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Nominated for “Successful Achievements” Award 2015 VOWW.TV

I was asked by the Founder of Voices of Women Worldwide to write a short summary of what I achieved in 2014 that I am proud of for their syndicated networks of about 10,000 websites empowering women worldwide.

At first I could not work out why I was hesitant to do it and then I realised, there was a part of me that felt slightly exhausted thinking about the last 12 months. But as my Gen Z neighbor said, “I get inspired just hearing about the fact that you were asked to do these things, so you can’t just leave it !”

Lol. I suggested for her to do it too. So she said she would do it as Snapchats. I said, “Alright, whatever works for you. Honestly, I think its meant to be the thought that counts.”

So Ladies, 2014, these were my accomplishments I’m proud of, personally, professional, creative and spiritual in bullet points (so it is easier to make them into Snapchats! haha).

Happy Holidays!


  • A zen-like sainthood patience for the Graffiti Whinge-Master     (just kidding! lol.)  A year of creative cross-fertilisation with Kel1st and Yu.
  • Sponsored as a modern female fusion fine artist for 1 month to do a 13th Century Renaissance technique Masterclass in Florence Italy.
  • Made some valuable friendships and networks with talented artists from the Accademia di Belle Arte (Michael Angelo’s old art school).
  • Invited by Chairperson of American Visual Artists Guild to submit to 25th Anniversary of the Fall of Berlin Wall and Tienanmen Pro-Democracy Protest and the VIP banquet in Los Angeles.
  • Attended the VIP event at Monaco Art Fair gala opening where Prince Albert said a few words in Sporting d’Hiver Monaco.
  • Nominated and Awarded “A Woman of Action” by A Celebration of Women TM in Cananda, other Alumnis of the award included Gloria Steinem, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Steffani Graff, Nicole Kidman and many others.


  • Successfully lobbied for the preservation of the historic Bombed Out Church, St.Lukes in Liverpool and the campaign was joined by Sir Paul McCartney, formerly a member The Beatles.


  • Supported Girl Child Education Prizes, Scholarships and Computer Labs worldwide especially in vulnerable places like Pakistan, Afghanistan and African slums.
  • Commissioned a global Protection Peace Puja at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Boudhanath Stupa of Peace in Kathmandu Nepal as part of #NL2B Nothing Left to Burn yearly cultural event. This conicided with RingBells4Peace in New York where legendary Protest song composer gave a private concert for a peaceful middle-east and 400 other events for peace occurred simultaneously to Ring Bells for Peace commemorating the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima in Japan. So we merged our efforts spontaneously!

hitchcock cat

  • Suffered a set back with an arm injury that hindered my ability to paint in fine details but with the support of a wonderful shoulder expert Physiotherapist who also consults a top Rugby International team, I took full responsibility for my own healing and changed my work routine so I accommodated swimming and sports massage treatement weekly. I was able to return back to 90% precision in 4 months.
  • Spent a wonderful summer on the beach, friends visiting, restoring a cave home and was invited to brand a VIP Concierge service business.
  • Strategically supported the rise of the Hong Kong pro-democracy global protests now dubbed “The Umbrella Movement” and “Occupy Central”.
  • Kel1st and Yu commenced talk with the possibility of a future art based event with the team of an extremely prominent Freedom and Religious leader. We had to meditate on ideas of Forgiveness and Humility and that was spiritually enriching on many levels for me.

lions peak protest 2014 hong kong4

  • Attended an executive coaching seminar with one of UK’s top executive coach and celebrated the business and career success of those close to me. Kept in touch with my dear friends from around the world and was honored to receive heartfelt advise.
  • Installed my “K1Yu 4John”  fusion art sculpture  in the permanent collection of the Bombed out Church, St.Lukes in Liverpool for their Christmas Art exhibition which also featured “The Truce” statue (commissioned by Chelsea Football Club for “No Man’s Land” in Belgium). The event was  inaugurated by the Mayor of Liverpool.


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