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Yorkshire Muse/Biz Circle starts The “Muse” Hub Project – Leeds

A number of interesting Projects came out of the Leeds Art Muse/Biz Innovation Circle meeting on the 23rd November. It is difficult to summarise all the different visions and ideas that came out of 2 hrs of creative & business opportunity dialogues.

A few key ideas came out which really reflected the passion of the people participating:

**There was genuine passion to work with projects on a Social Enterprise level to stimulate underprivileged areas to become more “expansive” through the Creative Arts as a stimulus.  There was actually a very good skills match between some of the members of the meeting in Business Motivational training and Mentorship of Creative talents in special youth cases.

**There was an opportunity to maybe match a Corporate sponsorship program to encourage the use of Creative New Media and the possibility of matching that with low-cost “The Cloud” style Multi-media online forums that can give some very poor neighborhoods in Yorkshire more access to computer skills, creative new media skills and basic computational & office skills.

**Furthermore while all the participants were very enthusiastic about an enterprise should focus on developing & regenerating areas of Yorkshire. We found that a lot can done via the use of New Media without being physically on-site and that in fact future partnering with other self-help communities abroad can actually stimulate innovation & diversification. Everyone was in agreement about a Multi-cultural  Multi-medium approach.

** Some members at the meeting have undertaken to try to “Get access” to an unused building donated to enable us to create a center of Community & Creative Hubs. Since many developers in the current economic climate  own multi-million pounds buildings that are left un-used and many councils in Yorkshire actually have empty office buildings, we decided it was  an innovative approach to introduce “activities & creative regeneration” back into what in same places have become “commercial ghost-areas”.

This is a wonderful vision and will bring a lot of new activities and life into the Social enterprise especially as we  committed to using all our own existing resource and creative industry inputs to bring Stimulating & innovative activities to THE Muse HUB (working title), once we get the site & can get started!

There were one or two interested enthusiast who were not able to come to the meeting due to other Multinational Enterprise project commitments, including an eco-architect, a corporate leader specialising in luxury products, an academic with specialisation in Cultural regeneration & tourism, a new enterprise mentor working for a government-funded organisation and a Director of a Yorkshire based PR group (who has kindly offered to host the next Muse/Biz Event).  While they could not attend in person, they have committed their professional knowledge and support to our venture and would very much like  to join the future development of The Muse Hub.

The resource & skills are all there, and we are all committed in each our own area to “Raise the Standard” on how Creative Industries & Business Innovations can work together, starting with  “The Muse Hub” in the near future!

Overall there was such a good energy in the space and everyone was in harmony about the skills & resources they could offer out of the “love of doing something challenging, innovative & out-of-the-ordinary”! Good networks were created and it will lead to some wonderful Projects  from now until the next meeting to build relationships and create collaborative projects!!!!

For enquiries about the next meeting, please leave a message here and you will be invited to  the next Muse/Biz Innovation meeting in Yorkshire. You are ALL  welcome and we celebrate all creative skills & diversity of comments! 🙂

Here’s to the crazy ones! The rebels that you can’t ignore and change things and push things forward!!!!! The People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who DO! (Hear, Hear!)

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