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(Updated with Video)San Francisco, USA: Altered Barbie 2012: The Sun also rises….

Sales from this work will go to: From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation (

10th Annual Show – AlteredBarbie for President: On campaign with or without AlteredKen!  Oct 24th – Nov 18th. Shotwell 50 Inc, San Francisco.

This is my contribution to the 2012 Altered Barbie theme. I’ve been thinking about why I’m so into Hemingway’s The Sun also Rises for a while in dealing with the Media farce that is the 2012 Election…I suppose it is all that “romancing the voters” that made me connect it with the droves of Lady Brett Ashley’s admirers.

I certainly understand the character’s sense of “Ennui”…..

That or I am thinking about “The Lost Generations” to come…..I could have been one of them…but I found art, so I was not….perhaps as aimless as my many Lady Brett-like friends….

Ah, a roman à clef….indeed!

“Artists are the interface between revolutions and life. Artists bring in the human factor to revolutions that get their start in technology and science. We’re used to thinking that progress comes from the technology, science, and financial sectors. Culture brings, in truth, a slower, more sustainable, more holistic and trustworthy kind of progress.”
Paola Antonelli, on her new role as MoMA’s first director of R&D.

Nevertheless in my own Trans-cultural way, I am moving in the same direction as this quote…though I do not believe in Revolution….only Evolution…and again…that is another “Hot potato”….:) How about we “pass the buck” to Barbie? She is a postmodern feminist, she can handle it!

love Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩

**** This is the message I sent to the 7th November 2012 Poetry Evening:

This is the list for the artists (not including the poets that will be
reading on Wednesday night.

These are the virtual artists….
Lavonne Sallee Play her CD
Cecilia Yu: Skype or cd piece:
Julia Sisi: We will read her poem

These are the artists that will be reading that I know of: If I do not have
you on the list and you told me you would be reading or speaking this
evening please forgive me and get back to me.

Juliana Sage
leigh radtke:
ruby pearl
Abby beck
Amy Levine
Cherrie Williams
Charlotte Davis

3 comments on “(Updated with Video)San Francisco, USA: Altered Barbie 2012: The Sun also rises….

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  2. women's black friday protest
    November 22, 2012

    Hey CC, you are into women’s rights. I’m trying to get my blog noticed for this protest but I’m not seeing very good results. Can you please share?
    This link:
    Thank you!


    • ceciliawyu
      November 22, 2012

      Okay. Where do you want me to put it? What is Black friday?
      Hahaha. Freudian slip from Walmart: “WE have a very strict retaliation policy…oh, I mean anti-retaliation…”!!!! oops!

      I have a very strict retaliation policy except my meditation master said I am not allowed to indulge in it!!!hahaha


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