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True Blood! Kill “IKEA ” Eric -Go back to Black!

  Bodil: Well since Eric Northman has gone all mushy and soft man on us -the  standard product of strong empowered female Scandinavian loins, we might see  some action as Sookie can relax and let down her defences, but we’ll need to get  the old sociopathic vampire back at some point. If nothing else, for tv ratings  sake. Can’t have them traipse happily into the sunset, horny Southern state female  and her model Scandinavian “I’ll do the dishes and laundry” hunk in this plotline.  No reality needed, thank you.

Mark: Have you read the books ?this series seems to be following faithfully!

Cecilia: ‎@Mark..I read all the books….but I think in typical american tv fashion they are ignoring the bisexuality of Eric Northman…and glossed over the fact that Bill is committing mega-incest! 🙂

I totally agree Bodil. I wrote this last night! Why the hell would I want to watch Eric Northman behave like yet another Blonde Ikea furniture using Swede? What? Have we both not suffered enough of this type of knee-jerk Scandinavian blokes  in our lives? Next thing you know he is going to be out “buying Sookie’s Tampons” at the local supermarket carrying a Blonde baby on his back! Oh give me a break! I want Blood & Vampire killing….not REAL LIFE! Duh!! Yeah bring back the Sociopath! It was the only bearable thing about THAT swede! lol.

Mark: Pam is my potential wife so I am with you all the way on the eye candy….

Cecilia: But Mark, she has lost her looks already! I quite agree with you, I’d go Bisexual for Pam!:)

Mark: In the books Pam is more like a housewife from Mad Men-but anyway I still think she’s the hottest!

Cecilia: In the book she was shagging Eric for 100 yrs but here…they made her lesbian…I don’t get that…..

Mark: Yeah but he’s a 1000 yrs old and the say the vamps get bored quite quickly of their makers!

Bodil: Even for this show, having Sookie make eye’s at another woman’s man would apparently be too much for the core American audiences morals?

Cecilia: I know…their “puritan” morality is ruining our viewing pleasures…and there’s not enough blood bath this year …so far!

Mark: Nah – its HBO anything goes only 2 % subscribe ie NY SF and LA maybeChicago

Cecilia: But Mark….Eric shagged Godric a lot…for a couple hundred years! So he is definitely a double -adaptor! And what’s wrong with that ? It is 2011 now…not 1011! Actually even in 1011, this kind of thing was more acceptable than 2011 America? Please!!!!

Bodil: Ought to. I know a good few Americans who would be mortified. -and then some laid back Californian types who wouldn’t 🙂

No wood in this basement! Wrong!

Bring back Nudity!

Cecilia: Serious? I think in our universe…this is just soooo…”not shocking”!…not in the least!

Bodil: Just let’s get good old evil Eric back to wreak some havoc, and I’m happy.

Mark: And Pam being the top vamp

Bodil: He’ll break out his Bugaboo baby trolley and start making oatmeal breakfasts at the rate it’s currently going..

Cecilia: Bodil, you are making me ill & still putting me off Scandinavian men..again!

Bodil:  Sorry, just stating the cold facts here.

Cecilia :Cold indeed….and that Eric was not exactly Mr Warmth & Personality at the best of his sociopathy…so you know…lol.

Bodil: Am now up to date. Emo love!?! This is turning into twilight! Aaaargh! -and change back to the old wardrobe and bloodshed already. Good thing we have some ma/patricide and Pam to balance things out, even if she has lost her good looks. Baby trolley is looming large..

Cecilia: I KNOW! This Emo….sulking depressed Scandinavian bloke thing! I’m like.What? I can go anywhere in the middle of winter and find one of those hanging around sulking about nothing! What they need is a good dose of light therapy paid for by their government…cos honestly….what Eric North-man needs is a good blood-bath…not this sitting in an Ikea furniture basement, having some sort of mid-life crisis about his “maker” and “boohoo, never playing in sunshine!” and wearing so much oversized American Beige clothing!

Pam unravels!

Bodil: As I said: Twilight! actually it’s worse: it’s the Americanized idea of modern IKEA chic haunting that basement. I deplore those oversize surfer shorts, here wardrobe needs to take a clue from Hank in Californication, or go straght back to the black fitted jeans of previous episodes 😉

Cecilia: The trouble is unless they have a proper tan, most Scandinavian guys are too ashy & pale to wear black leather. They look like vampires…Ooooh, that’s the idea!  He just looks like a stupid Swedish jock sent on an exchange program to Minnesota or something and trying to do “laid back” when in fact…since when have any of those Blondes ever been that “relaxed “? After their beers? Hahahahaha.  NOPE!They are kinda “shouty” and wind up singing stupid drinking songs….the Research is just all, Wrong, wrong ,wrong…True Blood!

Bodil:  Actually, if he was doing proper laid back Swedish guy, in his own house in the woods, there’s a good chance he’d be in a terry bathrobe or be naked, and not be one bit bothered about it 😉

Cecilia : Yeah. stark naked, and possibly shooting at a May pole with his buddies 4 hrs in the woods outside during mid-summer…oh god, lets not go there! 😛 …run, run, run for the hills!

Bodil:…. and that basement would be lined with quality wood walls

Emo Eric! Zzzzzzzzzzz

Cecilia: …that he chopped himself stark naked! hahahahahaha. btw. you forgot the obligatory swedish flag….

Bodil : Actually the “game” would be croquet, king game or petanque as far as the games go -been there 😉 Flag goes in the yard!

Cecilia: Yes, I forgot about that stupid game….yes stark naked, playing croquet only wearing a Cravat if the twat is from  Uppsala! The Flag would be up against the wall in the basement, if he stole it!

Bodil: Nah, that’s an American thing. You can get the flag at IKEA, and you’d fly it from a white pole in the yard.

Cecilia: No. they steal them too…stark naked of course, while stealing! 🙂 I was given a giant size one  when I left Sweden! He stole it somewhere….don’t ask! I will never tell….oh, I just did! Oops.

Wow, wonder if the script writer of True blood will read this and work that into the next plotline for Season 5? Lol.

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    • ceciliawyu
      November 29, 2011

      thank you. yes sometimes pictures go missing and then come back …I have no idea why….but will have to see what wordpress does to fix this in IE.


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    • ceciliawyu
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      Sorry, I just saw this Szabo. I have no idea….its just workpress or something? I think the trick is not to have your image in too high a resolution….Thank you for liking the blog, its just for fun! cheers C


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