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Kel1st and Yu Florence, Italy: Art Masterclass Week 1 updates


From time to time as we progress along this 1 month plus art masterclass, I would like to release small snippets of e-correspondence by Kel1st and Yu. The fact is that we were very generously sponsored for this incredible experience but because of personal obligations, Kel1st cannot fully attend the month-long Masterclass, so we made arrangements to keep him updated via modern virtual technology. But personally, I enjoy seeing bits of correspondence, the old fashion way! It saves anyone from needing to spy or hack because you can just click on here and it is open sourced, peeps! 🙂

Week 1, Florence, Italy:


So Kel1st,

Get this!!!!!

L. just got  to go see the holy shroud of turin  today and ended up having a private audience to their archive movies!

Omg. I am not That Catholic….but am strangely impressed ….even as a mystery of esoteric nature….but I am slightly scared by it……catholic holy relic stuff…creepy if they are not real and too much to take in if they are…

But she says she is going so she can ask for healings for everyone around the world who has illness….its a pilgrimage she wanted to do…That is ….kinda special….

She says she will email u after turin just to say hi!

So what’s florence like?

I got sick and puked so mostly saw the details of the room the first day ..

It is x2 suites with an ancient old wooden carved  door and embroideries on the walls, that opens and the x2 walk in wardrobes and bathrooms become one dressing corridor…and the x2 mirrors turn into x2 tvs (while still being mirrors)!

But the main room has each  a giant x22 armed murano handblown glass chandeliers and 17th century sketches and the ceiling is covered in wood panelled “fluer de lis” motifs in florentine muted orange, armani teal green and greyish blue…..white accent…..

The velvets over the canopy is a magenta papal purple…it I is the same color on as “purple emperor robes” from roman times….

They kept all the Royal palace motif of the building…..

….the wall …paintings and mirrors and the carpet and drapes also have the “fluer de lis” which was because the Medici also sat on the thrones of france.

There is a lot of art history here and I found it ironic that the Machiavelli institute has tai chi classes, that is like asking Darth Vader to do Yoga!

In the morning a team of cleaners and maids come in with the butler on duty to do the x2 suites …and we have breakfast at the room with a Giant gold murano glass chandelier drinking blood orange juice from crystal classes and paper thin porcelains in light lime green with gold gildings…. and just when the world thinks I am too immersed in antiquities art….

Oh!…. just outside my window …by the river….2 bridge down from ponte vecchio…..someone had done a graffiti thing just above the river line….large enough so I can see it from far away…

Oddly enough in orange, lime green and navy blue with white and black accent..which means from a distance…from inside the suite ….it blends with the interrior of the fluer de lis ceiling…

I think you will complain about the lettering or something…but from afar….I am not about to be a Wild Style Graffiti art critic, so early in the morning! 🙂

Inside…outside…colors are one continuum…….

Today I saw the Vasari ceiling in the duomo in details….it is the same “golden” color as what we used for your “Kel” art thing…


I forgot the shade until I realised today I used the same….see jpg.

Will email regular updates…art related only to keep all of us sane and grounded amidst the gold florentine art extravagance…!

I know you have loads of projects going on apart from Kel1st and Yu art stuff…and so do I with my African and UN projects, but it keeps us all sane as artists to keep an art focus …will try to slow down and watch the paint dry! lol.



P.S Yes, of course I bought a pair of shoes. 🙂 as if!

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