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a letter to mitchell browne, ‘why should artists at work fund idlers at art?’

Oh. I think some musicians just need to get real! Lol. My friend did the music review for Sydney Morning Herald…and you would be amazed by what people are willing to do to get written up…oh well….then again, as a professional artist….I have seen some very desperate art fakery disguised as Press releases recently! Well…..times are tough… Fakers are out….normally artists just don’t respond to this. You are giving cultural philistines of that kind too much attention! But it is a very eloquent letter….though wasted on a musician’s pointless PR stunt!

School For Birds

I’m so happy to bring you this letter. One of my favourite artistic collaborators, Dave Lamb, has written this beautiful, eloquent, generous and immensely clever response to Mitchell Browne’s Syndey Morning Herald article ‘WHY SHOULD ARTISTS AT WORK FUND IDLERS AT ART?’ Enjoy and, if you happen to know Mitchell, please pass this on. Dave wants to hang out. 


Hi Mitchell

My name is Dave, and I’m an artist. We’ve never met, although you assume an awful lot about my lifestyle.

Last week I read your opinion piece on the Sydney Morning Herald website, along with the comments it generated. I must admit, I originally felt a lot of the ire that was expressed there, but I realise it’s not fair or productive to respond with scorn or sarcasm – that would only serve to distance our positions further, and one of the chief goals of the arts is, in my…

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