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#WorldChessChampionship #Expo2021Dubai Women, Chess, Strategic Education and Sustainable Development Goals #SDGs

“I think if they can get Indian world Chess champion, wonderful and calm , Grandmaster Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand  to come and talk for 25days …they can invest in United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  for Girl child education and a Strategic Analytical Problem solving  curriculum that Chess (Eastern or Western style) has to offer as a cultural heritage! Live fr Fide World Chess Championship, Expo 2021 Dubai.

This is a requested statement fr Voices of Women Worldwide. in order to lobby for voices of women worldwide at UN NYC level. I had the opportunity to meet female Grandmaster Anna Muzychuk of Ukraine. She was very kind to give me a minute of her time after recording a personalised message of encouragement, for a local female chess player from the Middle East.

I told Anna quickly about the UN SDGs work with developing more “problem solving” education curriculum for women. I asked Anna, “What is it like for you to be a symbol of Women in chess, where it is a male dominated game in the high profile coverage?”

Anna said,” I was thrilled when they asked me to cover this (the Fide World Chess Championship ) event. It is not just about being a woman but also about the importance of the opportunity.”

That is very humble, given her personal achievements as a chess professional.

I responded,”Nevertheless your presence here is still a role model and an inspiration worldwide for more women to enter an arena traditionally ear-marked as “only for men”…Thank you so much for your important contribution.”

I want to thank those who provided the photos access to even though I am not always present onsite. Thank you so much! You all know I love Southern Chinese Chess ( 象棋) and was taught to play it by my Grandfather Yu at the early age of 2yrs old! I hope all young girls have the same opportunity with chess as I did Worldwide! ❤️ Cecilia Yu 余

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