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Fashion: Royals & Vintage McQueen…subverting Nature’s Creatures!

There is no avoiding it, in British fashion there will be a huge “royal” theme underlying the April Wedding. But it does not have to be tacky if you take a little bit of vintage, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue-ish & flowing….you can really knock up a fantastic styling for 2011. Just keep your eyes posted on the worldwide “cool hunting ” trends and go with what will naturally “flow”…like those wishy Koi carp prints and the vintage retro neo-romantic, dishing out velvety subversions with humour. Of course we can’t have a royal joust with the Queen, whether you socio-economically support the budget on the royal wedding or ethically disapprove of the “sweat shop” memorabilia the royals have ordered from China…you still can’t think “British Designers” without respectfully “dipping our lances” to the glorious the fabulous and eternally “amazing” RIP Alexander McQueen.

So as a mood guide, lets start with this Mcqueen vintage & another British fashion staple Kate Moss, in Hologram form after a series of cocaine scandal…way back when “those stuffy & pious neo-conservative ” just do not Flog Frocks !

The ever-amazing Hologram :

Now that the mood is set,  let’s get on with the land of the living 2011 with a bit of  Nature’s call to the Japanese Pseudo-Goth-Vamp Fruit scene..this would be my pick for a “wearable” trans-national version that does not involve grown women dressing like a slutty Lolita crossed with a Toilet-paper-holder Doll. Behold this hip & street friendly Spider Top:

But if you are BOLD…I think there are a lot of guys that would support the Right of Grown women to dress like a grown women dressing like a slutty Lolita schoolgirl. But if you are going to do it…hmm..make sure you are “Kawaii” and not just “KRAZY”…there is still an “art” to Skank-wear in Tokyo….BEHOLD!

From Vamp-tramps in Black to Men in Black….you will see a “dip” to the Subversion theme and who else subverts better than Wikileaks Hackers’ “Anon”…oh Julian Assange…we think Wikileaks is fab, but you gotta put on some rubber if you are going to “shag a swede”….and please wear something “Anon fabulous” when you appear in court next…pretty please! 🙂

From Anon to Never go un-noticed, on this strange theme of Trans-atlantic fashion subversion….how about Fusions of lace & denim…yes, a tad retro-Madonna circa “Papa Don’t Preach”…but you get the idea…and no pointy Gaultier bras are involved…so much easier in The Tube or the Metro!

BTW guys, if I am going to go around being squashed in the Tube with you, Dressed like This!, please have the decency to put some “Art” on your feet, so I don’t get bored when stuck in a jam between Euston & Charling Cross. How about some custom artist Sneakers…done by some Antipodean Artists…it just makes me want to sing “I still call Australia Home!” :

Believe it or not…this kind of Organic custom Art actually brings us back to a full-fashion cycle…like the perception of time in Far Eastern Cultures. Failing to understand this non-linear concept of time, you can always just go for a Choi Carp print. It is both Auspicious & Gorgeous:

But it is everywhere now, fashion-wise, in stocking & T-shirts , bags ‘n’ belts ‘n’ shorts ‘n’ skirts….but again no body does it better than the  very Altar of Subversive Cool…who else….the Icon of endless Posthumous “Cool”…why, its Mr Alexander Mcqueen…again, of course… lol.:

And Please don’t anyone of you tell me, you have read this little quick trip through the Queen’s & McQueen’s land without noticing the 3 themes for 2011: Subversion, Noble & Nature’s Floating Creatures!

It would be a bold, bold move indeed if some Royal can squeeze into these McQueen Wedding frocks…but I doubt they would have “subversion” in their veins to actually be that Iconic! lol.

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