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My Life Drawing + Argentinian Tango for TV, Greek Islands

Life drawing in the public eye has never been difficult for me because I am usually so focussed on what I am doing that the world disappears. But this time, when I   sketched the dancers at a Midnight Beach Bar Tango Milonga, while they were filmed by the local Greek islands Television station, my ability to “tune-out” the world while I am working astounded even me!

I enjoyed sketching the dancers at the Milonga Argentinian Tango performance. Midnight was a perfect time for the event! It was so very intense but set in a very chilled at a local  beach bar , by the sea. So intensely focussed was I, that I did not
even notice a camera filming me sketching until I looked up to push my hair back and there was a camera 40cm from my face and my sketch pad! Well, what can one do? I just held up the sketch I was working on and let them film it with a nod and a grin. I sure hope they will edit out the slight “hiccup” shocked noise I made when I came out of my art trance and realised the IMF (In-my-face) Camera angles! Guess it is too late to bribe the cameraman now….

It was very relaxed but I did notice that they charged 2 Euros for a soda water and a king’s ransom for a Cosmopolitan or a simple Piña Colada. All the tables at the venue was full of people sipping more than “simple” drinks. Oh well, that’s Santorini for you!

But this is not going to make me terribly famous, except maybe on a few Greek islands and possibly border Turkey (if they can pick up the local island TV channel, to spy, of course! ). This is an island in-joke about Turkey because of the bureacracies people have to go through to prove that they are not purchasing a house to help Turkey spy on Greece! Yes, sometimes they just want to keep mentioning the War ! Its a joke so don’t take it too seriously.

Anyway, the Tango evening was really beautiful, relaxed and subtle. There were some wonderfully intense facial expressions captured by my sketches. I would share it right now but I promised the dancers to give them first options to use the sketches for their next promotion, now that it is on Island TV and all! Hahahaha.

Nevertheless, what a really beautiful dancing done by the beach at midnight…how blissful!

This is a copy of the footage that the Tango Production company suggested I put in to show a gist of how they dance. I hope you enjoy it.

One comment on “My Life Drawing + Argentinian Tango for TV, Greek Islands

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