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2011 Summary of Sustain-Able Year of the Rabbit!

2011: A retrospective

After last year the year of the rabbit, I translate this with a slightly heavy heart….because  all the things I mentioned in passing in my Blog ( Rabbit 2011) came true …there was the UK riot, the turmoils, the mess and so on for a lot of people around the world…the tsunami, the hurricanes etc….and my poor little beige yellow bunny got killed by my evil neighbor’s yellow dog, which meant we had to replace him with 2 more girl bunnies just to off-set the inauspiciousness. Oh, to off set the inauspiciousness even more, we got our neighbor locked up in jail for a few nights because he wanted to be a racist and a bunny killer. He is much more respectful to me now because it is not a good thing to underestimate a chinese person.  All the violence in the UK (tories & gangs) was very upsetting and it made me lose a lot of respect for a certain type of people claiming to represent a particular socio-economic class. It made me shut down on them and refused to lift a finger only to find that towards the end of the year, my most amazing Cinematic Art mentor passed away.( RIP Eva). But on a positive note, I started Iprotest  with a member of the Colony Room ( colony room) and it is still an honest expression of what Creative Free Speech in Protest ( iprotest launch)  is about! We even got our message to some International press immediately following the UK riot (Artist bbc & german tv).  Poor Nobel Peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo is still in Jail but we are making some headways into lobbying for his release. (US Senate). 2011, I met some marvellous social entrepreneurs. Thank you for introducing me to spirulina and supporting the Griffin charitable trust ( Christopher Hill foundation). Thank you for our future collaboration with responsible social media ( Thank you for Eco-sustainable ventures in Nepal (Brabal Eco House Project)  & eco-architecture in Pakistan &  India (Fluk Factory eco-tecture school).  What a wonderful job we are doing to introduce Responsible Tourism to Uganda to help us build a HIV hospital in the biggest HIV slums in Uganda! (Muzungu) We also tried to get Solar power in the slum! ( solar lights) On top of that Kebs will be opening an Undergraduate college so we are now into bringing more Degree holders to those in Nepal. (KEBS) I made a new friend in Nigeria who opened her own Publishing house to give voice to African women. I can’t wait for us to collaborate in the future! (Rayo Abe)  Postcards of art was sent to Iwate’s Museum of Art for the Victims of the Tsunami (Japan)! We worked with LS14 Trust to teach children about animation (Seacroft) and there was an exhibition of protest art at a historic venue (1836 Corn Exchange).

World Events commentary included: Death of Szeto WahFast for Free Tibet, UNFFTKettling during London Protest,  Women in Egyptian protestChina’s Call for Jasmine Revolution$631.3 Billion Hong Kong trade surplusChina v. Hong kong constitutional challengeReligious persecution in BurmaDefending the Bill of Rights Coffeepartyusa,

Global Arts/culture trends we took part in: Mcqueen for Royal wedding dress (Jan2011)Nazi Memorabilia BerlinMiami White Rose CeremonyJohn Galliano controversyAltered Barbie USA.

Food for thought: 1 min campaign from Hong kong:

In 1min you can make decisions about your life and create your future with your own hands. Ask yourselves this: “In 1min, could I not delete all the useless applications in my mobile that waste time and instead use that time to improve myself in whatever way I see fit? In 1min can I not think about who needs help around me and just make that phonecall to them? In 1 min can not notice how I can improve my IMMEDIATE surrounding, even if it is just to clean up after myself. In 1min can I make decisions about my life with the FREEDOM of knowing that I am making my decisions based on noticing something else other than “me, me, me”?”

**** We chinese get some things right every so often, not everything..but something…but unfortunately we have a tendency to only say these things amongst ourselves and not to outsiders who do not speak chinese. So in 1min, I translated this into english for you! Enjoy!  Occupy your brains in 2012!

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  1. Daryl Baisley
    February 14, 2012

    I genuinely value your work, Great post.


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