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#Covid19 #Lockdown 500 hoursYTT #Yoga Teaching Diary: My Teaching +Practice Journal

8/3/2021-2/4/2021 I completed my SEVA Project: This means I had to teach as a part of charitable giving at least 10 hrs of Yoga teaching. Given the problems of Covid19, I chose to provide classes to IT workers that are dealing with Vaccine Roll-out nationwide, by teaching via Zoom. I taught a Creative Shiva Mandela Yoga, using a combination of mythologies, mudra, meditation and Asana, then tied the whole thing together with the original Shiva Cosmic Dance of Distruction and Transcendence. It went well. I was shocked that during the reflections and sharing stage, there were those who talked about how fake news discouraged elderly from taking the Vaccine. That’s just terrible! (23hrs of Teaching) 


2/3/2021 to 7/3/2021 Anatomy of Yoga: Yoga and Science: I found it interesting that the first conventional Western medical assertions about Yoga  were based in the British Colonial mindset. Thus certain ideas espoused by Guru Iyengar were totted as simply untrue and mystical hocus-pocus! It is only when we got away from 17th century Western European “Materialistic and Literalism” thinking, that we realised at the cutting edge of science in 2021, reality has entered the realm of Quantum Consciousness!  Certain dimensions were conceptually and theoretically visualised by the ancient mystics of the Far East, then suddenly the world realised, the average western Medical practitioner were often quite stagnate; stuck in the time period they were trained in. By failing to keep up  with the latest development in Science, they persisted in arguing that the Mystical Far Eastern views of Medicine were “inferrior” or “Scientifically unsubstantiated”, in order to open the ideas to ridicule!

These are, of course, the same 17th C mindset that refused to deal with anything about the human body unless it is “materially verifiable” according to their ability to cut up, dissect and compartmentalise! Such  “Literal Material Fixation” is utterly regressive!

I found this talk by Edgar Mitchell, Deepak Chopra, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin and Cassandra Vieten in an exploration of the Mysteries of Inner Space and Human Consciousness, rather enlightening! (7hrs)

12/2/2021-2/3/2021 The Dsicipline of showing up on the mat everyday: I found it was really important to gain consistency and daily integration of Yoga Asanas by doing a little of yoga each day. I might meditate in the bath, do stretches in between working on different projects or just doing some pranayama during a coffee break etc. I am working hard to integrate yoga into my daily actions, no matter where I find myself. Sometimes just before I fall asleep I remembered a few floor twists etc. It all adds up! (10hrs)


11/2/2021 Vibrations, Energies and the use of Mantras: Visualising the 10th dimension genuinely empowers me in a world where too many wants to reduce life to 2D…try it! 😎 Science is just catching up with the power of “third eye” wisdom in ancient texts. It is very difficult to intellectually conceive of 10th dimension. The 5th-6th is the hardest to “take the conceptual leap”. I think that’s where Mathematicians, Physicists, Philosophers can help or confuse? I am confused by 5th & 6th when I think about it in English…always. lol.BUT as soon as I think in Chinese …5th is a Natural Linguistic JUMP because the chinese language is not “confined by time”…. It assumes leaps into past, present, future….no folding…Just “Choose it”….

If I think of the spiral concept of time in Hindu Mythologies, the 6th and 7th “folding” of time is more like a shape shifting helix….I think that is where the esoteric yoga theory of vibrations, energies and mantras, is an amazing tool to expand our minds and help us stay open to the many dimensions that Western scientists are exploring in 2021!

In Yoga we are exposed to visual representations of Nidra, Tantra and Kudalini, we are familiar with creative representation of 10th dimension : see this useful link:

As an artist, the 10th is easy “energetically perceived” if you know Esoteric Buddhists and Classic Vedic texts…(4hrs)

27/1/2021 Delving deeper into the Mythologies of an Asana: Natarajasana : I love the mythology behind this pose. It is linked to Shiva’s dance of Cosmic Destruction when he lost his first wife Sati. The dance is known as Shiva Tadava dance. The epic poem is Shiva Tadava strotram in Sanskrit. It is probably one of the most famous image of Shiva as a Cosmic Dancer: Nataraja represents Shiva as the ever-present change in the universe of birth and death, construction and destruction, growth and decay etc. I enjoyed studying the basic Sanskrit structure of Shiva Tadava Strotra and watching the classic performance of the Cosmic dance which also incoporated the Natarajasana pose at the heart of it in the Bharathanrithyam tradition. (6hrs)

10/1/2021 Vedic Mythologies and Yoga Asanas: Every Culture in world have different interpretations of Animals and attribute good or bad qualities to them. In the west, Racists use the symbol of “Monkey” to denigrade People of Colour ; implying they are “less than human”. While in the Far East, Monkey King spirit and Monkey God are considered a “Cosmic Maverick” energy that cuts through the stupidity of dogmatic Human adherence to hierachy and caste! I love that! It says something about European culture that in heraldry, the Monkey symbol was considered something that must be chained-up and oppressed. I would argue that, the fear of “the other” is the reason why Europe never attained the same level of non-dualistic academic approach to the world; instead scholarship veered towards ending with Aristotelian duality. In this way, creative and expansive thinking and discourses are denigraded while relegating “transcendental multi-dimensional fluid thinking” to the realms of philosophers, artists and abstract Physicists. It is easy to reduce the world to Black or White. The results are never terribly enduring and it is limiting one’s belief constantly to a “reductionistic lesser world”. What an uncomfortable way to live with Nature’s many paradox!

I think Yoga provides a physical link with our subconcious ability to problem solve through accessing our imagination on a deep level. I got a lot out of doing my Asana with the wider symbols of Vedic Mythologies behind each pose! (2hrs Integrating Animal symbolism in Vedic mythologies with various Asanas postures on the Mat)

7/1/2021 Mythologies of the Mahabharata: I love getting into Indian Yoga mythologies for my 500 hrs YTT Yoga Teacher Training online. I’m so lucky to be exposed to the great works of the Indian, Greek, Persian, Egyptian, Chinese, Aboriginal, Native American, Eskimoes, Russia, Irish, South American, Arabic, Hebrew, Viking and many diverse African mythologies at a young age growing up in Australia and also Hong Kong with my grandparents!

Life would really suck if we were all just left on our own with only our own boring stuff….imagining we are the only one with the Right idea…! We would miss out on many many complex universes on this planet!  (2hrs Practice teaching wholistically on the Mat)

(c) Simon.E.Davies

6/1/2021 Pranayama and Mudra: I’m more focussed on the use of the two combined. However I am very much a Dzogchen philosophy school when it comes to the abstract form of Mudra and Visualisation practice, so I guess I will just attach this fab quote and see if it resonates with anyone: According to Patrul Rinpoche དཔལ་སྤྲུལ་འཇིགས་མེད་ཆོས་ཀྱི་དབང་པོ། (born1808– died1887) in Words of my Perfect teacher: 

The best spiritual friend is one who attacks your hidden faults.
The best instructions are the ones that hit those faults.
The best friends are mindfulness and vigilance.
The best incentives are enemies, obstacles and the sufferings of
The best method is not to fabricate anything

I find this very relevant for our Covid19 Reality today! 3hrs ( 2hrs Philosophy and Contemplation, 1 hr Asana & Pranayama)

4/1/2021 Brahmacharya: Spirituality of Middleway/ Moderation, refraining from Indulgent Excesses. After the last practice session I had a stomach bug so ended up on a 4 days Fast. After that I was given my Flu Vaccine so I have to stay home and rest. Meditation on Brahmacharya, responding to what the body needs and what the body actually needs are different things. 🙂 But I don’t think I am at risk of Indulging in Food, Work etc right now. All I can do is listen to my body and respect what is needed. However I am very grateful for getting the Flu Vaccine for Free and knowing that I will get the Covid19 Vaccine eventually is why I support Universal Healthcare for All! I am grateful for the Free Vaccines! 3hrs: Practice & Observations

26/12/2021 Happy Holidays! I decided to make the most of the next set of Lockdowns and do another 300 hrs of Yoga training to get my 500 hours Yoga teacher training to deepen my personal yoga practice and teacher training. I think rather than share the logs in endless details, it is better that I share each practice session as a whole. So today 3hrs: Practice, Study BKS Iyengar’s teachings from Light on Pranayama + Meditation combining Pranayama instructions.

Observations: I wished I was not locked down again as there is a Covid19 Vaccine in sight and I am waiting for my free vaccine. I wished there was some way of speeding up time so that I can just get the vaccination, get my Covid19 Travel passport and get ont with my travel plans to Dubai, Oman, Nepal and various parts of Africa in the future. The impatience is probably what I bring to my practice this time around. I feeling of being “Sick of the inconvenience”, so of course I know it is time to spend more time on the yoga mat again! 🙂

That’s why I started on Boxing day, instead of going to the shops! 🙂 

On Christmas Eve an old friend phoned me from the Great Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu asking about what I thought of Kundalini Yoga. He also asked me what yoga I recommended. So I found myself giving him a short 1hr training and teaching about Yoga theories: difference between Iyengar Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, as well as recommending sources to Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Best practices available to him locally.

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  1. venusinny
    December 27, 2020

    Hello Dear Cecilia :

    How are you doing with this Corvid-19 one year attack worldwide ?

    Hope you had a quiet Xmas and here’s wishing you. a safe, healthy and happy New Year 2021 !

    Missing your strong voice … I still consider you and me being good friends …

    Love and Peace.


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    [image: 35529145_123866735177725_4637016945265213440_o.jpg]

    On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 12:16 PM Sustain-Able 余 : ♥ wrote:

    > ceciliawyu posted: ” 26/12/2020 Happy Holidays! I decided to make the most > of the next set of Lockdowns and do another 300 hrs of Yoga training to get > my 500 hours Yoga teacher training to deepen my personal yoga practice and > teacher training. I think rather than share th” >


    • ceciliawyu
      January 5, 2021

      Thank you very much Vina. I hope you are happy and healthy in 2021! Namaste.


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