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Iprotest, London 2012, Launch Party Chelsea: 27 Oct 2011

What is Iprotest? *** We are a non-profit organisation, made up of people from all over the world who loves Freedom of Expression and the Arts.

We are here to inspire, mentor & empower Individuals in an optimistic, creative & peaceful way. This will be an event which will encourage artists across all genres that feel they have no voice at the present time. It will be a great building point to grow the venture and charity.

iProtest will regenerate Culture and bring Protest to a more art based, cohesive and cultured society that moves forward in the right direction, in a Constructive way by:

* Bridging & breaking down existing creative cultural barriers & priorities the role of Trans-cultural fusion art as a tool for global co-operation & peace.

* Pushing the  boundaries of art/culture through our events/mentorship programmes as a tool for freedom of creative expressions in a peaceful way.

* Letting the different generations (across all ages) of creative come together & feed from one another’s creative experiences/journeys so that the result will manifest in the depths & quality of the arts produced.

* Inspiring more productive & positive channels for expressing oneself for all individuals, using non-violent, creative means.

* Exhibiting  individual messages of protest through art/culture, in a sustainable, accessible, enjoyable & innovative way.

Who can be a part of Iprotest?  ****Anyone, with an interesting artistic idea & can execute it to completion!

Iprotest is about the Self, it is about individuality, it is about creation in its purest form, through the love of art in all forms, be it, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, fashion name it, it will be present within the planned exhibition. Exhibiting artists should look for no payment, as this will be a charity event. Iprotest is a grassroots art and music festival. It will be a weekend festival for London 2012. The topic as the title suggests is protest based on Freedom of Creative Expression! What you protest depends upon the limits of your imaginations. Iprotest organizers would like to see a fusing of art and music that is unrecognizable to the mainstream. We would like to see the dawning of a New Age in Fusion Movement, via the very concepts of Cyber-Punk, spanning the Globe, creative Trans-cultural East-west fusions. No political stances will be held in the execution of all ideas. Iprotest is ALL about transcending politics. The arts will do the talking in a non-partisan way, decided by the artists as INDIVIDUALS. Topics can be anything ranging from anti-war, environmental issues, anti-cuts…, to art pieces that have a more quirky nature, protest art is far from being all doom and gloom. It is creative, optimistic & innovative!

When & Where is it going to be? **** Secret location ( to be announced) London 2012, just before the London Olympics! The venue is quite big, approximately 5000 sqm2. 

The location will be announced in 2012. It is in Zone 1 London, and will be a Counter-culture Arts/Culture Weekend just before the London 2012 Olympics.

How can I help? **** Be who you are and we trust you will do what you are really good at! Talk to us about any ideas you’d like to do.

Contact us and let us know what you can do. Everyone is doing this on a voluntary basis because we believe in Freedom of Expression and the Peaceful expression of Protest.

We would love to hear your great ideas! A lot of what we are doing is by word-of-mouth and we already have many professional, upcoming & amateur artists & arts professional as part of our iProtest exhibitions for London 2012. We would love to hear from you.

******Please spread the word for us and let your friends know!

We had our launch on the 27 Oct 2011 in Chelsea with a small gathering of people interested in Iprotest. It was our way of celebrating getting the Venue and just because we all needed a good party to be creative! 🙂

Get in touch here if you are interested!

One comment on “Iprotest, London 2012, Launch Party Chelsea: 27 Oct 2011

  1. Olvie
    March 20, 2012

    I believe that you need to write extra on this matter Iprotest, London 2012, Launch Party Chelsea. It might not be a taboo subject where I am from now however there are not sufficient to speak on such topics. It needs to be said.

    From Cecilia: Thank you very much. I understand your sentiment. My friends from Turkey are very progressive and understands that balance between Traditional values & the need for Creative free speech. I think you are right. love Cecilia


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