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England: A quiet 20s Elegance at The 18th Century Mansion


In 1811, John Clarke (d. 1857) of York, architect of the ‘Commercial Buildings’ in Leeds City Centre, was commissioned by Nicholson to design his Mansion House.


We went last night for a quiet and pleasant Birthday super. I was so terribly tired, but overall it was really nice to feel the laid-back pleasant environment with a touch of the old world charm.


I know don’t say it, it was not my intention to color co-ordinate with the decor of the interior….it was totally an accident, I just felt like wearing the lime green with forest green lace. I am not even a “green” person most of the time.


I was so tired, I was falling asleep after 2 hrs…the environment was just really relaxed and charming….


What did I eat?

Let me see:


King Prawns salad with chili

Partridge as a Main with longiberries.

Too tired for Dessert though it looked nice

Hazel nut liquer Coffee to keep me awake! 🙂

I liked the touches of Retro 20s Great Gatsby Mansion style in the historic grounds overlooking Roundhay Park. It is a popular place for local weddings I supposed. There are always some fancy vintage cars parked outside the venue like an old Benz or an old Rolls Royce and stuff….the place has a quiet charm when you catch it in the right moments.In fact I think there was a wedding in the main building last night…I don’t remember…I was too tired to look! 🙂

2 comments on “England: A quiet 20s Elegance at The 18th Century Mansion

  1. wowpo
    December 8, 2012

    what on earth?? What exactly does that even mean? “Quiet elegance” when England has lost the future of about 2 million people within the last few years? They are all rapidly aging and tired of paying the price of full retail while wages never go up! Forget about the past, where is the future? If you dont you know this, your head is in the sand. I look at your stuff every 6 months or so and I am surprised by this latest post. It is not sharp like your usual stuff.


    • ceciliawyu
      December 8, 2012

      Sorry to disappoint, but I am all “out of sharp” after 7 weeks of being in the studio and working my butt off to complete an exhibition for National Museum of Modern Art in Cairo Egypt which opens tonight 8th Dec while the entire country is having protest and tanks are rolling! So can you please stop Whinging at me like a whinging pomme and just go and blame an Aussie DJ for the crappiness of your NHS system and the uselessness of having boring royals that don’t do anything but breed and whinge….:) Oops…did you say you wanted “sharp”? Honestly, stop whinging, if you don’t like it…go and hang out with the useless Marxist-Trotskyite losers somewhere where the sun don’t shine….I am allowed to take a night off and have a lovely dinner in a 20s style place without you whinging at me! Thanks for coming back every 6 months…if you come back more regularly you would know the EXACT context of why this blog exist! Glad you enjoy other blogs!

      here watch my Cairo video, you might like it better! 🙂


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