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Moscow: RIP Pasha (Pavel) P183: Integrity is a choice. Especially Artistic Integrity.

I was on the phone the other day talking about a different Team Robbo and Yu project….and conversation suddenly steered in a different direction when I said,”The trouble is that sometimes it is very easy to gather a whole lot of passable art/talent but not necessarily any particular “Born with it” kind of effortless creative energy shining through…”

At this point, I was told by TR that Pasha P183, well….the guy known to me as “The Russian artist who did an allusion to Trotsky’s glasses…instead of what Trotsky deserved… the Ice pick!” died.

I was shocked, I went,”When?”

TR: “Last month. 29 years old.”

I was very surprised,”His stuff was at the Red Gallery in London last year.”

TR: “Yeah, he was with Team Rex.”

2013 cake Pasha P183

Then I remembered,”Didn’t he get a warning letter from the Russian Government for being obnoxious with his art?”

TR: “Not sure. There were whispers of it…”

But then I reminded TR,” Oh what a waste…he was actually ironic. Didn’t you put him in the Team Rex art catalog?”

TR: “Yes. He got his stuff in to us on time. He was good. Google him, find out a bit about him if you like.”

pasha p183 russia

I half-heartedly said I would knowing how much stuff I had to do but I added,”Well…loads of people get slightly irate letters from Putin, Femens all did, they even flashed him with their boobs, they are all still around and topless! ..hmm…but like I said, I am sorry. The last thing the world needs is another “Born with it”  dropping off ….”


TR: “Yeah, but many of them has to find a way to ground. “

"Love  for Asbo kids to steal" urban garden (c) cecilia yu com , 2013

“Love for Asbo kids to steal” urban garden (c) ceciliawyu, uk, 2013

A strange thing happened, I was walking around a high-end Arcade and there was a chocolate fountain promotion with a Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory theme.

Burlington arcade sweet chocolate shop London

As I was thinking about this and talking, one of the promoters dressed as Johnny Depp’s Wonka handed me a bunch of yellow balloons made up like a big floating flower with green stems and twirling leaves.

Pasha P183 Red October USSR Russian chocolate Bar street art installation. The irony is that I've been to this factory and tasted the is horrible and waxy but his art is ironic if you knew this already! ^Yu

Pasha P183 Red October USSR Russian chocolate Bar street art installation. The irony is that I’ve been to this factory and tasted the chocolate…it is horrible and waxy but his art is ironic if you knew this already! ^Yu

I took it and continued my conversation but said to TR,”I just got handed a giant yellow balloon…Isn’t that weird, it feels like an art intervention, that you keep suggesting…”

And so it was….I wrote:

While I was having a rather deep 2hrs discussion with another artist about “Keeping things Real & Genuine” for NL2B 2013…I walked down a posh arcade and was just handed a string of giant yellow/lime green balloons…… I took the balloon to sushi, to Harvey Nicks, to Primark, to McDonald’s, to the Supermarket (yes, I went inside one of those ! Shock!), on the bus and all over for the hell of it….you can see how a simple Happy Object just brightened people’s day….and faces instantly softened into a Genuine Smile!

That is Real and if anyone asked me what the spirit of “Art for Art’s sake” is about…that is IT! I know People want serious CVs and Press releases but I wished I could just send them the changes in faces from me prancing around in my yellow/lime flower balloon! Cos that is what the Arts, in all its ways…do to people’s takes things up a notch to a different dimension in whatever way they need it! ♥ ♥ ♥

(c) cecilia yu com 5

Squeezing balloons into bus….my art intervention of the day. Lol.

pasha p183

(c) cecilia yu com 4

Павел Пухов P183 “Integrity is a choice”…a tribute by 余(c) uk, 2013

Integrity is a choice

My random gift balloon is Safe in art studio after going on the bus…might release it to the wild tomorrow if cat doesn’t destroy it first!!!

(c) cecilia yu com 3


Ectoplasmic impression of my art intervention. ..

(c) cecilia yu com 2

Tip toe thru the tulip…boo!


(c) cecilia yu com 6

♥ Pasha P183 “I wanted that work to carry the most important message … that a person mustn’t sell himself,” he said in a rare interview posted on last year.

(c) Pasha P183

“Maybe as artists with some level of integrity, we have to be honest and say that we do what we do because we do it.

We don’t do it because of how it would make others feel, we do it because the Art needs to realise itself.

Those who are beyond a certain level of artistic ego, can comprehend that we are sometimes just a vehicle for the art to realise itself.

Once it has done that, it is irrelevant how it makes the world feel….of course we are happy, the art makes others happy….

But I’m not sure we are so terribly bothered if the art offended a government employee or two because they will never “Get it”….

Fuel put up a big statement at the Bombed out Church that read: “Imagine what a human being can accomplish if he does not ask for permission.” and my genuine response was , “Can’t imagine any artist ever asking for permission!” Love ^YU

Love the  Laser Technology Wall Writing!

Team Robbo + Crew (c) Yu, London, 2012

I couldn’t tell you if I ever met P183 because it was very crowded at the Red Gallery Exhibition in London last year and I was so into the art for my own artistic journey, I met no one…okay except for about 3 sec when Kel1st interrupted my train of thoughts …

It was terribly crowded, there was barely enough space to see the art. There was so much going on…

There were a lot of big names there…most of the artists in the Team Rex exhibition showed up. If I failed to know who anybody is that is because that is normal for me and no disrespect to anyone intended.

Anyway, I am sad to hear another 29 years old “Born with it” passed away. I am reminded of the quiet melancholy my Great uncle expressed whenever he talked about Bruce Lee, publicly and privately.


RIP Pasha P183….not exactly sure if you were physically with us in the Red gallery Team Rex show last year in London..if you were you probably also enjoyed one hell of a party! 🙂

…your art was with us  and that is the  most important thing!…..I am sorry to hear the news. I was too focussed on NL2B (acronym for “Nothing Left2Burn” 2013. …and it was an oversight on my part. love  to your family. Sorry.

A great loss to the art world. RIP.xxoo. Team Robbo and Yu.

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