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OMG,The fascism of the local Cat Protection league: No pets4poor folks!

I am going to have a rant, you are just going to have to bear with me.

I got into a “moral” fisty-cuff with the local cat protection league! Yes the CPL! How did this happen?

I am going to skip over a slight cross-purpose (ie. complete mismatch of intentions)  I had last year with the Green-Socialist who asked to put a sign in my front and back yard because that was my fault! I forgot to READ the whole sign and only saw the pretty “green” bit so did not realise I was dealing with some sort of Left Eco-Red…though you would think the Green and Red colour of their sign would made me READ the whole thing. But I didn’t, so there.

This year, they put their signs up  again and again very graciously asked me to come to their “after party”. They are actually nice enough. The head Croissant Commies has a  nice big mansion over in the park.  I think they figured out my support was for the Green part of their campaign and not for their Champagne socialism as I do not believe in bipartisan politics, sorry! :)… one of them gave me a long rant about rescue greyhounds.

I was okay with it.The couple who adopted the greyhound seemed like nice people. The animal looked a bit flea bitten but that is why it needed rescue, right? No worries. I’m down with all that.

What annoyed me was when I decided I wanted a cat and thought maybe it would be good to get a rescue cat. I found out that beyond those Champagne Socialist, there was a “ring” of  Cat Protection League Fascist!

It all started with me finding a comment on their website that to paraphrase read: “Pet shops are immoral. If you can’t afford to pay what we ask you to pay for a rescue cat and if you live in rented accommodations and you refuse to let me come over and tell you how to re-model your house to accommodate a cat-flap into your wall AND you do not live in a house with no road access and possibly have a front gatekeeper…..well you are ……OMG! POOR, you really have no place for a pet and people like you should just look at other people’s pets but NEVER EVER decide you can have a pet because no cats of ours will be allowed into your rental (DSS) homes! We are not here for poor scums like you, we are here for the cats!”

Charming,isn’t it?

So this was my response to them in the first instance:

1) You are a patronising moron.

2) The poorer the kids, the more they need to have access to pets and animals because they are stuck in urban areas away from big parks. Being able to work with animals is part of  a life skill that clearly those cat protection league fascists did not consider.

To prove them wrong, I deliberately set up a Punk Bunny petting zoo so children from low income area can have some contact with some bunnies. Strangely enough, my bunnies were not ill-treated. There was one child who spent 4 hours non-stop, didn’t eat, didn’t do anything but just stayed with the bunnies!

When it was time for the bunnies to go home, a group of children insisted they wanted to follow the bunnies to make sure they got safely home. They learnt about after-care. They learnt about how to handle animals gently and try to see things from their world/perspectives.

So clearly there are no poor people treating pets badly because they are poor, you patronising morons!

In fact one child who had a very rough time in the last few years asked me what he could do to always have bunnies and pets around. In good chinese fashion I told him,”If you can stand with the bunnies for 4 hours and not get bored, you have time to learn about every bit of them. I suggest you Aim High and try to study hard and become a Vet!”

It is weird. He didn’t say anything. He just got  a little look in his eyes. His mother was the one who smiled graciously at me.

So if this kid ends up being your Vet after I am long gone and you read this blog, I want you all to send a message to the local Cat Protection Snob fascist….just go, “Nur! you moron! from Cecilia (beyond the grave!)”

3) I was so annoyed with them I went over to my local trusty pet-shop owner. He has been running his family business in the market for generations. He is not some immoral “bunny pusher”, he is just a decent guy with a lovely wife and 2 kids where his entire family participate in looking after his large menagerie of pets/stocks for his shop! In fact it was he who rescued my latest art project, the kitten called Haymitch Chay  “Pansy” daCat.

Lee does subtle background checks on all the people he sells his animals to. He maintains aftercare and builds a long term relationship with both owners and pets. In fact, Lee provides more after-care than the fascist 1-visit-let me tell you how to run your life Cat Fascist league.

It just goes to show, there’s always sanctimonious people with a little knowledge deciding they know everything about how others should live their lives. It is amazing how they presume to know exactly how others live and project their value judgements onto pets.

That is what I mean by Pet Fascism and I can’t think of anything worst than a person  being told by the Cat Fascist League, you are too poor to have pets!

Anyway, it is with some smugness that I see their fundings have been cut. Maybe they will rethink how they project their bitter and angry crap onto others. It is also a form of subtle racism because for the most part, those who are acceptible to CPL tend to be white and those in the poorer areas tend to be black families.

My pet is fine and Haymitch Chay “Pansy” daCat is doing very well. We had some issues with small fleas and malnutrition but he is a very happy, purring kitten now. We did not want to curse the kitten with the unfortunate name, but Haymitch fits in terms of being the “sole survivor ” of the Hunger Game….and Chay “Pansy” da Cat, refers to people exactly like those in the Cat Protection League who preaches to others about how they should live but fails miserably in the standards they set out for others; the only thing they manage is Pure Hypocriscy!

I am very glad after I complained about the fascist Cat Protection League to Lee, he started rescuing some kittens and telling people,” Don’t just get rid of them. If you can’t afford to look after them, let me take them and see if I can find good homes for them!”

4 comments on “OMG,The fascism of the local Cat Protection league: No pets4poor folks!

  1. ceciliawyu
    May 16, 2012

    Thanks Hillary. Yeah. When I read their little rant on their website …I just found it stupid! Seriously…whoever who did their website should be shot! It would be an act of mercy to the poor folks not living in the giant parks and mansions…lol….being patronised by them.

    I just can’t imagine how horrible it would be if that kid who was a refugee who moved country 4 times in 3 yrs got told your single mom is too poor and not good enough to get one of our cats! If that happened I’d go over across the park to “give the CPL a piece of Cecilia’s mind”!!! hahahaha. and the community police would once again go,”Oh god, the bunny lady is “on a mission” again!” hahahaha.

    hahahhahahahahaha. Seriously? So pet shops are all immoral, money determines how good you are with pets and for the wow-ser….Cat fascist are not here for the cats, they are here to “dictate” about cats! lol.


    • helpinghow
      May 16, 2012

      The people who wrote the article and think this way should be put to sleep before they are permitted to breed! Scary shit, spewing out of the mouths of idiots with no sense of reality or life. WTF??????? Shocking, and not at the same time. I am starting to really not be shocked by much… I have to remain focused on your amazing “Bunny”project and not these f%$kheads! You KNOW my thoughts… 😉 xoxo


      • ceciliawyu
        May 16, 2012

        I do that’s why we are going to achieve great things together! 🙂
        btw.suddenly I’m getting like 200+ comments a week and I have a rule about only doing 1-3 blogs a week max. and answering 3-5 comments a week max. I don’t have time to deal with this…my blog is not like Lesley’s that gets 21K a day and has 1.2 million subscription. She comes over here every so often and we want to collaborate but I don’t think I can deal with the volume she and her team deals with! Hillary we gotta brain-storm all this soon! 🙂


  2. helpinghow
    May 16, 2012

    Wow… that is shocking beyond belief. Have these people the same feelings about guide dogs, cats for therapy, animal therapy… who are these people? I can’t imagine someone has not had something to say about this before. I wonder if I were to search for them (which I won’t) if I would find much of the same thoughts but of course not so well said and to the point as you Cecilia! Well said and good for you for standing up for the rights of these children who deserve what all children deserve, and understand better then children who have been given life on a silver platter have not been given, the gift of compassion from their parents, that understanding that we, who have less are capable of loving, caring, feeling, giving and protecting those in need including animals who are in need of the same love and protection and care that humans in need of.
    Great blog, and good for you for proving your point instead of just talking about it!!!
    I love the bunny day and the result, which of course you knew would bring a positive result without a second thought.
    Thank you for sharing this, and hopefully this message spreads like fire in the wind!!


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