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5 Feminist Video-Game Characters Countdown: Number 2

Cecilia’s Editorial Comment for Sustain-Able:

I like the concept of the Reblog article, it is a great idea by Femficātiō. But truth is Lara Croft has always been my favorite. In the postmodern feminist sense, if she decides to be sexual, between consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with that. Lets not paint a character that is uni-dimensional…as empowered women are in fact Also driven by personal motives….I don’t think it is the job of any woman to tell another what, where or how…to be their own sexually empowered focus only on one aspecsts of feminity e.g. being maternal or ultruistic is to Negate all the other aspects of the full person. That is a very limited view of FEminism, indeed.

However I could be a little biased because I got the chance to talk to the Gen X guy who owned the Development Rights to Tomb Raiders….years ago and did PR for one of his charities… in Surrey….and we’ve already had the weird and interesting chat about the issue of gaming fantasies v. Posing for playboy…etc…it takes intelligence to design a character well in a game..and quite frankly, as I said, what consenting adults do with their game play is really not within the scopes of Legal intervention.

Besides, what Adventurous Woman on this earth Didn’t like Angelina Jolie in the movie version? 🙂


By Ray L Martin
Editor at Large
10th August 2012, 18:43 GMT

In continuation of the article countdown, we’re now onto our 2nd Feminist Video Game Character, bearing in mind:

There are very few female characters out there that are both empowered and feminist.  So I decided to do some searching in order to find a least five feminist game characters.

So, I’ve established this criteria:

  • Fights for aNoble Cause: The character would have to fight for a cause that is just and noble, which is a rather broad term and ultimately, if the character’s role is to destroy evil, then virtually every female character’s cause is noble.  But for a character’s motives to be considered feminist, certain “self-serving” interests would not apply.  This means that one who fights for money, fame or power over others could never be considered a feminist game character, as this…

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One comment on “5 Feminist Video-Game Characters Countdown: Number 2

  1. Carol mi favoreto
    August 26, 2012

    appreciate your posts as always! thanks.


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