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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

Follow-up Santorini New Moon Creative Muse Circle


(c) Olaf Reinen, Santorini, 2010

The event was well attended. 🙂 The Creative Muse Circle on a Santorini rooftop buzzed with 5 generations of Greek and Foreign artists, musicians, writers and those in the creative circles. 

We did a light focus-moment of silence and then proceeded to talk about things that will support and inspired our creativity to continue. 

The most notable exchange was between a young Greek Teenage performer in a band who said,”Hey, I have everything I need to create and I don’t need anything more than my voice, my guitar, my band and my mom to feed my band friends.” 

An 80+ years old Senior greek retired corporate executive in the creative industry responded,”You don’t know what you need. All children say that.” 

The young musician’s response was,”No way! We know what we need. This year we got hold of our own private recording studio and the computer program to do it. Next year we will be releasing an MP3 release on YouTube ! So we know !” 

Needless to say, everyone was very impressed with this exchange.  Intergenerational Artistic dialogues are vital to the  growth of Cultural Sustainability & Creative continuity! 

If you cannot join us this time, please join us in the future and be the creative change that you wish to see in the world. 

Hope you can put information about your Santorini Creative Muse Gatherings in your next monthly release or just simply help us spread the word and keep the creative juices flowing! 

We will keep you posted about the next Muse circle. The Santorini Creative Muse Circle is by invitation only for those working with the creative industry like artist, musicians, writers, healers etc..etc. 

Hope sincerely you can join us next time. 

While things seem idyllic in the Creative Muse setting, Greece is under-going many difficulties and we sent our wish for peace & sustainable living to all those who live in wonderful modern Greece with its  ancient culture & roots. Santorini Islanders are demanding the removal of the environmentally polluting sunken cruise boat “Sea Diamond”. Please lend your support to their mission to keep Santorini’s ecology clean & culturally sustainable. 

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