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Kel1st and Yu, Florence Italy Masterclass Week 3: The most boring art fight in History! :)

From time to time as we progress along this 1 month plus art masterclass, I would like to release small snippets of e-correspondence by Kel1st and Yu. The fact is that we were very generously sponsored for this incredible experience but because of personal obligations, Kel1st cannot fully attend the month-long Masterclass, so we made arrangements to keep him updated via modern virtual technology. But personally, I enjoy seeing bits of correspondence, the old fashion way!  🙂


The Most Boring  Art Fight in  History! No one was Watching!


We had a fight over the phone. I am sorry to disappoint everyone if you thought all the details of the giant fight would come out in public.

That is not our style!

I know others chose to put their fights all over the world as Salacious tidbits and art news.

I know some have lots of people blogging about their fights.

We don’t.

I normally shoot anyone who even finds out about mine (joke!) Lol.

Yes, Kel1st definitely knows how to send long emails!

I definitely know how to talk about MY feelings!

But you know what,  I think of all the fights I’ve read about in the Graffiti scene and Fine Art scene.

Then I think of the most recent fights I heard about between Da Vinci and Michaelangelo at San Marco square.

The centuries differed, but the contents seemed all about the same. It is just another Melodrama to take out the stress of Artistic strivings toward Perfection.

I didn’t think it would happen while we were trying to catch up on our different projects. But it did anyway. Life stress, creative differences, being taken out of our comfort zones in different ways, families and kids (His), pets and boyfriend (Mine), learning new things… all added up to some pretty tense stress!

It probably made it worse that we felt we had to be “nice” to one another because we are trying to be decent because that only made things more stressful.

So there you go, we had a fight. There were no conclusions. There was no great insights to it. Nobody got hit. No police came. No one went to hospital. Nothing. It was boring! Some names were called. Some innocent people were blamed for things totally irrelevant to the fight. It is really not anything to call the newspaper about or try to make a TV sitcom out of!

We are more into intenses silence, peppered with sharp words and then more intense silence, with hardly raised voices!

The fight we had was mundane. But the art and the project we did weren’t. That was more important!!!

There were some very odd complements said, in the silent sniping! Lol.

For example,

Kel1st said:

“You are extremely presumptious to think that isolating your “gifted” world of art is far from being understood by me…… (silent)….You want to create a series of collaborated pieces great! Let’s do it! …(more silence)…Too much time is spent on rhetoric that just stands in the way of meaningful action.  ”

Yu said:

” …you are just not used to dealing with someone who has no idea who you are at all..and once found out….I only cared about the art! …..(long pause)….so when I talk to you like a normal person … (okay as much as any other “normal” people around me ..)….(silent)… behave like it is an insult when it is a complement that I treat you like normal instead of some media product in the meat market, with people just going “Oh, you legend! Woo !”


This is really not the “fight scene” you were all hoping for, is it?

How boring!

Two artists had an argument ABOUT ART! NOT about anything else, just Aesthetics and how to “Get it right!” !

Surprised? It is why Kel1st and Yu exist to begin with: THE FUSION ART!

Why don’t we have a look at The ART content of the conversation? That sounds like a better idea!

Kel1st interview explaining how his apple e-book/application can be used for beginners to learn (the whole thing is a bit long so he is clearly capable of writing long stuff!) but I can’t be bother quoting the whole thing so here’s the link

“You’re able to extrapolate the blueprint from the actual finished work and that’s the missing element that gets lost over in a lot of these books that come out from a lot of these writers today. It’s an immersive experience as you’re able to slowly peel away and reveal different portions of the work, to study from, to get a better understanding of how it transforms from a pencil drawing to an elaborate spray painted mural on a wall. Once they reveal the drawing they are able to see if that drawing relates to their personal tag by the combination of letters or even just a portion of those combination of letters they can translate or reiterate on and incorporate into their style. You’re also able to study the colors that they used, I added an extra bonus benefit to that as I allow the users to go to a private website I built where you can download the color palette that they used, and those colors can be used in your creative work. In your software, you can use it to master paint that you want to buy. It’s almost like a history study lesson in style.”


Art Event by Yu. Design by Kel1st

I think it is a good interview because it explains exactly how Graffiti and the perfection of its technique can be an entry introduction to Calligraphy and other Figurative Art, if you had to work things out for yourself without sitting in art class for a few years! But that is just the beginning! Eventually even the Best Artists in the world need to get healthchecks with other “Style”  Experts.

That was what  I was doing in Florence physically and virtually, let me break it down in 2 sentences:

1) I was learning and exchanging ideas with people from Michealangelo’s old school  in a 1 month Art laboratory/ Cultural Residency!

2) In Masterclass, Everyone involved got Creative and Style Health-checks including the wonderful creative people hosting the class!




Ironically it was a member of King Robbo’s team who gave me a little perspective from experience: “It is tough at the top! Goodnight! 🙂 ”



So Questions and Answers,  in short:


A little.

Art Conclusions?

A few.

The End?

Don’t be Silly! The Art won’t let us!

Are you2 talking again?
Had emails back/forth last 24hrs about Los Angelos Event.

Will you2 talk again?

Very likely.

Any more fights?



Perfecting the art, duh!


 Better Art!

A little bit of silent sulking….perhaps…
…….not too much….

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