Sustain-Able 余 : ♥

….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….

English Translation of Mr Szeto Wah’s Poetry


“My presence is not needed at the Moment of Victory,

As long as I am part of the Successful Journey.”


“Peacefully defy the 4th June (Tian An Man) Massacre,

We have not yet succeeded in our Freedom Revolution,

The Building blocks of Democracy,

Require the hard work of One & All.”


“With a Sword, a Flute, and my strong Resolve,

One can tame the Wildest Warrior to abide by my Peace-loving goals.

I will not be  beating any Fence with thoughts of Regrets,

Nor do I need an elegant silk handkerchief to wipe away my Tears.”


“From Birth to Death, the Flowers of my ideals, glow a Vibrant Red

In the midst of the Furies, the Moonlit shadow cast by my flowering aspirations,

Will never be swayed by any transient storms.”

© translation Cecilia W Yu , for the use  of Mr Szeto Wah’s Legacy & the use of  HK Alliance. 2011.

Please contact Cecilia W Yu or HK Alliance if you would like to reproduce any of the translated text.

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