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Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox! #2021 #CNY2021 #新年快樂 #體壯如牛

#kel1st #yu #余 “….the illusion of time…” #2020 #新年快樂 祝您體壯如牛!

Oh I forgot! This is going up in space via the Asgardia space nation. I forgot to download the Citizenship of Space Nation Certificate Kel1st and Yu received! Oh well, given UAE just went to Mars yesterday, first Arab nation to get to Mars, I think it is fabulous that Asgardia gave us citizenship way back in 2019! I just forgot because so much happened and we were thrilled to get the SDG Certificate from Nisantasi University so, the Asgardia citizenship slipped my mind until recently!

Well, better late than never! Yay! I forgot to renew my Communist China HK(SAR) passport (8 years ago, around the time Xi got too noisy with his yokel ways!) and Hong Kong (SAR) led by a dictator-collaborator Carrie Lam, just cancelled my BNO and Britain up-graded that one to a Path to Immigration stuff, so hey, now I just gained a Space Nation Citizenship, so that all worked out! 🙂 Fear not, Hong Kong, Britain and Space will probably still let me show up AND I’m too put off by Xi’s China to visit there again anytime in the foreseeable future! So such is life! I hope things change soon so that one of these days I can be a REAL China passport holder again! Maybe Taiwan will hand one over, just for a laugh, though I would prefer it if Singapore did (more Yummy Cantonese street food! lol. )

Asgardia just have to hand me a passport and the Balance in the Universe will be restored! 🙂

Happy Chinese, Tibetan, Nepalese and Far Eastern New Year of the Ox!

2 comments on “Happy Chinese New Year of the Ox! #2021 #CNY2021 #新年快樂 #體壯如牛

  1. venusinny
    February 13, 2021

    Dear Cecilia … How are you surviving the pandemic ? Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy, safe and happy Valentine’s Day

    Remembering our friendship and your enthusiastic energy …

    Peace and love,


    On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 5:44 AM Sustain-Able 余 : ♥ wrote:

    > ceciliawyu posted: ” #kel1st #yu #余 “So much drama, so little time…” > #2020 “It was a Shit show..” #injoke [image: 🤣] © + > 2021 ” >


    • ceciliawyu
      February 13, 2021

      Dear Vina, Happy Lhosar to all our Tibetan, Nepalese and Mongolian members! I am very happy to hear from you. Please feel free to skype me anytime so we can catch up! I hope you are okay in NYC. UN lobby must be so much nicer now without …”The orange problem” 🙂 I wish everyone a great year in NYC! 🙂


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