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TEAM ROBBO and YU present: iProtest 2012, “Nothing Left to Burn! x LIVERP☮☮L !” @Bombed out Church!

So its official: Team Robbo and Yu 2012 for iProtest Arts Charity: Event name: “Nothing left to burn. x LIVERP☮☮L !”

4th August, at the bombed out church! 12 NOON. Door open.

12.00 pm – doors open
1.00pm – Big Band performance
2.00 pm – TBA
2.45 pm – John Hall performance
3.30 pm – William Maitland performance
4.15pm – The Polyveldts
5.00 pm – PAGODA GUZHENG ENSEMBLE plus  “Hell, Money!” Catwalk
5.45 pm – Room 3 performance
6.15 pm – KG Disco performance
6.45pm – TBA

7.30pm – Building closes for change over – Audience move into the grounds for Tibetan Ritual for Peace. TBA.

8.30 pm – Building re-opens. Message from Sharon Stone via Skype (YALA)

Opening short intro;
9.00pm –  Movie AFRICAN QUEEN

10.40pm – movie ends.

Where: St.Lukes, Bombed out Church, City Center, Liverpool!!!!

Look I am going to be Honest, I thought I was being all Miss East-West Fusion Bohemia of the Decade by joining forces with Team Robbo  and finding this GEM of a location in Liverpool for Artistic Experimentation!

Every generation thinks we are being so very very original and bohemian and then today I found out that going to Liverpool Bombed out Church with TEam Robbo and YU as an independent project, away from all the “formal art world & gallery” thing…well….Yoko Ono has already been there before us !!!!! 😛 Damn, that Bloody woman!!!! (Joke)

But Okay she is way older than me and she did snog a Beatles so you know….its her Prerogative…as it is my to choose as a 21st century Postmodern Feminist to make certain statements via my art…

Sky ladder by Yoko Ono…..honestly….hmm…she wanted everyone to buy a ladder and put it in there…hmm…to reach John Lennon….hmm…..

But the best thing we can do is honor the Creative Energy in the space and Build on the Waves, and create a Global Creative Free speech Tsunami! ♥

So Liao Zilan 廖子嵐(the YoYo Ma of Chinese Harp) will be doing a new composition called “Happy Days!” as my Anti-Catwalk (like anti-matter! 🙂 when it meets matter!) art installation title: “Hell, Money!”, Zilan’s partner Jah Wobble (formerly Bass player to PIL) will hopefully be there to do his hubby duties of being supportive! 🙂 If not her students will definitely be There to be a part of the Dirty, Sexy…..”Hell, Money!” Catwalk….an Art Installation by  Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩, about  how Cannibalistic Investment Globalisation Strategy  has been making sexy with everyone’s Money!

Btw. The Disco pants are from Size 6-Size 22, I’m really a postmodern feminist, I don’t care what size my models are as long as they are Empowered, Consenting and able to make sexy eyes with Hell Money! 🙂

We have loads of neo-punk bands, spanish DJ, art work from Team Robbo, maybe some of it involving something with them. I don’t know. They tell me nothing! 🙂 Okay, they tell me some things but I have a very bad memory, I can’t even remember where my keys are and if they didn’t Nag me about the After Party and the Talk I am doing for them at their London Show, I’m sure I wouldn’t remember a thing! lol.

WE are honoring Bafta producer Eva Monley (RIP) , a Holocaust survivor so we will be showing the African Queen with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn (Eva worked on the Script of that Multi-Oscar winning thing and wrote some pretty funny letters back home about how insane the filming was !) XXOO But don’t take my word for it, check out Eva’s interview about Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra in Africa!

*** There will be a short Chat from Yala Youth Leader’s Vanguard Sharon Stone on Skype, about the importance of Peace-building in the Youth leaders of Isreal and Paslestine!

** There’s no Gordon Ramsay cocktails because my very dear friend and ex-Art Muse: “The  Infamous Frog who F-ed back today”  is in New York being the Only Carnivore in a Vegan gourmet Company (!), so only Beers, Juice and Asian nibbles for sale. Still delicious nevertheless! 🙂

There will be dancing to Music from 12noon onwards, even if its in Local historic Liverpudian pubs if it Rains (we don’t think it will, cos God ♥ Scousers otherwise Mag the Hag would have killed them all ages ago for their Rebellious spirit! lol. Tut, tut! Well, you know…its all so different now….:P…of course Lol.) and possibly there will be some sort of Soccer thing (I don’t know yet…that’s a secret!)

*** Okay, I blab because I can never keep a secret…there’s some arty images from Barcelona Football Club with some sort of Peace Camp for Jewish and Palestinian teenagers!

The Restoration Project of St.Lukes by Urban Strawberry Lunch:

Supported by Local Arts Talents

and a caring community!

For the last 25 years USL have been making music by reclaiming materials, so why not make art and create a community space by reclaiming a building too?

We have taken the ethos of reclaiming and re-using materials – a make do and mend attitude – to it’s logical next step and have brought a much loved local landmark back to life simply by using it. A new congregation for a new generation.

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