couldn’t wait for this to be a part of my spiritual path….

The way I felt when I sang! The Resonance of just singing, you feel it and it is beyond my limited understand.

Indian based tradition have an East-West fusion, it gives people a chance to sing in community together. People have an experience of the vibration that goes through their body.


Sure, people walk out of U2 concert feeling that way and Kirktan Singing Community…you don’t even have to understand what the words are..just the sounds and tones alone is powerful. Embodying a diety and it is very powerful experience….at a deeper level.


My florist said that to me and I am going to write that on my Bathroom mirror, for me and my daughters!

“My sweet lord” Song by  Donna De Lory: We treated it like a Live mantra….George Harrison inspired me to add the Sitar…

I have this feeling of longing to know the divine, the celebrate life and it takes me to the place in my heart…

The connection with the earth should be joyful…

Lord make me the unchanging….

When there are people I want to work with, I just put it out to the universe… manifest it. DREAM BIG! Put it out there! ASK!

People ask me  to use my music, put it on my webpage etc…WE are here to support one another’s dreams. No one is above anyone else. Music is a path. Anyone intending to create that, we are all resonating the same way. I put it out there that I want to work with Peter Gabriel etc….

I connect with some on a spirit and devotion level.


April 21, 10:00pm Sai Maa official website

…When you speak with passion, no one can ignore you….passion create great leaders out of a flat ordinary human beings…


Create, create, create out of your passion, that is your empowerment.

Take a risk, innovate, re-design with passion. What I hear, people speak of growth but do they really want to be in that place of transformation?

Passion takes us out of bed early. What happens is on a soul level is that you have a soul that is hungry who is yearning to act! Find it, follow it. Whatever that is in  you that is dormant in a dream will come out and your life will be magic with Passion!

I am bubbling!!!!!

Question: What if you lost your passion?

Maybe there has been emotional situations that has caused hurt and pain. Acknowledge it and go there and accept it fully! You may have to use the Law of forgiveness and welcome that energy into the chest!

The moment our heart chakra comes into the divine component, where everything will melt and everything will transform and breathe from that place! You have transmuted that Energy! You brain will respond! There is a physical Clarity!!!!

Open your arms, Open your chest….Breathe from the Matrix of creation in itself!!!!

It is a cascade of Renew-ness! It will enter into that “Becoming of us”

Practice it!!!! The moment you move into the high frequency….

From that place, your brain will start moving and you Co-create it!!!!

Question: Some tradition avoids Passion and some come from a tradition that embraces it. How do you respond to those who come from an Ascetic tradition?

When you enter the temple and you see the diety , you breathe with the diety…and when you come out, you have to cook for others, you bring that into it and that vibration enter your food with passion. Wherever you do it, you do it fully and beyond attachment. There is no room for attachment when you are 100% passionate and 100% engaged.


When you speak, speak with passion!

Dance with Passion!

Liberate your life!

Life does not make Mistakes!

When you are fully passionate, you dance, you love, you cook

Then you seek in meditation what is the quality of that?

Enter the profoundness of yourself!

It does not matter what tradition you come from, it is full of Passion! Observe the Passion of life! Joie de Vivre let you be driven, let you create! In that Joie de Vivre, you are merging with the creation!

You are in a higher frequency of a Passionate life, you don’t even care if you do things for others and they don’t say thank you, you are living it and your brain is vibrating and it is the new becoming of you!!!

WE always have choices and constant choices! We are not aware we are choosing! When we evolve consciously, Life by itself wrpas us. We are not our body, our Essence is the water and the Bottle it is contained is in our mind….

Life is completely magical and there is no turning back. Take responsibility for that grand design within each of us! It is a life of Freedom!

The role of the Divine Feminine is to give rise to Divine Activism.

If women realise without us there will be no Society!

It is not about being Feminist. It is about embracing the power of the Masculine energy within us.

WE long to evolve and be embodiment of grace and create cosmic projects for the new golden age!

Return of the Sacred Feminine!!!!

There is a GRACE that comes out of a woman giving rise to the Divine Feminine!

You want something to change. Do it!

There is a science of living, an art of living; conscious evolution!

Feel this power and energy of life just pulsing. We long for the inner sacredness of the Divine Feminine!

From that space: Create, create and Create!!!!

Question: Many women express compassion for others but finding compassion for self for being imperfect, is very challenging. We are very hard on ourselves. 

When I did things I was off-alignment, I forgive myself in a moment of ignorance. I express my regret.  It is important to forgive oneself. Perfection is relative. It is important each woman know how important they are on this planet, without you, me, without him and without her.

Move into that Passionate moment!

When you come to that place of Balance, Life will come to you!

I say that to all the men…go to a spa and let yourselves be served by life! By doing that your immunity become stronger and you can deal with softness, tenderness but Firmness when you take the responsible for life! You are in alignment. You may be in a male body. Enjoy that! Those who have children, allow your boys to enjoy that! The New DNA of the New men. Passion is part of it. When you are enlightened you don’t care if you spiritual leader dance and chant…you just enjoy the passion!!!

We are bundles of energy and bundles of hormones, the moment you start in that place where there is freedom in you, your energy will reach other Galaxies!!! Some call it miracle, I call it magic. Awareness, Choices, do not suppress low frequency feelings, let it out! Free yourselves, step into your own enlightenment, pulsate life and be in one with the universe!


Expanding of the One-ness consciousness, when I am in fear based I cannot even smile and I am sick. Then when I move to a place of expanding and generate that love, happiness etc…in my field, the energy in my aura start to ripple that goodness and everything will expand and I will meet people of the same higher frequency and resonance.

We are born with Joy! Where there is that joy, there is inner knowledge! We have to dare to give ourselves to the greater intelligence within us!

As soon as you start resisting, it is nothing to come out of it. Be humble, forgive yourself, come out of it and more Grace will come to you!

Question: There is a lunar and solar feminine and some people mistake it as rejecting the masculine methods?

That will never work! Think with your heart, Act with your mind! When you do that, you are balancing Masculine and Feminine and be Whole! This is NOT about being feminist! This is about being WHOLE! Welcome your feminine! WE LOVE Balance!

Look at a big old Tree, it will flower one day! There is nothing wrong with being Mascuine! I am that! I am also very feminine! I remember how to bring that civilisation into being ! The new golden age!

You look at ancient Egypt, the women were VERY STRONG! We are able to do both!

Love with our minds, Think with our Heart!!!


The Patriarchal balanced with the Matriarchal.

When the moment a man allows his heart to be a real Heart, he is saved.

Entering the age of the androgyne, still means that it is a relief for men to be free from their traditional no-crying roles, as well as for women to be free to be strong, logical and clinical. The balance supports. From the balance is the place of real love.

thank you for serving yourselves and serving the world.

April 22, 6:00pm Rickie Byars Beckwith

Rickie Byars Beckwith  Official website is one of the 21st century’s most revered singer-songwriters whose transcendent music opens the heart, touches the soul, and uplifts the spirit. Rickie’s extensive music catalogue is heard on the radio and on soundtracks for movies and television.  Her songs of unconditional love and spiritual transformation are the highlight of consciousness raising events throughout the world.

IWS 2013b

…I had to be still go into a meditation , go into gratitude and understand that what was supporting my concert, my songs were also what was supporting my kids…..I thought it was about the songs or the concert but it was about my concern for my kids that caused a blockage …


Question: On trust and transparent process in Book writing….what journey did you go through?
…I went on this project to self-publish and went on a project to try to sell 3 big boxes of books…lol.
I found out that the books were not accepted by the book store managers, they were women. They had their way of doing business and for the ministers I approached to send in my books….I was not waiting for people to promote me. I sold 100 boxes that way! Or maybe it was 50 boxes…I don’t know…hahaha. These stories are like fishes they grow with time!
I learned to not be so impressed with huge numbers! If I moved them in 2 here or 3 here….I moved 6000! I learned to move in a way that is opposite of being aggressive and with an agenda as oppose to just making friends with people and understanding where they come from……
There is a publishing game that makes you a bestseller in the commercial world…but it doesn’t mean people are reading your book.
People reading it is more important to me. I’m not as impressed with the number of books my husband sold in this way but I care that I may only sell 1000 books and 1000 books meant 1000 people can have an opinion of your book.
If you are worried about “Would they love me?” then start with “I love me. I love my story.” Someone wants to hear that story !!!
Accept that we are made from Greatness and our Destiny is what inspires us! 
April 22, 8:00pm Debbie Rosas


Women’s greatest gift is to shed love and beauty into the world.

There is almost a sense of being breatheless around my mother. I want to leave my mark as an authentic beautiful woman!

A woman’s being does it for her herself, she does it for herself to feel sensual, inspired and smile. I want people coming into my space will be turned on and excited. I want to take time to being sensual and noticing my world; to just make a connection. There is nothing greater than a woman being connected with her feminine energy.

Listening to the voice inside will let you know your truth….

To be a woman inside a woman’s body, it gives me an intuitive voice that let me know this is safe, this is unsafe etc…

There is great great wisdom.  As women leaders we are change the world by how we sit, how we walk, how we are present in a space. We show the world how to be and to celebrate our greatness.

Part of being a woman is to learn to say goodbye. There are parts of my body that won’t come back. I am 62 years old. I want to inspire other women to not be fearful of getting/living in their body!

I’ve seen it too often where a woman needs to be a man to get into the boys club and the best thing a woman can do is to embrace her power as a woman.

Question: What are some of the entry points that give women a way to get into their feminine spirit?

Answer: Ask yourself what it takes. Do a collage board and cut out images. Show images of what it means …say this is the role model of what I would like to be. A lot of what is put in front of us is unattainable. We are not all Barbie dolls.

Spend time touching your body and reconnecting the sensation of feeling….too often I hear from women that they don’t have a partner so they don’t have sex.

I say,”Why?” You have two hands. Get in touch and spend time alone to know yourself and to get to know your body. Some women don’t know where their cevics is or the nerve ends of their clitoris. Cultivating pleasure is something women are meant to do.

The body itself is such a magnificent source of wisdom. It relates to your brains.

We are very powerful when we come together and we choose to only support organisations that actively end harms and violence against us.

April 22, 8:30pm Lissa Rankin, MD

Institute of Noetic Science really works with very cutting edge consciousness research. I went to conventional Ivory towers of western medicine. It was not until later that I started considering mind/body medicine.

Most of the medical establishment is resistent to “self healing”….it is a narcissistic wound for a physician …by suggesting the body has natural self repair mechanism that is influenced by the mind, it almosts undermines our 12 years of education as MD.

Now no, there’s no way you could attach my husbands 2 fingers back without 8 hrs of surgery with Doctor JOnes. But there’s other things our body can do that is part of its natural maintenance. Those mechanism gets switch on and off based on our thought belief.

IWS 2013f

6 steps in generation self-healing:

Step 1: Believe you have the capacity to get well.

Step 2: Get support in things that resonates with your core.

Step 3: Get in touch with the spiritual side of yourself. Find out what your bod needs to heal? It is not often physiological solutions…often it is a deep life changes that may include components of physiological changes.

Step 4: Diagnose the root cause of illness.

Step 5: Write a prescription for yourself.

Step 6: Surrender

April 22, 11:00pm Doreen Rainey
April 22, 11:30pm Linda Sivertsen
April 23, 1:00am Lisa Schrader

Lisa Schrader, official website the Founder of Awakening Shakti, has impacted the lives of thousands of women over the past 10 years as a workshop leader, author, speaker and coach. Her work has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1. She is the author of Kama Sutra 52: A Year’s Worth of the Best Positions for Passion and Pleasure from Quiver Books. She is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation has a private practice supporting clients worldwide.


…in my own relationship with Shakti and the divine feminine life force….
If you envisage the circle of our wholeness, the ying and yang, reminds me of my relationship to the sacred. Underneath is a big heart and it is literally the heart chakra.
Underneath is the pointing down triangle…the reminder of the kundalini…pointing to the earth.
It looks a little like a woman. This is a short cut to sacred sexuality. What does the Sacred mean to you?
We all get to define that differently.
We talk about a Breast-love and move into opening the heart so that we can melt into our own place of power.
There is incredible sexual potential that lives inside this female body. We have not been taught to deal with our authentic power. We settle for fast-food sex or friction sex…getting it done….instead of giving us the gift of our own shakti and inner orgasmic flow.
Question: How do we do it so that this does not become another thing we have to do, another chore to accomplish? Yet another thing we have to be good at…hahha.
Answer:  There is such a need for collective compassion for where we found ourselves. So many women are at different stages.
(c) Cecilia.W.Yu , uk 2013

(c) Cecilia.W.Yu , uk 2013

There’s been women from Tantric practitioner to those stably married for 20 yrs who has not has sex with their husbands for the last 15 yrs or even women who had been sexually abused and healing.
This is about finding our true desire. What is truly my heart’s desires, whether you have a partner or not…what does your body really want?
So often our minds are putting us into this space like in magazines, sex in the city or whatever…sometimes your Yoni only wants to open in a different way.
Make sure you are not exhausted and make the time and prioritise to have a space to awaken the senses…light some candles, engage the sense of smell…have tasty things to snack on…etc…see what your body want to talk to you about instead going into the Mind of how our body is suppose to be!
With the proliferation of pornography, there is a fantasy that women are ready to go….that is a masculine fantasy…in our whole palette…I think whatever the range in your sexuality between consenting adult is up to you.
But slowing down, dropping the goal orientation, dropping the goal of orgasm…release the sexual chemistry in our blood stream…helps us look younger…
Start getting honest with what we are wanting! Asking our partner, setting the stage for that, talking what is your desires….some may need to grief and letting go of how it was…
IWS 2013c
Breast-love Practice:
Just hold your breast. You can have your partner holding you from behind. This is the beginnning step of the practice. Just to hold it and breathe. After the first 5 mins, our arms are connected to the heart. We are giving love to ourselves.
Sometimes women cry and don’t be attached to any particular event to the tears. Just give in to the emotions that come up. We are naturally positive. When we touch the heart this way, this energy is already positive.
Feeling safe and connected is the key to check in.
After a few minutes, a gentle massage can start.
If you want to teach this to your male partner, remind him to take it slowly. My experience is that most males want to do this more vigorously than what their partner would like.
Awakening the breast as an orgasmic experience and massage is possible.
Being spring, we just hope everyone is in the erotic rites of spring , whether you are in different stages in life….
I want Shakti Warriors out there! This is not extra. This is an attainable feminine energy…..
I have a little gift for everyone, you may like to add this to your sacred alter…Shakti poster
April 23, 2:00am Sage Lavine

Women need to find “Why?” to create and commit to a business vision.

Don’t feel you have to do big things overnight. I’ve been working with people helping women to start business in Indonesia. Helping women to create cooking business; realising that there are women who had to be rescued from insane asylum. It is still legal for a husband to hit his wife.

I realised I don’t have the right to be anything other than switched on, getting beyond my feelings of being Overwhelmed.

***Treat this message you have for the world as a divine gift. You will have small successes than lead to larger successes. Treat it as a gift.


Discovering what is your deepest offering and what brings you the most joy. How can I earn enough income to support myself doing what I love?

Question: How do we attract clients?

Answer: Be willing to share your message as a speaker. Give the talk in your living room. Getting your message out there fore free in the beginning. Drum up buisness for yourselves. We don’t like cold calling. We don’t like getting out there. Enrole people into your process that we can take you through. WE move people into a transformational model, working with clients.

When we are receiving, we want to shine and share but we want to be paid for doing it.

Question: Getting speaking gigs is not so easy, how do we go about it?

Answer: Create your own. Be careful how to transition your clients. Keep to local communities. Be willing to get the word out. Create flyers etc. It becomes a community event. You can advertise for free. It is a free evening event. Then offer discovery session.

There is a gift I would like to give in my website on how to have these conversations and the value of how to work with people in the long-term.

One of the spiritual principle: Heal the sense of seperation for all involved. This is a business strategy piece. Be a good listening. They need to hear what the person wants more than anything….

Try this. I talk about it extensively. It has to be the right fit. You know when it is right.

I believe we are appointed to work with certain people.

Question: Some people get to a place where clients say I don’t have the money. How should we respond?

Answer: The way it comes up and the energy it comes up is an indicator of how masterful of a job you have done as a practitioner and a mentor to how you can help somebody.

We buy things we don’t necessarily want and when the client actually are ready to commit, that comes out of the equation.

It is not always about the money. Yes there are clients that really don’t have the money. I like to make that very clear. See if there’s a creative solution? See what happens?

April 23, 2:30am Lucy Lui


Most people know Lucy Lui as an actress. But what people did not know is that Lucy is appointed UNICEF embassador and has travelled the globe and involved first hand and is part of 3 films that exposed international child trafficking trade.

I had been attending various charity events, I wanted to engage in one of them and feel committed and not showing up and being at the table. That it wasn’t just a one night dinner. I wanted to narrow it down to working with children on a global level. UNICEF fit those parameters and I contacted them and just find out what they were doing.


A few months later they asked me to come on a mission with them. That was how it all started.

What we do in the entertainment business is so fun but this is a good way of giving back in a serious way that is direct and different.

UNICEF says donate whatever you have, even small change, even 10 cents can save a life. Things that are tangible. We ask people to educate themselves. That is the key to development in any country in any place. You can talk to other people. Instead of talking about who is wearing what or who is dating who….you can talk about something more involved than Gossip!

When you are involved with people that don’t have a lot of time, there is only so much information you can take in, maybe it is better to look at child trafficking and malnutrition …to telegraph that to other people and try to spark something that change your life.


Devaa Question: One cause that we support is Ending Violence against girls and women, particularly sexual violence. Could you share what you have witnessed?

People don’t believe that it actually exist. That is the most difficult. It is dated. Odd. Seems like a soap opera from another time. This is what is consuming NGOs.

I spoke to a young girl who were damaged from the inside, raped at a very young age, maybe about 5. They had used riffles and sorts of things…because of all the damage she had in her internal organ, she was incontinent and she was unable control her bowel movement and then she was excommunicated and considered damaged good.

There is a surgery you can have but she had to wait until she was older. She had 3 surgery and she was unsuccessful and she was about the go into her 4th story. This child at the age of 16 or 13…who knows…she had been through so much, she was still  so hopeful.


It was horrifying to hear this. One of the other person who had this happened to her became a nurse and was able to perform the surgery to help. Many of them are not even 21. I was so undone by the whole thing. So emotionally charged. These young girls are basically heroes.

Who inspired me? It is people I meet who reaches out to me because of their lives.

It has changed the way I look at things and things that I thought was very important was not so for me now.

It is important to know that you can’t change the political system for centuries. You try to take care of one person at a time. One candle can light a thousand candles. When you travel, it is important also know that there are people locally that needs your help.

My friend has a book club that creates awareness and starts people talking. It ignites so much more than what one would think.

Q: How do you keep on going on? You are an artist, an actor, a book out etc…humanitarian work etc…

Answer: Being creative is constantly being channelled. When you are acting, you can also do art and it is a form of expression. That does not stop just because the camera stops. I came across a chart that is the 72 names of god, focussing on meditating on different ideas. You focus on an intention and manifest it. You can look at it as  meditation and having other inspirations come to you. A lot of people are very curious about it but think it is new age and out of their league. You don’t need to be a buddhist to meditate.

I try to meditate everyday. It is easier when you first wake up in the morning. It will take 20 extra minutes for yourself.

Sometimes you have creative ideas that come to you when you are meditating. When you see something extraordinary, I think the inspiration comes from the meditation. I go into a meditation in my mind. This is something of a higher power. It is believing and knowing that there is something more powerful than where we are.

It helps you to prioritise emotions and how you handle them.  There is something about sitting quietly. There is no tangible results but if you give it the time, you find that what you do and attract in your life, it will manifest.

Question: Who is it that most inspire you in your life?

The people who had things go wrong in their life. People who say what they want to say and do what they say. As women we are afraid to hurt other people’s feelings or they might be rejected. I admire women who say their own minds. The true meaning of being a warrior is not just to fight back but to engage and stay active to not allow things to defeat them.

These young girls made me really want to stand up and stay engaged. Kindness is something that is expected. Mother Theresa also had people who engaged her, I would imagine. Her giving potential to give other people to give their potential back to their community.

******Next sessions will be in May!******

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