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What is it about Walk-in Wardrobes?

It really entertained me that so many are going on about a Walk-in wardrobe. I don’t know what it symbolises to the world but I have my own theories about it.

Starting with, this is the one I’ve got at the moment, it is fairly simple, in an old house converted from what I suppose would be the old nursery room in Edwardian times or something.. I love the stainglass windows that goes all the way up the high ceiling. But I haven’t had time to decide on the wall decoration..I know its been over a year, but I ‘ve been very very busy.

However looking at other designs for the walk-in wardrobe is making me re-think the “theme”….Lets see…maybe just change the Chair to a Sofa, MORE mirrors and add a Kitten? hahaha…..jus t kidding, you can’t see it here but I’ve put in more  Art on the right wall.

There is the White Scandinavian version…Elegant walk-in wardrobe. The same shelves as the one I’ve got now.

I like this is simple & uncomplicated…and I can easily convert the one I have into this colour scheme…maybe..

A more modest one like mine, but with more Masculine Monochromatic decor…

Or a more Oak-like woody theme….I love the wooden ladder, it give it a library book-ish feeling…

But I think this combo of monochrome and wood is very neat and has the same effect without the clutter …

But perhaps the above is a little too Boutique-like and there is nothing wrong with a touch of Bohemian chic? Let’s lose the Poodle though..I don’t think its my anti-snob thing towards BCBG…but bon gens usually aren’t that “bon”….:)

I like the wallpaper on the ceiling that gives the thing a very luxurious Persian aesthetic while still keeping things tidy and ordered…it is a great use of space under the roof…

I like the concept of the pictures but in the usual guardian is far too “bippity-bourgeois boredom”…..But do-erable if you can infuse REAL ART into it….I find it a little  gloomy & bloodless….just like the Guardian newspaper that it was featured in..yes I know all that reference to antique lace but I’m not really into Pilgrims and Puritans…Protestant trendiness grates on my Catholic upbringing…oh no, I’m being a walk-in wardrobe Sectarian ! Hahaha.

Similarly, while this was seen in some of the best boutiques in L.A, I find it too “bling”. A bit Desperate Housewife of Orange County….I think it needs a color scheme change….and less french derivative touches….otherwise lovely spatial planning! Kudos for that!

This Prada, Armani…all the way down to Gap Glass Minimalism is very slick, but again, it is too cold for my taste. However I can see why if you have a very busy life, this would be ideal as long as there is someone to tidy it up for you! A glass walk-in wardrobe is my idea of a nightmare because it will never be THIS Tidy for me!

This one is my favorite so far if I had to convert my humble walk-in into this Stylish statement…it reminds me of New York, Berlin, Melbourne and strangely enough…old Greek island nostalgia….I think it is a Thinking woman’s walk-in wardrobe and I love the East-West fusion that the oriental styled drawers lend to the overall ambience. But like the picture above…lose the poodle and lose that hideously repressed boring dress….try something in hand-embroidered silk …beige is so drab…..I know…I sound like Aunty Mame, but I’ve always LOVED that classic movie and she had an amazing Walk-in wardrobe..I think it was the 3rd floor! 🙂

I think I finally worked out why walk-in wardrobe feels so precious…it reminds all of us of a time in our lives when we can just relax, spend hours getting dressed, do those little grooming habits that we all enjoy doing alone….its a momentary escape into our own little world….a bit of solitude just before you leave the house into a mad, mad world.

8 comments on “What is it about Walk-in Wardrobes?

  1. I love the sloping ceiling walkin wardrobe room. My other message was gone.


    • ceciliawyu
      June 25, 2012

      Hey d. Thanks. No all messages are here. I just did not have time to review them fast enough. Thanks for your patience and your biz card here.:-)


  2. recOveryhealth
    June 4, 2012

    very nice pic, collection and look. i love these.


  3. Niels Nielsen
    June 3, 2012

    You would have to hire a service monkey to keep it tidy!!!

    from Cecilia: indeed. Robot service monkey, thanx! 🙂


  4. Yasmin Cruz
    June 3, 2012

    love them all..xoxo


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