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(CC) does Protest Barbie@ Altered Barbie Art Exhibition, San Francisco, USA

I was delighted to support Altered Barbie, when her curator Julie Andersen approached me with the idea. I had seen it years ago and thought the images were very interesting and liberating.

So it is with great pleasure that I put in the following work:

1) Capital Hill Barbie: ” Don’t mess with Mr.Bill of rights…if you don’t want Capitol Barbie to call her friends. XXOO”

This  work is done with the context of my friend Annabel Pak’s Coffee Party USA in mind.  For the details please see my blog:

2) East-West fusion Barbie: “Hating me won’t make you pretty.”

This is a fusion work, partly in support of WHOF, for the work they do in terms of suicide prevention and councilling online and also because it is something that I have been thinking of for a long time since the tragic death of Asia’s megastar Mr. Leslie Cheung. I celebrate Mr. Cheung’s courage to announce he was Bisexual to all of Asia, at the height of his career as a multi-plantinum selling recording artist, winner of the Palm d’ors  and the most celebrated Icon of Modern chinese culture, in music & acting. His tragic suicide was a great loss to the arts world. RIP Leslie Cheung.

What is Altered Barbie Art Show?

The Altered Barbie Exhibition is about people coming together to transform these relatable and relevant icons into not so everyday art, reflecting our current society.  Making art from Barbie and Ken creates dialogue and community where there is none. The Altered Barbie Exhibition is a local creative re-use art show.  Ken and Barbie, modern day icons, permeate every corner of our culture.

Warning: The art is not only inspirational but forces the viewer and creator to think about Barbie, how she has impacted our society as an icon & marketing toy in ways we have never thought about before.  It is a show which  guarantees to be uplifting, controversial, making you smile all at the same time.  Visit us and support this amazing show and artist group while possibly being inspired to create your own Altered Art!

For more information about Altered Barbie Art Exhibition:

4 comments on “(CC) does Protest Barbie@ Altered Barbie Art Exhibition, San Francisco, USA

  1. Katykh
    November 7, 2011

    If you could e-mail me with a number tips on just how you made your page seem this exceptional, I would be indebted.

    Before I go, let me thank you for your patience with my English as (I am certain you have figured this by now,), English is not my primary tongue thus I am utilizing Google Translate to figure out what to enter what I truly mean to say.


  2. Anonymous
    September 29, 2011

    How best could I display my artwork on a craft stall?


    • ceciliawyu
      October 3, 2011

      Ising341, I wish I could help you but Altered Barbie is not a craft stall, it is a professional curated Art exhibition and it has been going for many years in San Francisco. It makes a lot of interesting statements about Barbie’s image in the world. Mattel tried to sue and they won costing $1.5mil in damages.


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