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A stupid thing I did high up in the #Himalayas! #Anapurna #Adventures #Nepal

When I saw this photo of Sherap Sherpa reminded me of one of the most stupid and dangerous thing I ever did in my life….up in Annapurna with only my guide and my porter..

I sprained my ankles on the 8th day and had to be negotiated as a human cargo on a horse back down the Himalayas. By day 10 my bum was so sore that I decided it would be less pain to cross this bridge this way than to get off and have to get back on again!!!! It caused a spectacle.

This photo was sent to me by a tourist when I got home. She wanted to see if I made it home alive! The smile on my face is a result of aspirins mixed with high altitude therefore lack of oxygen to my brain.

I remember someone shouting Smile…so I did! Lol. That was my excuse but I do not know what a Sherpa’s excuse is…as he does not suffer from attitude sickness…it is a genetic gift from god that he doesnt get it and I will…everytime!!!!

Anyway…next time I go…I am just going to sit in a Jeep up to Basecamp Everest….as No way will I do this again!!!!!!

P.S Sherap…your iron horse is heavier than my cargo pony…..YOU WIN on Danger level!!!!! I win on stupidity!!! 😂

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