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The Black Woman, Non-Black Man Thing


From Cecilia: Yes, it still shocks me when I hear my white friends say things like,”I just don’t want to date a black person. I respect differences in race but I just don’t think I can.” I said I found that racist! They said,”No, it is like saying I don’t like eating rice, I like eating bread, or I find red hair attractive and not brown hair in dating…that is not the same as saying I don’t like or respect black people. Would I be racist if I said I don’t want to date a Scottish person who is ginger?”

I don’t know. It is racist in so far as you are being narrow-minded about your dating options based on color of skin tone. But then again there are people who are narrow minded based on a person’s class or what kind of car he or she has or how big their body bits are….

So I guess, it is not 100% racist but it is very narrow-minded and not very classy? But then again if “black” is the ONLY color you won’t date as a white person, I think it is racist!

What weirds me out is that there would be people saying this to me while trying to date me or proclaiming that they are so honored to be included in my chinese world….this is a very complex issue, I think. But I like this blog. She makes a good point. Why are there so many articles advising Black guys on how to date white or asian women but not the other way around for Black women to date white or asian men or any other color? Maybe there are….but who cares? In the end, sort out your own love life….and if you need to get advise from a magazine, you need to get a life! 🙂

Southern Girl in the City

It seems as if most relationship experts, authors, comedians, and the like are telling Black women if they are tired of being single then they should date non-Black men. But let’s face it-non-Black men are not checking for Black women, at least not at the rate Black men are dating non-Black women.

I’m not sure what is behind the phenomenon that Black women should look outside of our race to date. Maybe it’s because Black women have the highest percentage of never being married. But what I think should be taken into account is telling non-Black men to date Black women. I’m not a reader of “GQ” magazine, but I bet there’s never been an article titled “10 Reasons to Date a Black Woman”; I’m sure there’s not an article geared towards Latino men titled “How Dating a Black Woman Will Be Beneficial for You”.

So, why aren’t there any…

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