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#GreekCrisis: From the perspective of an ordinary woman living in Athens….

About #Greece, #Grexit, #Greferendum and #GreekCrisis:

The communist global agenda of double-speak reached the gullible ears of those that believed the EU is a glorious mechanism of the greek ancestry and heritage. They did not realize that EU is a forced and imposed monetary and ideological union of countries that used to be at war with each other up to 1940 and the blood feud is still fresh. Many  lives had not recovered in countries like Greece; lives that bleed from genocide for centuries.

The creditors while enforcing their industrial products as procurement for the greek public sector, appear to be above all reproach from any allegations of corruption. But they were pushing the European South to further despair with arm deals and other industrial products like telecommunication infrastructure without transparency.  These military and para-military contracts continued while the taxation on healthy greek business continued to rise in the years of Northern Globalisation strategies.  Domestic market conditions remained outlandish and hostile for the home-grown entrepreneurs, so in the process, via an economic extortion that expatriated all challenger domestic- industry to third countries. This sectorial cannibalism destroyed the middle class and employment opportunites for greeks who had to maintain an expensive way of life due to euro currency implementations that resulted in exorbitant prices for basic goods and services. The result was the shrinking of middle class and any investment that wasn’t a product of a EU related military and para-military deals with the government. 

The eurozone's €300bn exposure to Greece - courtesy of Deutsche Bank

The eurozone’s €300bn exposure to Greece – courtesy of Deutsche Bank

The systemic use of the resources of the public sector to benefit the elected parties’ constituents, were based on promises for the vote to power.  The greek part in the corruption game created a huge mechanism of debt to the ECB and other institutions with high interest rates in industries that supplied or supported creation of weaponry. It was an economic war tools to subjugate countries already susceptible to corruption.

The combined factors of over-employment in the public sector, taxation, bureaucracy, corruption scandals and fraudulent investments of the gold assets on previous greek public sectors and investment in powerhouses of public insurances, destroyed health care and social infrastructures. Greece was  left  in the hands of private businesses and health providers who declined the status of Greece to an open access to direct marketization, privatization and debt-loans procurement, therefore Greece was never allowed to compete on equal terms in the Free market.

The current communist government has nothing to fall back on, especially now that it will lose face due from protracted negotiations with creditors. It is being asked once again to present ana acceptable package to apply for urgent help. While Tsipras’ governement didn’t surrender to the pressure to give up its grounds, it also did not deny the package for the sake of emotional warfare. There was always an underlying understanding of mutual positions. The rhetorics of “Who is more in cultural debt to the other?” became a total emotional state of affairs, dangerous in real politics especially with huge corporations lurking in wait. Many multinationals wanted to encourage the hyper-inflated communist totalitarian control in order to subjugate free will, progress and freedom. It is more profitable this way. The results will be the elimination of paper currency and the introduction of mechanisms like the bitcoin that will render future transactions a bigger nightmare than what “the big brother theory” ever predicted for the future after the collapse of human civilization, as we know it.

The only path is awareness that no elite will save the people and that those in the murky façade funds and banking corporations are out there to take away your freedom! So for the sake of freedom we must wake up from the hallucination of communism who had aligned themselves with these corporations; a step that is sure to turn into the darkest nightmare.

Now is the time for unity and avoidance of politics. It is time to advance human evolution for people all over the world. This message is crucial in a critical time for everyone.


dlk1I was born in Crete in 1967, a year of turmoil and since then as a military child I never lost trace with the reality of war or the threat of it since Cyprus was attacked in 1974 when I was a child living in military housing away from relatives other than parents.

This background made it easy for me to be familiar with the horrors that refugee women and children face and since the conflict in Syria shaped into genocide of the vulnerable I decided to bring awareness detached from religious beliefs to the public opinion in the social media therefore working on a relevant blog ( among other actions that involve communicating with public figures that shape greek opinion for relevant issues and I promote arabic art and civilization in my second blog (

My education is of vocational level specializing in IT and graphic design.  I studied Japanese in the Japan Foundation in Athens and Arabic in various institutions. I worked in family businesses in Qatar and for the greek government. I have an adult son that lives with me in Athens.


Dimitra Koloni

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