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Eva Monley’s Kwaheri ♥ @Bafta Members Club + NL2B 2012 Bombed out Church Liverpool

This post is for all the friends and family of Eva who was part of her Kwaheri (translation: goodbye in Swahili) last year at the Bafta members club and to those international friends who were unable to attend…..

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🙂 First of all, my sincere apologies for taking so long to put up some of these images.

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I am not going to lie and give you some lame excuses about how busy I’ve been….I was doing a lot of things last year flat out…but considering I know so many of you are such giants and insiders’ insider in each your own part of the creative industry…it would just be a lot of whining from me…considering the small-ness of the arts based things I get up to….(with no disrespect to the Style masters of the graffiti world and their incredible crews, of course…but gentlemen …we ARE talking about BIGGER than BEN HUR when I am talking about those “in-the-know” who knows about Eva and her work! : ) …..XXOO

RIP. Love from Michael Evje, Napa Valley, CA.

RIP. Love from Michael Evje, Napa Valley, CA.

The truth is…..I still feel sad when I think of how I really cannot ring her up to pick her brains or visit her every few years at her home in London anymore….and for me, it is like losing a creative anchor in my journey as an artist across different genres….

MY ART misses her influence ….


I am writing this to let everyone know that when I did “Nothing Left to Burn 2012” in Liverpool’s Bombed Out church,  I decided to let people know about Eva’s influence in my artistic journey…so at the Open Air Cinema that evening, we showed the African Queen and a moment of silence was taken just before the showing of the movie to remember Eva’s contribution to World Cinema and Hollywood.

Information about Nothing Left to Burn Liverpool 2012: Click here to see

The day was full of music, bands, classical chinese harp virtuoso Zi Lan Liao was very kind to collaborate with me on a Art installation performance using my wearable art….the theme was : “Hell, Money! ” and yes, it featured a bit of  🙂 Creative “investment spanking” while the performers  rained Chinese Hell Money down on the crowds wearing my “hot-pants of prosperity” featured in the 2008 Best of Modern China-ChinaNow pre-Olympic art show I did in Edinburgh. It was very neo-punk east-west fusion. I do not know why but when I was preparing this installation I watched The Highlander a few times while I was concepting….

TR 7

Actually I thought of a discussion I had with Eva ….about the scene where Connor left Rachel as they flashed back to how they met in Nazi Germany in World War II. The whole thing resonated so profoundly….it just seemed appropriate to remember Eva in a creative artists-led event at an openair Cinema in a Bombed Out Church (bombed by Nazies), burnt for 5 days but stands erect as we speak. To see the celebration of LIFE inside the relic of a monument and to see how each generation interprets the Creative Resilience of the human spirit against Oppression. The experience was sublime.


The details of the event can be googled. The day also featured a message from Sharon Stone to YALA Youth Leaders and from Barcelona FC talking about the importance of peace and reconciliation in terms of youth leaderships in Isreal and Palestine. There were visual arts projections from reknowned old school Graffiti artists around the world (friends of Team Robbo’s).

The day coincided with the Gay Pride Parade in Liverpool (it was a fortuitous coincidence, like many things in my life, and completely unplanned) so the parade marching before the Bombed Out church was a very theatrical moment, indeed.

During the intermission when we changed  from the day-time  musical performances and bands to the evening open-air cinema, visitors circled the church, putting rainbow colored chords around the church, thinking of Creative Free speech especially for those who are imprisoned in China and Tibet for asking for Freedom of Expression.

I just wanted to send a special note to all those who were part of Eva’s life. 

I wanted to let you know that as the sun set over the monument of the roofless bombed out church and we switched on the silver screen….and the first shot of Bogart lit up the space….I thought,”This is what Eva brought out in me …”

“Nothing Left to Burn” (abbreviated NL2B 2013) will be on the 3rd-4th August (same as 2012)….we would all like this to be an annual artists-led event for all the creatives around the world and I know Eva’s influence in my artistic journey will always always be a  part of it…….

I think of how Eva used creativity to transcend oppression and I think of so many artists who came forward….some of them are still not allowed to show their visions in their own country.

1-2012-04-29 16.56.42

I hope the friends of Eva, will contribute their creative visions to this journey and I want to thank Raoul Morris for being the first to step up by sending me the images and the short film compilation of Eva’s retrospective work. We projected parts of that on the silver screen. X

love to you all. Please keep in touch.


Images from Nothing Left to Burn Liverpool 2012 and Team Rex’s Red Gallery Event 2012 in London (where performance ideas from NL2B were epanded) :

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