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Climate Change “Cretins” got worst since COP15 2009

I wrote this article about “Where are the Chinese voices at Climate Forum during COP15?” in December 2009 and I am shocked to find that 9 months on, while the science and innovation is ever ready & present for Hong kong to do some of the changes needed to mitigate some of the damages already done in the region, the political will is still not even listening from Central Government in Beijing!
Article written about China during Climate forum COP15 by Cecilia.W.Yu

I was particularly impressed with this simple green tech. demonstration of what can be achieved in converting a simple tiny apartment in one of Hong kong’s many sky rise (where cost of real estate is higher than Tokyo and the cost of renting is just phenomenally high!) into 24 functional green rooms that uses energy and conservation in an intelligent way without compromising on personal comforts.

What I do not and cannot possibly understand is the trickle down from COP15 that meant even as I sit on a balcony in Santorini I am bombarded with a kind of third-tier academic “Idiotic” repetition of the “reasons for why we can’t”. Yes, there is nothing worst than having to share wine on the Greek island with a Scientific pluralist that just wants the world to “give USA & China the incentives to not pollute”.

My immediate response was,”Here’s a funny thought, how about “If you don’t stop polluting, you are going to die!” That is usually a very good incentives to those who get enough fresh oxygen to their brains.

Honestly, I wish these Professors of carbon trading would stop lecturing rubbish to their try-hard Gen Y wannabe Science students with what I called “A-moral back-justification to bolster a failing institution of academia made up of UN Has-beens teaching future UN-paper-pushing-wannabes”.

As you can hear, I am not impressed by the ignorance perpetrated by Europe’s academics filtering down to their wannabe students. But I also know that during COP15, there were Nobel Prize winners who failed to convince pea-brained idiots of the issues of “climate injustice” so at least I feel like what Oscar Wilde would say,”We are all sitting in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Yes, while others are so narrow in their focus, they are willing to compromise their own access to oxygen for the sake of being a mediocre pseudo-academic defending carbon trading.

What the hell is wrong with this world? Would someone please push these cretins into the nearest volcano for me?

I have socked relatives of Senators for less than a comment like this one: “Well, places like Haiti and the Maldives just aren’t very important in the real game. My Mentor is in the EU commission for climate change prevention and he should know.”

🙂 As soon as I work out what kind of muppet would mentor a dick like that, I will personally do everything I can to get the Muppet out of my representation in the EU region. Maybe mentors should learn to choose their disciples wisely and not have them mouth off arrogantly during their summer holidays because this is how a career get destroyed in Europe & Asia!  Then they can learn about “grass-root” influences in the middle-classes when you annoy people with bigotry about the 3rd world during their cocktail hours!

This is a fascinating video of what can be achieved, if the politicians and the “institution of greed” are willing to:

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