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Seriously..Nuns sketching Nude outrage? Did the Art Inquisitors visit while I was asleep? lol.

I woke up this morning and someone clearly very upset on a deep Puritan level had trolled through some 6000 images in my group to find 1 image I posted which got me banned on facebook for 1 month! hahahahahaaha.That is a tragic waste of time, my love!

This is the terrible image that “shocked a nation” and one tiny little group of weirdos on facebook! lol.

BOSTON — A fitness club ad running in Boston magazine that depicts nuns sketching a naked man has triggered protests among some members of the Bay State’s Catholic community.

The ad for the Equinox Fitness Club is running in this month’s issue and two Catholic organizations blasted the photo Tuesday, the Boston Herald reported, saying the Catholic League, the Archdiocese of Boston and the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts all decried the ad as offensive.

C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts told the Herald the ad “portrays a callous contempt for the sensibility of Catholics.”

The fitness company responded with a written statement saying, “Our ad campaigns are based on personal motivation and fantasy and throughout history the body has been considered a form of art.”

The company only has one gym in Boston.


So dear friends, do not contact me via my fb group, except by inbox instead Tweet, email x 3, leave a message in any of the 300 pages in this blog, find me on any of my digital footprints BUT I would not recommend looking for me at Datings for because I did not fill in that form !!! You just ignore the Spams…except to laugh at the Nigerian scams and other strange things….!

I cannot imagine anyone who knows me would put ME in a website of Dating for Modern Catholics given the only time I’ve ever talked about Catholicism was to argue with uno…ONE…silly little repressed, puritanical, Pommie Marxist who fainted at the mention of naked Ankles AND wrote 1 ….

ONE…blog about how I thought the Catholic Faith was not invented for stupid internet guys to harass poor Amy Grant in America!  So why would anyone Catholic think I am good Dating Material?

***Look, I frequently sketch men in the nude! Honest. I do as a professional artist…its what we do! I am not your type for sure if you want to be very hardcore Catholic in an online dating way…lol!

Quite frankly, I adore my Catholic friend who can Sculpt like Michael Angelo and am so grateful for the Artistic Aesthetics (those commissioned by the Holy See) gave to the world, I have never been a fan of religious intolerance nor am I a fan of censorship and puritanism!

While I respect the Catholic faith, I think  it is unreasonable that someone got upset with me for posting the Boston Ad picture and got me told off for no apparent reason on facebook run by a Puritan Fascist!

Lets be honest…the Catholic Church enabled the works of Michael Angelo’s David…so what is this new puritanism…I do not think the Holy See would have issues with nude a Statue being seen by nuns, since they are All OVER THE SISTINE CEILING! I have seen it and in fact had the honour and pleasure to ask some questions about the restoration. This is just unnecessary puritanism.

I know Europe exiled many religious fanatics to the new world, but that was quite a few century ago…is this a signal that America is ready for THE INQUISITION,  only a decade after Bush asked for the world to join his  “Holy Crusade”? ….hmm….creepy….because he is NOT CATHOLIC….

One can be Catholic and an Artist at the same time, the two are not mutually exclusive…unless you live in some yokel part of town during THE REAL INQUISITION or you might be lacking some world history context …and are trying to Censor other’s Creative Free Speech….in which case…..don’t you want to rethink the little issue of going on a Witch hunt?

The problem for the Modern Day New World and ARTISTICALLY  ILLITERATE  Witch hunters and Inquisitors is that if you bother to learn something about the history of the inquisition and the politics that go with it…you may find that targetting the wrong person at the right time ..can well…result in a Switch-a-Roo….since intelligent, well-educated modern Catholics tend to be politically acculturated to certain kinds of  “push-shove, in-out” kind of higher level LOBBYING? This is just a thought…what you push on others in the game of Harvard Egalitarianism…others can push back on you.

Intolerance of the Artistic kind is just “not cool” and suddenly I’m feeling like it is clearly a time to have a chat with my new friends about making a movie…maybe I will become like Nina Hagen and dress as a punk-nun….I don’t know…I don’t think so….because I am not here to insult other’s faith. I like Faith but I do not tolerate bullying in the name of Religion. 

So …do go away as I have a big exhibition at the end of the month to go to and do an art talk at, a print series to market, a fashion label to co-ordinate, a book to finish …and of all the different things today…a Ford Foundation grant application for Women who were victims of Rape in the Congo to get new schools!

By the way, if you are part of the “Digital inquisition”, 🙂 I hope you speak fluent chinese and russian! My digital footprint is getting longer than the Great Wall of China…..and that is just 20million inside China and a little bit in Russia, so giving me a little rap of the knuckle via facebook is not REALLY going to stop me from expressing my art or stop me from appreciating other people’s ads, art for art’s sake.

Which brings me to a wonderful way of  linking this whole censorship thing to my Art Talk at the Red Gallery in London, Team Rex Art Exhibition for Team Robbo. Like the very successful Catholics of days gone by, way back in Old World Europe….I do my very best to support Artistic Excellence in whatever new form it appears and that comes from a long tradition in both east and west….but for long time it was just the elite inner circles who got to see it. Why? Because it was decided that yokels will take it the wrong way… Now some of the silly art inquisitors are proving this is true; art yokels really don’t understand. That is so very counter-productive.

Let’s face it, once upon a time, Leonardo da Vinci was just a dylexic, weirdo hanging around all those old church buildings being …well….“Classy but useless!” (spoken by illiterates against all artistic talents of any ages in any culture! At least that bit of us is well….ONE “sort-of” Human Race! lol.)


6 comments on “Seriously..Nuns sketching Nude outrage? Did the Art Inquisitors visit while I was asleep? lol.

  1. ask Jay Lim
    August 27, 2012

    Armotherapy massage4all?….why does anyone ever listen2Yu?…

    Good morning, Sunshine! That’s editor2u!


    • ceciliawyu
      August 27, 2012

      hahaha. say “Shut it, Vikings!” X Ciao. Bell-OW.


  2. ceciliawyu
    August 27, 2012

    …Should have stuck with the Chocolate Ball venue…Bogan…

    …All that glitters shine….
    Besides, I have no enemies! 🙂


  3. personal J
    August 23, 2012

    Do I get to say I told you so ?
    …….knight of templer art……


    • ceciliawyu
      August 23, 2012

      Equally one could say….always pick a safe word. :-!

      By the monastic order of the perpetual de Sade.

      P.S have they covered you in ecuadorian chocolate and thrown you into a crowd of “thespians” yet?


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