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(Updated 18/3/12) Green Pets : Eco-Toilet training Haymitch the kitty-cat!

Day 75:

Haymitch’s procress into complete Toilet training continues to be slow. He does not like water and kitty litter combo. When forced to use water/kitty litter, he turns into a horror…then when he is told off for his temper tantrums…he goes away somewhere to hide and sulk….usually he would just sit and sulk until he put on his favorite movie…ironically Roman POlanski’s “Cat people” ( he is very fixated on watching the black panther!)

cat watching tv

Unfortunately we had to go easy on scolding him because last time he got a major telling off, he ended up hiding and sulking in the Washing machine! OMG! He refused to come out until I reached in and grabbed him. We ended up evicting him by physical force (really really needed to do a load of washing at that point!) and have the scratches to show for it!

cat in washing machine

Thereafter, I tried to slowly reduce the amount of kitty litter he gets to “mess with”….and this was his response! I believe this is a very creative use of toilet paper for a cat, however it is not very environmentally friendly! Lol.

cat toilet

Day 15:

Dear Lady visiting my studio in church….:)

I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you about kitty’s training pot…..I understand why you screeched when you walked into the toilet with a “OH! YUCK! WHAT is that????????”

I’m at a delicate phase where kitty Has to understand that WATER is his friend and he just need to aim accurately! I will make sure I send you the link to this blog so that you understand the process.

I know you are not a “cat person”……:) Please come by again for tea when I will make sure Kitty is settled in the new place we will move to with a new loo and be sooo happy after his balls off that he is no longer doing “clingy cat” where he trashes everything if left on his own for more than a few hours! Oh dear! He is improving in his toilet training and regressing in his clinginess…why?

Do you think he needs a cat psychologist for his “seperation anxieties”? 🙂

Day 13 and 14 Status normal. Cat uses the loo to do no.1 and no.2 but still resist the water and prefers Kitty Litter…


Day 11: I took a break…cat regressed so it took x3 as long and one step backwards to get him to do the right thing. I had to hold his potty and cheered him on the whole time to make him just get on with it. Stupid kitty! 😛 But I have to keep going and give him his treat after. Lol.


Day 10: I need a break from kitty toilet training so I let him use his old potty and hang out with his pals…the bunnies…

Thought I will try to get him to walk with a leash… take him to the park….lol. Cat just laid on his side in Gandhi style Satyagraha protest!!! Will start potty training again tomorrow…


Day 9: It is all going well. Kittycat is switching between home loo and art studio loo to get him used to travel. I started to take him along with me but did not want to risk taking him to the park today because he is such a chicken….he won’t walk on the ground on a leash if you put him on the floor. Definitely not an outdoor kitten. Hopeless little thing….:) But he is doing so well with toilet training I am adding water to get him used to his kitty litter being wet and keeping the small cup so he gets used to it. Just have to keep going until he is used to it.


Day 8: Kitty cat got a fright because I was sick all lastnight from food poisoning….so did a perfect no.2 to be a good boy! So it is time to introduce WATER to his kitty litter mix….wish me luck….he seems to try to drink from it! Yew! That’s really not Kosher, CAT!!!! STOP!!!!!


Day 7: Kitty Cat’s idea of showing how sick he is of learning a new trick is to Scratch the hell out of me along my middle finger! It hurts! So we are not on speaking terms at the moment !!!!!!! 


Day 6 The eagle has landed! Kitty cat does his first “mission” INSIDE the toilet bowl! Wooo!!!!! You all thought no cat will land on the moon or flush his own loo!!!!


Day 5 All these people kept laughing and saying ,”No way!!!! Your cat won:t do it on the loo!”

Behold!!!!!! Cat doing it!!!! Just have to teach him to be less messy !!!!! 🙂

We are leaving a newspaper for him to read! Lol.


DAY 4 Vet was sick. Balls off cancelled for 2 weeks ….kitty decides….lets forget about everything….lol.


DAY 3 No.1 in Phase 1 is working wonderfully! BUt not sure about NO.2…since Haymitch is due to get his little fluffy balls off tomorrow at the VET…he has been left to hang out with the Bunnies at HOme today so no 30mins regular session of putting him on the Loo until AFTER he comes back from VET hospital! He is staying overnight.

DAY 2 Good BOY!!!!What a clever good cap. Kitty Haymitch is…..he did his first no.1 so quietly and buried it so neatly that I did not know he did as he was told until hours later! So I gave him a fresh piece of chicken as a reward !!!!!


20mins later…BAD BOY!! Haymitch the eager Capricorn kitten decided to try for an over-achieving no.2…..MADE A HUGE MESS!!!!!….then ran off to chase a fly!….then came back 30mins later wondering why he did not get a new chicken treat for his 2nd effort!!!! Oh cos you were stupid and made a huge mess of things…kittycat?????? Lol.


Day 1 : Potty Training for Kitty!

This is what I am Aiming for! A cat that cat pee/poo into the toilet and Flush! All this is suppose to reduce the use of Kitty Litter and make my Pet more Green and his no.1 and 2 more Bio-degradable! Plus there is the added bonus that he will be more welcomed by Hotels if I can show them he can flush his own loo!

This is How I am suppose to do it! Lets hope it works! My Cat is suppose to magically learn if I follow all these instructions. Starting with buying him a Child Potty training seat and putting a tupperware full of kitty litter in the middle!

Step 1: I set it all up like they taught me in the video…and spent an hour showing the kitten where the new litter tray is. He is annoying! :p Argh! I don’t think he freaking understands…he keeps looking at me like,”What the hell do you want from me? What is this crap? Where is my NORMAL potty?”


He just does not “get” it!!!!!!!!! Then he decided to just sit on the sink in protest until I stop making him sit on the “loo”! I gave up about 45mins and a few more photos and left him in there “alone” to think it over!!


45mins later: Cat is completely IRATE and Howling at me while trashing the bathroom. He started pushing and shoving the Kitty Litter in a tantrum and has been swinging up against the door holding onto the door knob! I am not deterred by this as if he can kick up a fuss throwing Kitty litter he is one step closer to Mission completion!

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