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2011 Love AND Money…Passion embraces Life!

Yes, I know this sounds weird and I am waiting for the sanctimonious bible bashers or crazy Marxist to come and get me! Fear not, this is not some “Greed is good” rant…this is my way of introducing the concept of  “Passion”…doing what you love!

Focussing on Money is not going to do the trick in the current global economic situation! Yes, it really will not just magically get better. So here’s my two-cents worth after spending 4 years researching the macro-economic implications, looking at IRAs & credit crunch…after talking to some pretty cutting edge economists and spending way too much time digesting Game theories and some of the economics analysis that came out of the Nobel winning theories of Akerlof and Schelling…..and after talking to many types of gurus; business angels, research mentors, spiritual & lifestyle gurus….this is my  bottom-line summary of the situation!

Yes, in simple no-nonsense terms: “Passion makes you sparkle with generosity. Love comes out of being passionate about doing something you love. Money is a combination of understanding universal generosity and loving what you do, becoming Passionate about meanings in life.”

This is not a fancy way of saying it. I could give you a whole load of  historical world “trade” analysis theories and talk about Triple bottom-lines, about Macro-Sustainability etc..etc…but that might kill your Passion. So why don’t we all just do what we love instead of having to tolerate what we do because of  the limitation we put on our lives. Lets not talk about money until we have sorted out what & where our “love of life” is and why we have turned money into our only focus of blame?

It’s a simple shift that is not too crazy…lets see where “Love” as an energy got turned into “Money” only with the other elements of Passion, Generosity & a sense of adventure! Lets talk about why it is not okay to be with or without it? Lets talk about why we are supposed to feign  “neutrality” about it. That is just  hypocritical if you are secretly hoarding it but pretend it does not matter at all. It does matter a lot but never as much as you think….

I would like to figure it out and then make informed choices about my life with or without it. Because maybe we can all live without money, maybe there’s not enough love…but actually most of the time, especially in recent times, it seems  like as people get older and the world gets colder (yes, I’m talking about climate change!) …..A lot of people, families, communities & nations have just lost their “Passion for life”…..and then blamed it on “Money”.

Lets face it, if I was  “Money” and there’s tension & resentment between us …on top of that,  the world blames me for everything, I’d want to disappear and hide from everyone too! Lol. 🙂

2011 New Years Revolution (not resolution) for me:  Stop annoying my old friend “money” and start dealing with “Passion” with Love & Generosity! The rest will follow….when your purpose is aligned.

6 comments on “2011 Love AND Money…Passion embraces Life!

  1. Stron
    July 26, 2012

    I want to state this: This is the not first time I frequented your website and up to now? this thing is amazing. Fantastic!


  2. Pandha
    July 25, 2012

    Thank you for sharing this. You really understand people! Bookmarked.Let’s make a backlink contract btx us?

    From Cecilia: I don’t know how to do back links but hmm..feel free to set it up. I have very simple standard Creative Commons 3.0 Licence to everything on this site. So please just accept this and you can backlink all you like…:)


  3. eric bibo
    December 27, 2011

    I just like your comment anyway Hi.


    • ceciliawyu
      December 27, 2011

      Thank you Eric. I hope you find Prosperity in 2012! Keep an eye out for my 2012 update on the “Love & Money” theme. 🙂


  4. msnaomicolb
    December 21, 2010

    Happy Holidays Cecilia!

    I appreciate your sharing this insight about how we have an actual relationship with money:)

    When I provide value for others by sharing my love in satisfying service, I feel good about receiving money.

    My business thrives in any economy, when I have my heart open and
    my attention on providing people with whatever THEY say they want.

    I honor my clients’ valuing their own quality of life enough to invest in themselves by paying me:)

    May we each connect with our passion for service and find deep fulfillment in providing it on a sustainable basis.

    Here’s to joy, health and wealth in 2011


    • ceciliawyu
      December 21, 2010

      Sure. I think its important to understand the general “climate” in the world at the moment….Money is getting blamed for a lot of unhappiness and sometimes its because people have “dropped the ball” on relationship building with their own passion during the Massive “Boom” times when we were also using “making money” to not deal with life & passion in what we do. Thanks for your comment. all the best. C


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