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#Iceland, Iceland….Wow, Iceland!

A short trip to Iceland because the Greeks were having an Economic Melt-down but the Icelandic had done it already a while ago and Lived to tell a happy tale! 🙂

Day 1

‪#‎Greece‬ This is what things will look like if you go back to drachmas…see this pile of ‪#‎Icelandic‬ money….guess how much super-inflation made it worth….after they defaulted on their loan repayment??? No cheating with google. Guess! 🙂

2015-07-24 03.07.25

En-route to Reykjavik

Well so far…its…laid back….but the pollen fr Lavender or Hyacinth or bluebells or whatever…. was un-anticipated and i am going to bash the 2 icelandic guys playing youtube of themselves dancing to early Michael Jackson Billy Jean too loudly…..for god’s sake….let the 80s go! Bitch, Please! Lol.

Reykjavik road2

2015-07-24 03.05.43

Reykjavik road2 A

Walking through residential bits (artist park area gentrified ) …trying to find the geothermal swimming pool…..found it….getting 3 hrs of jacuzzi, hot spring jets and swim in before i try to sleep early. Was up since 2am last night!

Day 2

At a sushi place trying out icelandic seafood….blonde guy behind bar is listening to Master tradition e-book and saying he is doing it cos he is a student of Martial arts….and cos U2 recommended it for spiritual creative development (i forget how impressionable peeps are! Lol)…Graffiti is everywhere throughout
… Reykjavik….its like …no matter where I go….there….the world morphs to everything i know….live and breathe…its weird….

2015-07-12 18.38.47

American 50s area with petrol guzzler….u know for sure iceland gets free geothermal energy….cos this 1 car will cos their national GDP to run in today’s 2015 petrol prices! Lolololo

Reykjavik 4

This combine 3 things in iceland: globalisation, traditional high culture and graffiti culture…..all x3 are representative…underlying mental socio-economic differences….

Reykjavik 9The graff quality is crap…but i liked the color synergy when chicky below walked pass in exactly thesame color…

Reykjavik 5

Day 3

It’s raining and luckily my bf booked me into this spa…..xxxooo they send instruction videos….hahahaha. i didnt watch it to the end……lololololo…

Day 4

I decided to catch a bus to “destination anywhere”….and ended up at Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer’s grave! Lol….you just turn left at the Tractor shop….walk past the misty hills, the golf course and the icelandic ponies at the old farm and there it is…guarded by a grumpy cat! With some US money left on his grave! “Capitalist Swine” says Spassky! Lol. Crazy cold war stuff. The town itself is like 50s america…UFO chasing stuff….

Day 5

Took it easy…had a swim….then went in search of the lobster hut….it moved so ate lobster somewhere else and had a coffee here instead…..its a lazy day…reading the NewYorkers and thinking about stuff….

2015-07-26 15.07.25

I had to decide between Whales watching where flippers and willy do 7 shows a day and matinee on weekends…how elsecan they guarantee a 98% successful sighting in “wild wild nature”….and i already saw photos of very fatten up puffins……or go for a bit of native icelandic tribal culture at the museum…..sorry Whales….its not my fault they need you for the tourism hourly express whale watching tour…..this reminds me of my friend’s rant against tourism that trains the animal to break their normal habits……so you might as well put them in a zoo?????

See Article about the Ethics and Right way to do Whale Watching

Day 6 National Museum of Iceland and Lobster Hut all city search!

Danes….lol….i am not sensing the Icelandic liked your introduction of Lutheran bible bashing into their austere environment your nordic imperialism…..lololololo….its in the way they present the info …!!!!

In between Hunting for Lobster Hut, I found Sundhöllin pool!

2015-07-24 03.04.11

Well my 2nd attempt to find bloody “lobster hut”….(still havent found it!!! It keep moving like the deathstar!) I found this very very 30s city bath with hot pool….i felt like i walked into an old movie set!


Just when i finally gave up on “the hunt for lobster hut” it appeared before me like the midnight sun!!!! Then i got a discount on my lobster soup because the lady in there said,” you are the happiest person i met today…i had to drive around in different places ….and you are the happiest to see me!!!” NO KIDDING! I didnt tell her about the travelling “death star” analogy!….anyway on the way to the yummy lobster soup…i had icelandic lamb stew but resisted the weird pig thing roasting outside the posh hotel!!! Lololo. FINALLY LOBSTER HUT!!

Last Day!

2015-07-24 02.57.06

Tour today…x1 lost guy at national park and lol….me taking too long at hot stone Fontana spa….nothing new! — at Pingvellir National Park

Lololololo…and then after the hot rocks spa….i went for a walk to the end of the rainbow!!! Photo (c) at Gullfoss – Golden Waterfall.

Final Day !!! Say Goodbye to Everyone at the Recording Studio! Thanks Valgeir, Paul and all the interns at the Recording studio (see )

I am sad to leave Iceland. It was lovely staying at this music recording studio converted from buildings originally built for visual artists residence. Very creative environment. thank you fr feeling blessed in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Back to REALITY! 🙂

‪#‎Iceland‬ ‪#‎goldenwaterfall‬ ‪#‎rainbow‬ ! ♡♡♡ photo (c)

2015-07-24 00.46.40

Thank You Blue Lagoon for getting me random “Hollywood” complements ! 🙂

Lol. My skin must be really glowing from days and days of sitting in the hot pool of ‪#‎iceland‬. We were sitting at this hotel “the old music shop” cafe when the owner of the hotel came and said,” it isnt everyday we have a hollywood personality here…..its been a while… So welcome!” Hahahaha. That’s very charming of him. But in truth my skin is feeling fantastic after ‪#‎bluelagoon‬silica all over body skin peel…from the natural chemical in the water! feeling fabulous at The Castle Hotel in Dublin City Centre Ireland.

2015-07-24 03.03.37

#‎Lobsterhut‬ ‪#‎Iceland‬ lobster soup…..with extra lobsters….lol. this is causing a stir on my ‪#‎twitter‬! Lol. feeling lucky

2015-07-24 00.40.44

Thank you Everyone in Iceland for being so friendly, helpful and fun! 🙂

Yes a few of my friends in #Greece wanted this T-shirt! XXOO


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