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Australia PM news Updated: Manufacturing Julia Gillard: Darling, wrong shade of Red for your skin-tone?

Updated 17 the October 2012 from The Age: 

A FILE detailing Julia Gillard’s role in helping set up a union slush fund from which her former boyfriend stole hundreds of thousands of dollars has disappeared.

Read more:

**** Cecilia’s commentary: Has anyone tried looking for the missing file in Sea World? There used to be a lot of Science trips to Queensland for Research and Development purpose that involved the need to study Dolphins and Whales (aka the Waterslides) at Sea World? Although I don’t think Julia’s big white untanned bum would fit through the waterslides…it is not built for Welsh apologist who gave Landrights back to Shell by taking it from the Aboriginals! 🙂

OH zzzzzzzzzz. I’m sorry I should be all excited about the first Australian female prime minister as a good Aussie post-modern feminist should be. But I’m not.

Yes this will be a little cynical. So stop reading if you want to “group hug”. Interestly, someone again inboxed me about her “win” about 3 days ago BEFORE it hit the news! I honestly wonder do I have my own Wiki-leaker? 🙂 Probably not, considering I really was not into those country victoria geeks when I was at university. I don’t even remember who I hung out with. Oh well, I think there was Dicko. He had a Prime Minister award, captained the intervarsity basketball team, bet on horses in lieu of tutoring for beer money (& wins regularly cos he had a good bookie) and was some sort of Head Geek of the Joint Melb-Monash Science Geek-freak club?

The only thing he said to me was that they all got a free trip to Queensland for Expo from Student Union money because of his “grant writing” technique. I was like,”That’s because everyone in Engineering & Science can’t string a sentence together! Lol.”

Somehow, I got asked to run for the Student Union…..a lot….and I ended up picking an Independent Non-partisan party that had some sort of Green & Rainbow agenda. That was when I first developed my well…”Student Union Election cynicism”. It is like catching a chill! 🙂

When I looked at the latest PR picture of Julia Gillard, all I can think of was: “Is there ever a Melb-Monash University recruited politician in Australia that does not Dress exactly the same way? So she is in the obligatory “red jacket” zzzzzz. They are like so Manufactured ..its tedious!”

You know I actually had a conversation with an Australian Labour Recruiter when I was running for Student union that went like this:

Recruiter in same same Red labour jacket (RJ): “ are things, Cecilia?”
CC: “alright, how’s life?”
RJ: “Good..I just went to a great meeting and I had to do some speaking.”
CC: “that’s nice.”
RJ: ” So….when I met (blah-blah insert female labour woman’s name), she gave me the secret of her public speaking success.”
CC: “Fashion tips….that’s lovely …”
RJ: “Red lipstick with the Red jacket.”
CC: “Really…I normally go for a blue-based Red matt when I model…”
RJ: “You’d look great in this shade of Red…..jacket..”
CC:” your jacket is more orange-based….I’m not the right skin-tone for it…”
RJ: “No, you can pick the right “tone” for you.”
CC: “that’s lovely. Hmm…I’ll see if YSL has a shade of lippy in purple..I’m kinda into rainbow colors at the moment…”
RJ: “yar…yeah…I saw you are poster child for Activate….”
CC: “No, I just missed the group photo shoot that day so they put a seperate portrait of me in the pamphlet…do you want a badge…if I give you one, it will be as much lobbying effort as I’m going to do for this whole thing.”
RJ: “loved your japanese woodblock wave print on your top in there”
CC: “…I think I picked it up at the NASA museum when I was backpacking..”

RJ: “Gorgeous….you went to the same school as ML didn’t you? She is really into us now. Should come to the next meeting and catch up with her.”

CC: “Thank you so much. I’m really busy at the moment to do “meetings”. I’m not being  a snob. I just am really busy. But we can always go for a quick drink one-one now if you like?”

(over glass of red wine)

RJ: “..why did you go with that “Aromatherapy & Massage” thing for the student Health budget?”

CC: ” know the Labour girl in the Economics deparment. you’ve got running against me…hmm…handed in an excel spreadsheet budget forecast! hahahaa…and I only found out  what position I was running for on the same day we did the group photoshoot  I missed..we just let people do what they are good at…” Hahaha.

RJ: “Your friend the Greenpeace girl is running for the Student Media.”

CC: “Yeah, I’m sure she will do a great job if she gets in and we had great fun writing that Rape sentencing reform article together. ”

RJ: “We have a good health & green policy too.”

CC: “ So will you be introducing subsidised Aromatherapy & Massage to the Student Healthcare agenda now…..too? 🙂 ”

RJ: “Shiatsu?”

CC: “Its not as effective as Sports therapy but okay….so I hear Activate is giving your people our votes if we don’t win…I don’t care about it either way. But I do need subsidised massages…”

……and so I got it…but that’s another story…..:) hahaha.  I could be joking or this conversation could be REAL…you decide! lol.

All I can say is, “OH JULIA Gillard…same shade of orange-based Red Labour Jacket….as per usual..really?”

I am very happy it is  your skin-tone, is it? LMAO….excuse my cynicism….it comes with the Student Union election BUT I think it is very unlikely that suddenly we will not see anymore “self-promoting PR from you or Mr.Rudd” ever again! Please get real!

it is possible to be straight & just see Rainbow as a civil right!

Melbourne, Monash & all the other top 8 are the ONLY places you send out Recruiters and can I just ask the leadership the same question I asked during the AGM, “ How exactly is the Left or Right in Australia, ensuring multi-culturalism and diversity at a National Leadership level, if you only actively recruit  from the Top 8?”

Can you see why a lot of Australia’s Brightest went for Independent, Green, Korri & Rainbow? I just don’t like having my fashion sense dictated to! :)…and I like him better but WOW..he is also from TOP 8! Surprise?

Peter Garrrett

hmm…Welcome to Egalitarian Australia…we are Multi-cultural & Diverse AS LONG AS YOU are from Melbourne, Monash or the ANU if you want the TOP JOB and Group of 8 if you want the rest of the jobs! 🙂 XXOO CC

of 8 explained:

The Group of Eight (go8) markets itself as the group of ‘Australia’s Leading Universities’. They support this claim by referring to statistics relating to variables such as research outputs, industry links, graduate outcomes, and the competency of their academic staff. The group of 8 member universities are:

  • The University of Adelaide
  • The Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Monash University
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Western Australia

Each of these member universities is well regarded in a number of different areas and together they form a powerful bloc. There have been discussions about some formal recognition of the status of this group in ways such as increased government support or from the group itself developing its own standards framework. Nothing has come of these discussions yet, although it is likely that something will emerge as the competition in the higher education sector becomes more intense.

2 comments on “Australia PM news Updated: Manufacturing Julia Gillard: Darling, wrong shade of Red for your skin-tone?

  1. Carvel
    April 15, 2012

    Very superb info on this web site.


  2. O
    March 31, 2012

    Whenever there are dummies in the world….As ever, texas holdem brightens up even my darkest day!

    From Cecilia: Incredible “O”, you have a facebook of 15,000 people with NO CONTENT! hahahahahahahahahahahahaa! This is hilarious!
    Yeah, clearly Texas Holdem works! lol. 😀


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