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WAT!?! England, How can a MINI-SKIRT be shocking in 2012? YOU INVENTED IT!

The world is going Puritanically crazy again, if I have to blog twice in 3 days about social sexual repression and personal issues projected outwards to others!

Get this, in 2012, in Brighton, I got told by x4 old ladies in a local cafe that my Skirt was Too Short!

Yes, here I was just hanging out with my Brazillian Friend in the beautiful sunshine, going into a cafe to order a coffee to wait for her to finish her shopping, when an old lady said, “Excuse me, I don’t know if you notice but your skirt is really short and we can almost see your bottom when you walk past!”

Then from another table, another x2 ladies said,”Yes, we noticed it too.”

I said , rather amused,”Well, its okay, I have a tan and I’m wearing a bikini underneath.”

The old lady then said,”Well, you can go and buy some leggings to cover up in the shops. That’s what you should do.”

She was not being unkind but by this time I was really shocked because didn’t her generation invented the Mini-skirt?

Some woman called Mary Quant made it  high couture?

So again I said,”No, I’m okay with it. Thanks. Its a cute skirt.”

The remaining x3 chimed in,”Okay, now, you just remember it gets windy AND don’t bend over.”

I had to laugh it off. Afterall, it was all too weird that the world has gone into just a strange cycle, the Shocking mini-skirt, which is no longer shocking in Asia (when it once was the absolute height of “sluttiness”) had made a full circle and magically became shocking to the very generation  (who are all now aging in Britain) who popularised it.

It made me think,”Wow, if we are not careful, in our old age we will probably adopt the conservative prejudices of our parents generation! I must be vigilant. “

I am willing to bet my money that the old lady was repeating what the old ladies in her generation (when she was WEARING aforementioned “too short skirt where you can nearly see your bottom”) said to her!

Which makes me wonder, why would those repressed, horrible Femi-Nazies of my generation and younger, advocate covering up naked Greek Statues with their hideous unartistic, Troglodytic home-knitting ?

Maybe when they were young and not middle-aged , having mid-life crisis about motherhood, wivedom, singledom etc…somewhere in there they got a terrible message that they should be ashamed of wearing a short skirt?

I don’t know. I love the mini-skirt because it is just such a wonderful symbol of Post-modern Feminine empowerment.

I guess if you feel a little bit powerless in the world, you start repeating stupid crap that was internalised.

But maybe your job is not to go online amassing other equally insecure and unhappy women to play fashion police to other happy, confident, successful, empowered and modern women they should feel bad about NOT feeling bad about being 100% INTO their own aerobicised, tanned and happy rearend!

Maybe the way to happiness is to be able to just say,”Stuff it, I really like me in a mini-skirt because damn it, I look great because I’m expressing my creative energy in something else other than talking about popping out babies, going on about his overtime or why I’m offended by this or that in the world. I’m just having the time of my life and I want to sashay in a mini-skirt today in the sun!”

Anyway, this is not a serious blog. I had a wonderful coffee with my friend. She is like a waitor magnate because most of the waitors are of Italian descent and they giggle in Italian together, while I just smile blankly and repeat “Gracie…Prego….Gracie…” whenever they move coffee, food, extra minty chocolates and other items around me.

People should spend more time Chasing their own La Dolce Vita and less time fashion or art policing other people’s lives.

Because when my friend and I walked home, we are still humming “Non, je ne regrette rien” and other Edith Piaf songs, swinging our mini-skirts in the sun! 🙂

Ciao! XXX

A picture of my “shocking” black mini-skirt! 🙂

8 comments on “WAT!?! England, How can a MINI-SKIRT be shocking in 2012? YOU INVENTED IT!

  1. delabole
    February 18, 2018

    Some people just can’t mind their own business. That white mini-dress looks gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceciliawyu
      February 18, 2018

      I know. Very true. But believe it or not….this article was quoted to Grace Mugabe’s Zimbabwe intranet where her fans decided that miniskirt was as bad as the feminist unchristian sin of women wearing trousers. I had to go in there and shout at them for being a disgrace to all womenkind and told them to stop quoting my article about miniskirts as nearly all of Brighton under the age of 60 wear miniskirts at some point in their lives! 😂😂😂


      • delabole
        February 18, 2018

        … and quite a few over 60s, too, I hope. I really hope that the freedoms we all gained in the 1960s are not being abandoned to a new age of puritan miserabilism!


      • ceciliawyu
        February 20, 2018

        Well….I hope so too. But there are some miserable morons out there constantly trying to tell women what we can or cannot wear! Hmm.
        Thanks for your comments! 🙂


      • delabole
        February 20, 2018

        Women’s freedom is men’s freedom, too!


      • ceciliawyu
        March 9, 2018

        Absolutely! Happy International Women Day! Rock your miniskirt at any age, what we wear is no one’s business but our own! xxoo


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    October 22, 2012

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  3. Beware of fake Nokia!
    September 28, 2012

    Great site i really enjoy reading
    Would you like to blog this?

    From Cecilia: Honestly….it is Advertising…if you want the TRUTH of any level of verifiable reality….try reading the Encyclopeadia Britannica! hahhahaa. That’s what my uncle made me do when I was in primary school……hahahaha. So I started 4th grade, he goes out and buys the entire series of EB…they were really nice and came beautifully leather bound with yearly updates! Brilliant!

    P.S Of course, I’m not blogging this! That would be giving Nokia advertising by giving them negative press…Only complete idiots the like femi-nazies I talked about give Free advertising to brands by going on and on about it…very low IQ…why do they think Irritating commercials exist? So people will get irritated and talk about it! hahaha.


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