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Art begins… any age! #artistlife

Yesterday I came across a local Artist by the name of Margaret C. I found her story humbling so I am sharing it. Her exhibition was in the back gallery of my art supplier. When I looked into the room, 83 yrs old Margaret ran towards me with sparkling eyes, wanting to talk about Art. I laughed on the inside because she was so different from the professional artist Im used to the world over; she did not have that slight “aloofness” that protect us all from the hurtful philistines and some piranhas from the 5 rings circuit that is the International calibre Art Dealers’ world. 😎

So recognising me as a fellow Artist, Margaret explained that she was 55 when she was admitted into a prestigious Art school, after more than several rejections. She said the exhibition I saw was her first City exhibition. She then asked me to give her some ideas and pointers! Not wishing to speak out of turn at someone else’s Art exhibition, I took her aside for a quiet chat.

I explained that,” From my experience, the most important thing is not whether you make National or International calibre. Our job as an artist, is to do everything possible to take care that we transmit the energy and the living #experience of the #art in the purest form as we can muster; the rest will take care of itself.”

By the time I finished my sentence, I realised the owner of the Art shop, his staff and Margaret’s granddaughter had gathered. I felt awkwardly like I was caught in an impromptu artist talk! 😇 Exactly what I wanted to avoid…

I evaded further questions except the owner asked me,” We haven’t seen you here for ages? What have you been doing artwise?”

I found myself saying quietly,” Hmm..hmm..I published an Art sketch of mine in an academic journal in Kyiv because of the Nobel Peace Prize 2022..during Joe Biden’s secret visit…..”

They all looked at me with big eyes! Awkward..I excused myself as I was on my way to the vintage record store….

Margaret hugged me warmly at the exit and said,” I will do my best to do as you suggest. If we never meet again, I am so happy I did this Art exhibition because I got to meet and get art tips from you!!!!”

This was so humbling for me because she told me (a complete stranger) of the sexism and snobbery she had to face starting so late at an elite Art institution!

I was born into the Art world,  my first lesson was at 2yrs old, like my Art Partner Graffiti Grandmaster NYC Kel1st was discovered at 9yrs old as an Art prodigy etc. Margaret said she would love to be us so she could have More TIME with her Art! 

I felt like saying,” No. It would be so nice to be you right at THIS moment at your first Real art exhibition, ever!” 😇 But I didn’t. I gave her a Kel1st and Yu 余 Art card and suggested she tried a few places to further exhibit.

Anyway, Margaret made me think of the words of  Oscar-winner and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador #MichelleYeoh ,” Ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that you are past your prime…..Never give up!” ❤️


3 comments on “Art begins… any age! #artistlife

  1. Fairy Qu33n
    April 25, 2023

    Yes art can start at any age but sometimes if the environment is hostile it can even fade away. I live in an Italian country where the most important thing is wine. I lead a very bad life and slowly my imagination almost faded away. I live among people who don’t value art and I feel more and more isolated and not considered by these people. So what’s the point of continuing to insist? I also had an art blog but nobody read it and so I deleted it. I wrote what I felt when I created things. But now it’s all over.


    • ceciliawyu
      April 25, 2023

      My dear, PLEASE understand: The Result of the Art Energy is the ARTIST.

      Wine is lovely in small doses!

      I didn’t stop my Visual Art 365 blog…All 3 of us got too busy…doing Creative things in the REAL world and I got too busy exhibiting Worldwide so….

      😎 Don’t assume. Just ASK! Xo C


    April 1, 2023

    Hello Cecilia madam….

    Fabulous post…my website is

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